The Way

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To begin at the beginning which is ‘the way’ Yahshua said ‘if you seek to save your life (soul) you shall lose it, but if you lose your life (soul) for His sake you shall find it.’This is a fairly gentle translation of what was actually said.  The word ‘lose’ is more literally translated ‘destroy.’

Now Yahshua also says ‘take up your cross and follow me.’  I suppose a good question would be, where?  ‘Where do I follow you to, Yahshua?’  I suppose this ought to be a no-brainer, however most don’t want to know the answer.  Let’s look at the context in which He said this.  Yahshua had set his face like flint to go to Jerusalem where he would be betrayed and crucified, and Peter sought to prevent Him.
So you see even our closet friends will seek to prevent us from carrying out ‘the way’ that Yahshua laid out for us.

You see friend, Yahshua is giving us an ‘all or nothing’ proposition here.
Nobody can do this for you, for Yahshua says that we ‘must follow Him’ and Calvary is where He went.
My Father has a Gethsemane prepared for each of us and He has a Calvary prepared also.
No one can say in the Spirit of Truth, that he has been ‘crucified with Messiah’ unless he has taken up his cross and walked the ‘Via Dolorosa.’
No one will have to wonder if they have done this or if it has been done in them.  You will know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this has been accomplished in you.

This where the great exchange takes place.  This where your soul is lost or destroyed and this where you find yourself ‘blended’ with the soul of Yahshua the Messiah.

The ‘Bride will follow the Bridegroom’ wherever HE goes.  As in marriage the two shall become one flesh and this is where it all happens.  Indeed Calvary is the Door.  Again nobody can walk through the door for you, you must walk through it for yourself.

Now some may say within themselves ‘well I did it by ‘faith.’  And I would have to answer them, ‘faith without works is dead.’ When My Father said of my Brother ‘This is my beloved Son, Hear ye Him.’  He meant ‘hearken and obey’ for to hear the Word only is not good enough even the Pharisees did that, they heard but they did not do.
No, to us it is given to ‘hear and obey.’  Otherwise we end up as hypocrites.

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