At Odds with the Church

Some might say ‘Why, take up this war on Paul?’  He’s in the Bible isn’t he?

Well the serpent was in the garden also, wasn’t he?  Through following Paul most have utterly missed so much of what Yahshua taught and gave.

Below is a response to a man seeking to understand why the church and Yahshua seem to be at odds.

Hi Noel

After reading your post, I think you’re on the right track.  There’s a tremendous amount of ‘stuff’ out there that Yahshua never taught.  There’s a tremendous amount of stuff that Yahshua taught that isn’t out there.  I think in your heart you’re seeing this pretty clearly.  If what the ‘Church’ was teaching (any church) then why hasn’t the Kingdom become more and more manifest in the lives of those proclaiming it?  Why are so many finding themselves in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water?

In Jn 3:13 Yahshua says ‘….the Son of Man who is in Heaven.’  So Yahshua was indicating that He walked simultaneously in both realms, so to speak.  And of course so should we.  But how to get there, that’s the question.

When Yahshua  prayed ‘Father I pray that they be one…’ I won’t give the whole quote, you know what He said already, but what He was asking is that we be one with Him, first and then one with each other next.  It’s the ‘One with Him’ that get’s missed oftentimes.  Imagine that, on an individual basis, one with the Father and Son.  Very much as with the 2 Great Commandments.  In their proper order.  Father first and neighbor second.

Once upon a time there were the Feasts.  These are remarkable prophetic instructions.  We were taught by those who thought they were teachers that the feasts were passé’.  What tripe!  Were were taught that these were just bloody rituals that no longer have any relevance.  We were taught that because Yahshua fulfilled them that they are now unnecessary.

Truth be known He fulfilled the feasts in order to make it possible for the feast to be fulfilled in you.  I realize that this is foreign territory for you, probably foreign territory for many, nevertheless it’s true.  And yes He fulfilled the Torah so that the Torah could be fulfilled in you.  This is the New Covenant.  ‘I will write my Torah/Law on your heart and put it in your mind.’

But this Covenant doesn’t happen by osmosis.  It’s mono y mono.  One on one and is done personally between you and YHVH.  When Yahshua said ‘The Kingdom is within you’ that’s what HE meant.  It’s a Covenant not a testament.  There’s a difference.  I think you have been seeing the difference.

Just as a side note:  you’re probably aware of ‘whole burnt offering’  did you know that the original translation was ‘an Ascension Offering’  or even ‘The stairway to Heaven.  No I’m not talking about blood sacrifice.  Jeremiah talks about how the lying scribes majorly tweaked the Torah and that YHVH never at any time ordained ‘blood sacrifice.’

Anyway I just said that so you to help you understand that there are tremendous thing that Yahshua taught that have been discarded by the ‘Church.’  Which is why so many are are so thirsty and the few that have a couple drops now and then think they are full.

But you are on the right track, hang in there brother.

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