The House Built on Sand

Yahshua spoke of two different foundations upon which two different houses were built

Rock and sand.


The house built on the Rock is made up of those ‘Who come to Yahshua, Hear His Word and DO IT.


The House built on Sand is made up of those ‘Who come to Yahshua, Hear His Word and DO NOT DO IT.


Christianity is the House built on Sand and great shall be fall of that house.




She has heard the word of Yahshua but follows and obeys the word of Paul.  Indeed she can no longer discern the difference between the two.  Even though these differences are as clear as day and night.  Still Christianity chooses to follow the Anti-Christ, namely Saul of Tarsus, Paul.


Yahshua stated emphatically over and over again that He did not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, still Christianity labels the one they call Savior, Messiah, Son of God as a blatant liar.  Whose Words and teachings are now defunct and irrelevant.  For they along with their god Paul claim just the opposite is true.

They claim the mission of Yahshua was to abolish the Law.


The fact that Christians have covered the whole earth with ‘The Great Lie’ can not be disputed by anyone.  They pour vast sums of money into Pauline Evangelism which hasn’t a thing to do with the Teachings of Yahshua the Messiah.  Millions upon millions of unsuspecting people have been deluded into believing that they on are the fast track to heaven via the ‘Sinners Prayer’ as crafted by Paul the Anti-Christ.  Which can be found in Rom 10.  Whether a sloppy or a careful study of this ‘prayer’ reveals it hasn’t one single thing to do any manner of ‘Salvation’ as taught by Yahshua or His Apostles of the Lamb.

It is a lie from beginning to end.

Paul even says in his epistles he that captured his converts by guile and trickery, that he used deceit and lies.  Yet the Mainstream Christian triumphs in Paul’s duplicity, seeing nothing wrong whatsoever with Paul’s devious methods.  Even YHVH Himself utterly condemns such tactics calling them an abomination.


Yahshua said concerning Salvation that it requires repentance along with good works.  Paul and His Christian following claim the opposite.  Faith alone is their cry.  Yet this cry will undoubtably be transformed into weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, when the day comes and they are confronted with these words ‘Depart from ME, you who have forsaken the LAW.  I never knew you!’


Indeed Pauline Christianity is a fraud from beginning to end.




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