Of Horses and Men

Hi All

I have learned much since learning about horses and how to train them.

Strange, but horses and men are so very much alike.
When I start with a new horse, it is necessary first to able to approach him or her. In order to do that I must get small, because horses are just naturally wary of anything that looks smells or behaves like a predator. So in analogy getting small is getting humble and becoming non-threatening.

Before ever haltering a horse it is necessary for the horse to trust me. So what I do is this, I stroke the horse on his neck slowly moving my hands toward his ears, then again moving towards his eyes and down his nose, till I can get my fingers in his mouth. Sometimes that is all I will do in a day. It doesn’t take long, but the object is trust.

Then after this has been accomplished, then I will again stroke or gently pet him along his flank till I get to his tail. This is a real telling point. If he trusts me, his tail will be pliable, if not he will keep it tucked into his butt and I can’t move it. Which in short means, stay away from his hind feet.

Before I can ever teach my horse to dance with me, I have to have his trust and many other lessons under his cinch/belt before proceeding any farther. There is no point in teaching him to dance with me if I can’t get him to follow me first.

Why am I sharing this. Because we are no different and many of us are at completely different stages in our walk and training.
What I have found is this. When the Holy Spirit gives me a truth, He expects to me walk in that truth, and when HE is satisfied that I have learned the lesson, HE gives me more.
But He’s my trainer not some other horse.

So when it comes to the teachings of Yahshua, sometimes we think that we who may have been around a little longer are the potters or the trainers of someone else. That if they aren’t seeing what we are seeing then we think it becomes necessary to force it upon the other person. I think we have all done this to one degree or another. And it becomes a point of contention.

It’s like a college student insisting or berating a day care baby on account of that baby not understanding ‘Iambic pentameters.’ Which is the rhythm of a Shakespearean verse. Now then how ridiculous does that sound, but that is what we do sometimes.

For me, the way I’ve been led makes it so simple. If He hasn’t taught me something yet, no sweat, just be about doing what HE has taught. In future I’ll hope refrain from forcing things upon others that haven’t any understanding of what I’m talking about. There’s no point in it. Everyone is at a different place. Now that doesn’t mean refraining from sharing or commenting, it just means there is no point in arguing.

Have any of you ever tried to argue with a horse? I’d have to say if they’re of mind to, then it might be time to take

Some horses take more time than others, especially if you know their history.

Some horses have been abused and it takes a lot more time to gain their trust. Some have had multiple visits to the auction block and have had their heart broken too many times and it will take exceptional care to gain their trust once again. And some have never been properly cared for, their feet are a mess or they’ve been on diet of sugar and treats and get pretty spoiled around the cookies. Now that’s an interesting scenario. Because they only come in hopes of a cookie, at that time they could care less about you and that’s a whole other lesson in and of itself.
And some of course are just naturally friendly and trusting, but they haven’t been through the mill like the others.

And of some look pretty good all the way around until perhaps you find that they have a real problem on account of some cowboy digging his spurs into their side. Or maybe they haven’t had any dental work done and their teeth are growing up inside their gums. Extremely dangerous situation that one. He can kill without ever intending to.

I have one that had that problem, she was the sweetest thing on four legs until it came time to do her feet, in which case a halter had to be on her which kept her mouth closed. I brought in an equine dentist and he said if she was being even a little good she was really trying, because the pain in her mouth was excruciating.

These ones tend to rear and go over backwards on their riders. One reason we don’t use saddles with horns. Who wants a big chunk of leather and steel to puncture their belly.

Again it’s the same with us, we might meet someone that we think is real jack ass, but we are totally unaware of the fact that the said jack ass is in excruciating pain and is doing the way beyond the best they know how.

In any case if you know a horse’s history, you can be a lot more forgiving if they happen to blow up. Any if they blow up then they have a history that’s caused that kind of response.

But I think you see what I’m talking about here, the similarities are awesome between horses and men.


  • Hi Mishayah, we do, indeed, learn so much from horses, other animals and all of Creation. The lessons are so profound, like this one. EXCELLENT ANALOGY!!!!!! Really like this. THANK YOU. Blessings, Teresa

    • Thank you Teresa, One thing I should have mentioned that is in complete contrast between horses and men is this,
      Horses are the most forgiving creatures in the whole of YHVH’s Creation. Mules on the other hand, never forget an offense.


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