Staggering Implications

The implications of what we are saying concerning Saul of Tarsus commonly known as Paul are absolutely staggering for modern Christianity.  Indeed as the evidence keeps pouring in this could prove the end of this religion unless serious overall changes are made.  More than just a reformation is needed for this religion, which had such extraordinary potential in the beginning.  But which has degenerated into little more than the white washed sepulchers for which Yahshua denounced the Pharisees.

These and other forthcoming articles will prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that indeed Pauline Christianity is what John the Apostle identified as ‘Anti-Christ.’

John the Apostle writes concerning antichrist ‘that they began with us but did not remain with us.’

John never at any time referred to anti-christ as a one world ruler, this is a fabrication by illiterate Christians.  By that we mean they have grossly misinterpreted the Bible.  As a matter of fact the word antichrist is only used by John the Apostle to clarify those who have created another Messiah unlike the ONE which rose from the dead, namely Yahshua the Messiah.  Further this AntiChrist seeks and has always sought since the Garden of Eden to abrogate the Commandments of YHVH.

At the time of John’s writings he was referring to Saul of Tarsus, i.e Paul.

Through out we will endeavor to prove to the  honest Truth Seeker that indeed Saul of Tarsus and his numerous refutations and contradictions of the Word of Yahshua, the word of the Prophets and yes the Law.  That Paul’s writings are at best insanity and at their worst repugnant blasphemy.

This understanding of just who and what Paul was is an ever increasing movement within Christianity.  In the past 2-3 years many tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousand worldwide are now waking up to the truth about this apostate that has so blinded and deluded the ‘church’ that they can no longer see the Son of God except through Pauline colored glasses, indeed they can not even hear what the Son says except thru Pauline filters upon uncircumcised ears.


  • 12 Apostles, but the majority of NT books are from Paul? The fix was in long ago

  • Oh my, I went thru almost exactly the same thing, and yeah you are so right, family can be devastating to deal with. I should have put them down as possible idols that we place before God. Glad you brought that up.
    It took nearly twelve years to get purged of all things Christian. It was the Feast of Unleavened Bread or is the feast that is, that is so incredibly powerful in purging Paul and Christianity. I am utterly convinced that this is the process that The Holy Spirit uses to cleanse us from the leaven of the pharisees. This is massive, the whole paradigm of the ‘church’ is so far off, so void of vision, that the truth about Yahshua and the gospel of the kingdom is unrecognizable.
    Anyway here’s my email if you want to talk some more,

  • You know, at the church I used to attend, the people who get baptized wear Tshirts that say, “I’m a follower”. Isn’t that sad? There’s room on the shirt, people, everyone’s a follower. Say who you are a follower of, yes?

  • Sadly, I believe what you say is true. I have seen what you see about Paul and I tried to convince myself that people, even the early ‘fathers’, had just misinterpreted what he was saying but I don’t think I can anymore. It is a huge thing to have to grieve almost everything I have believed for over 40 years in the church and I don’t do it lightly, especially considering the nightmare waves it will cause for family. BTW, I think family need to be included in your list of things we put before God. Anyway, I have had to grieve the loss of many things in recent years, not just what i learned in the church but also what I learned from my parents and in school. I don’t really want what I had back, and I can’t unsee what I have been shown or unhear what I have heard but it really is a big, BIG deal both to lay down the dead things (Jesus wasn’t being facetious when he said, “Let the dead bury their dead.”) and walk away from the dead ways not turning back but also the dead or sleeping people. You want to tell them and shake them and make them listen, but they can’t, it’s awful. I keep telling my husband every day what I have been coming to understand but he thinks, well you know what he thinks. It’s a strain on a good marriage that has lasted even in the church for over 40 years. He was angry when I told him about Billy Graham, but when I told him about Paul he said it would be monstrous to think that. Ay ay ay!

    It’s good you’re out here telling the truth no matter the cost, which I imagine has been huge. Thank you.

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