The Better and Original Way

Another post from the debates on Truth Seekers:

What a mouthful Rodin:

In the times we are living in I believe this “method” of reaching souls must change. A new standard must be set. The Pauline church system has cracks in it and will be wiped out in the future. Let’s admit that there is a better way to reach people and that is with the Word of Truth!

The first scenes in the Gospels are so indicative of what the real Gospel is.

We have John the Baptist preparing the way. How?
Baptizing them unto repentance. No doubt the people who came to John were of a ‘broken and contrite spirit’
And the picture is one of their sins being washed away down the river.

Next we have Yahshua sowing the Word of Truth. Teaching the people to hear and obey, confirmed by the Father ‘hear and obey My Son. What could simpler than that? As a beginning.

Just as a note: I suppose if folks were able to see the ‘Lamb of God’ as The Word of Truth it would certainly clear up a lot misunderstanding. I mean what was slain before the foundation of the world? Truth! It was the Truth that was slain, i.e. murdered by the lie!


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