What is the Torah?

Via the title of this thread, the answer probably seems a no-brainer, but it’s not.

Torah is supposed to mean ‘The instructions of Life’ or The Law. But is what we have at this time the real Torah? I know that many would fight vehemently for the big yes. But is that an honest answer? I don’t mean anyone is overtly or covertly trying to be deceptive, except maybe those who put the ‘Torah’ together. I think and believe that when it comes to what we call the Books of Moses that there is an awful lot of denial and self imposed blindness happening.

I think everyone here knows my stand on Blood Sacrifice, I believe it’s entirely demonic. That it is what was taught to man by the Patriarchs of the Nephilim.

So after reviewing the JEPD studies along with the charts provided, it’s more than clear that the redactors, editors, i.e. lying scribes from the Levitical Priesthood have clearly had their way in majorly corrupting what we think of as the Torah.

I find it extremely interesting that Jacob prophesied in Gen 49 that the ‘LawGiver’ would come out of Judah. Very important point here. He never said the LawGiver would come out of Levi.

I also find it quite interesting that YHVH supposedly gave the office of High Priest to Aaron right on the heels of Aaron’s great rebellion in the wilderness,
the one that caused such anger in YHVH that He wanted to wipe out the whole nation. And then YHVH turns around and makes Aaron the High Priest?
Strange don’t you think? That would like making Paul an Apostle
wouldn’t it?

There’s is almost as much instruction in death within the Jewish Torah as there is interactions for Life.

In the Clementine Homilies, Peter states that many passages in what we call the Torah have been interpolated (Added) by the Devil. Peter also goes on to say that it took the Prophet/Yahshua to correctly discern what was of YHVH and what was of the Devil/lying scribes. Which makes perfect sense when we see Yahshua and all the prophets vigorously fighting against blood sacrifice, but is that all that was interpolated?

So now, because the Jewish Torah has been so corrupted and added to that we think Deu 13 is all encompassing, where as it has become the sledge to damn those who will not swear unswerving loyalty to the god of blood
sacrifice. Or who agree that anyone who picks up sticks on the Sabbath deserves the death penally.

What we have in what’s called the Torah are many capital offenses or crimes calling for the death penally where no death has occurred. Does that sound like Justice to you?

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