The Cup part1

The Cup

When James and John asked to sit at Yahshua’s right and left, He asked them
‘Are you able to drink of My cup?  Are you able to to be baptized with My Baptism?’

Do not answer within yourself too quickly for you do not know yet know what this is.
To drink of this cup will catapult you into the most terrifying experience one could ever hope to endure.

To drink of this cup means that sooner or later you will experience the utter agony of  the travail of Gethsemane.  Your heart and body will be wracked with intense spiritual pain, your throat will be shredded and yes this too requires ‘forsaking all.’  It will cost you your voice for awhile, your screams may be heard by nearby listening ears and you may wonder ‘Dear God, what is happening to me?’  This travail will last for hours and yet this is just the beginning.  Are you able?

You will find yourself despised by your peers, men will turn their faces away from you, declaring that you have been smitten by YHVH and rejected.  Are you able?
You will know sorrow, you will be intimately acquainted with grief.  The blood of your spirit will pour through every pore on your body,  rivers of tears will flood your eyes and you’ll be half blinded by the sting, are you able?

As you walk that long walk up the way of pain and suffering you will find that the cross you bear is so heavy that it causes you stumble and fall a few times, only to have those who are watching to laugh, mock and ridicule you for your weakness.
Are you able?

And as they strip you naked and fasten you to that cross that you bear and plant you with thud upon the high place, as you are lifted up as an object of shame and contempt, while the most horrible forces of darkness descend upon you, and you and you alone are the only one that can see those faces of terror seeking to drive you insane will you still be able to forgive those who have done this to you?  Are you able?

When it seems as though eternity itself is at stake, when it seems as though you have been utterly forsaken by YHVH Himself can you still maintain your sanity, especially with a thousand thorns piercing your mind?  I dare say only one of those thorns is enough to drive most men into the realm of complete madness. Are you able?

And now finally death comes to end your suffering, who is there still left to call you back from the dead?  Is there anyone left that even has an inkling of a thought that you did it for them?
To anyone that will drink of this cup, this will become an experiential reality.
Perhaps it will only be three days, perhaps it will be three years but the Holy One will come and say ‘Arise, take my hand and walk with me.’

This experience is entirely available to those who ask for the Cup.

No one has forsaken all until they drink of this cup and learned the lyrics to the ‘Song of The Lamb.’

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