Exodus: Part One

All the preaching and all the teaching and all the multiple millions of books will never get us out of Egypt.  Why?  Unless there is a Deliverer there can be no deliverance.  It’s not enough to acknowledge the existence of such a one.  It is not enough to to even believe that once a deliverer came.  Something that is paramount is that we must believe that we have need of the Deliverer.  That regardless of what is supposed to be, things just aren’t working the way we were told.

True deliverance is far more than than an acknowledgment of the miserable state we are in.  It’s more than just confessing the Son of Man as ‘Lord.’  It’s far more than that in actual experience.  Multitudes have done this and yet still there has been no deliverance from Egypt.  Pharaoh still reigns and the power of YHVH has yet to be revealed.  The people are still in hard bondage and bitter labor and for most the Red Sea has never parted for them.

So obviously something went horribly wrong and Israel is oblivious to the fact that they are still in Egypt.  By Israel I mean the ‘Sons of the Kingdom.’

Today it is given as fact that nobody gets to the Kingdom of Heaven unless they first they die physically.  Hence the hook of the door knocker, ‘if you died today would be in heaven or hell.’  This flies in the face of all that the Deliverer taught.  However there was a generation that died in the wilderness having never entered the Kingdom, but that was due to disobedience and rebellion.  It is no different today.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not for the dead, it is for the living and it is the living that abide there.

What most have never known is the fact that Pharaoh also abides within until he is driven out and only the deliverer can defeat him.  It’s take far more than just raising ones hand, bowing their head, and muttering a few words to accomplish this.  The kingdom of heaven is not a matter of ‘going to church’ it never has been.  Today the ‘Church is just another synagogue in Egypt and most of them have sworn allegiance to Pharaoh via tithing regulations and tax-breaks.  Pastors are masters at using intimidation the keep their flocks in the box.

So then how do we get out of Egypt?  Well that’s quite simple, but you have to want it as much as the air you breathe.  ‘Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.’

Hunger here denotes desperation so does thirst.  Until one is desperate for righteousness they will never acknowledge the awesome need of a deliverer.  Nor will they ever understand that they are poor, blind, miserable and wretched.  Some clean themselves up according to the standards of their Egyptian synagogue but then that’s just cleaning the outside of the cup while the inside is still just another white washed sepulcher full of dead mens bones and rotting flesh.

The Law and the Prophets prophesied till John:

Out of Egypt have I called forth My son

The Law prophecies, not just a little bit but the whole thing prophecies.  Moses said that YHVH would raise up a prophet like him…

Obviously Yahshua is that prophet.  Moses was called the ‘Deliverer’ Yahshua is also called the Deliverer.  Today He is called ‘savior’ and so the original context is lost in translation and folks don’t see Him in this regard as He is.

Egypt was the place of lawlessness, in other words the Law wasn’t given in Egypt.  Israel had forgotten through Egyptian education all that Patriarchs had ever taught their sons and daughters, it was lost through neglect and therefore they became as they always do slaves under bitter bondage with brutal task masters.  It is no different today.

Grab a hold of this, Moses did not give Israel the Law while they were still in Egypt.  As you already know ten judgements came upon Pharaoh and Egypt, one for each Commandment.  It is very significant that as Israel passed through the Red Sea that Pharaoh and his army were buried in the Red Sea.

Exodus 14:10 And when Pharaoh drew nigh, the children of Israel lifted up their eyes, and, behold, the Egyptians marched after them; and they were sore afraid: and the children of Israel cried out unto the YHVH.

It was a pretty good ride for Israel up to that point, they saw the complete economic destruction of their slave masters, they thought they were free, but now slavery, bondage destruction death and possibly genocide was staring them in the face and they were utterly terrified.

Exodus 14:13 And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation/Yeshuwah of the YHVH, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.

Here is a simple equation, deliverance = freedom or being set free, If you continue in my Word you shall know the truth and the Truth shall set you free.

The Holy Spirit = the Spirit of Truth.

The Spirit of Truth = freedom.

Freedom = deliverance.

The Holy Spirit is the Deliverer.

Let’s do another one:

Psa 129:142  Thy Law is the Truth.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth

The Law is the Truth

Therefore the Holy Spirit is The Law.

Yahshua said ‘I am the Truth

Thy Law is the Truth

Therefore Yahshua is the Law

However knowing all this will not set us free from Pharaoh.

What will set us free from Pharaoh is doing the Truth.

Yahshua is the way and it is impossible to walk in the way if we refuse to walk in the Truth.

It is impossible to enter the Kingdom of Heaven if we through unbelief refuse to walk in the Law.  If we refuse to ‘abide in Him’ and refuse to have His word abide in us,  then what is left?  Nothing but a religion that long ago forsook the way, that long ago walked after another who is not The Deliverer.

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