Did you Know?

I expect this one word is one of most baffling in all the scriptures and this word is ‘Forgive.’

Sometimes it seems impossible depending upon the severity of the offense.

But did you know that the word forgive is not defined as simply granting a pardon?  As a matter of fact, that’s not what it means at all.

No, what the word really means is this:


863 ἀφίημι aphiemi {af-ee’-ay-mee}

Meaning:  1) to send away 1a) to bid going away or depart 1a1) of a husband divorcing his wife.

When Peter asked Yahshua ‘How many should I forgive my brother…seven times?’

Yahshua answered and said ‘No, seventy time seven!’

The disciples responded ‘Master, increase our faith!’

You see they had the same mistaken idea about forgiveness that we have had.


So Yahshua said to them ‘if you have faith like a mustard seed, you could say to this sycamine tree ‘be uprooted and cast into the sea.’


Just as a side note:  A sycamine tree was not merely ‘false figs’ no it was a tree especially for the growing of worms.  Such as silk worms.  It is a picture of the unforgiving heart, i.e. Full of worms.


So Yahshua was instructing them to tell the offense to ‘go away.’  Speak to it…command it to leave and it will obey.


This is what the concept of forgiveness was according to the teachings of Yahshua.  Not simply granting a pardon.
Which is quite passive in action, but the word ‘Aphiemi’ is an action verb, requiring action.  In this case, we speak to the offense as though it is worm filled tree.

So you see it was simply a mistranslated word that caused forgiveness at times to seem so impossible.

The illustration of the ‘Sycamine Tree’ is quite powerful when understood.  Unresolved offenses will literally devour you.  The more we brood upon the offense, the more we feed on it, the deeper it gets.  I think all of us have experienced severe offenses at times.


Have you ever had a sliver that you couldn’t get out?  If the sliver remains, eventually scar tissue will form over it and it will become calloused.  That calloused skin is hard, thick and unfeeling.

This is what happens to us if we leave or are unsuccessful at resolving offenses.

But once we understand that it is simply a matter of speaking to the Sycamine Tree and telling it to jump in the lake, then it actually becomes almost a non-event.

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