The Kingdom of God

For years I wondered just what the gospel was, of course Paul had his gospel of Jesus Christ, but even way back I knew that Yahshua’s gospel was not about himself.

Yahshua’s gospel was all about the Kingdom of God.  But I didn’t know what that meant.

Well that’s not the case now.  If you look at the Word used in your Bibles for Kingdom, you will find that really the word kingdom has been mistranslated,

It is the in Greek # 932 Basileia, and it means more properly ‘to reign’ or ‘to rule’, ‘the right to reign or royal power.’

So the Gospel of the Kingdom of God should have been called the Reign of God.

But this is an inward reign.   Jn 1:1 In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word is God.

The Word of God who is God is what The Son of Man sowed into the hearts of those that would hear Him.

James calls this ‘The inborn Word of Truth.’

I love the way some Aramaic translations phrase various things Yahshua said, especially in the Book of John.  For example instead of the ‘true bread’ it is the Bread of Truth’ instead of the ‘true God’ it is ‘The God of Truth’ and instead of the true vine ‘The Vine of Truth.’

Something one will probably never hear in the mainstream churches is that God actually expects us to obey Him.

It seems as though Christianity has been forever stuck in the physical image of Yahshua.  Never seeming to understand that He is literally the Word of God.  For most the veil has never been rent for them, they can’t get past the physical, they’re stuck on the image and blind to the substance.

The most common type of prayer for the new is that they are told to invite Jesus into their hearts.  What’s that?

Yahshua sowed the word of truth, the word of life.  This is what folks should be seeking, to have the WORD sowed into their hearts.

If we take a good look at the larger picture of John the Baptist and Yahshua we see this,  First comes the heart rending repentance, the turning back to God with all the heart, it’s all or nothing.  No little bit here and little bit there.  If folks only give a little of the heart they won’t receive the God of Truth, because they still keep themselves surrounded by a refuge of lies.  In other words only giving the God of Truth a minuscule place in the heart is in reality giving Him nothing at all.  Because until or unless we vow to have ‘NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM, there is for that person no new covenant.  HE is either GOD  of all or nothing.

When that first Commandment is fulfilled in us, then and only then will we hearken diligently to His voice and obey His Commandments.  Until such a repentance occurs that person is still in the grips of the Great Lie.

But when this full repentance occurs then we are prepared to receive the WORD of TRUTH without fear.

When the seed sown by the Son of Man enters into the life of the seeker it takes root in well prepared soil.  Eventually as we continue in the Word of Truth then that Word will indeed become flesh in us.  The Word that tabernacles within us even as John declared in Jn 1:14  And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Where it says ‘and dwelt among us’ is a faulty translation.  It should read ‘dwells IN us.’  The Son is the Word of Truth and it is within us that we behold His glory, the glory of the Word of Truth.

When we see or use the word ‘faith’ it should be in this context, ‘conviction of truth.’  So to say we have faith in God means what?

We have the pure conviction that God is Truth.  But how can one say that and then follow after they who contradict the God of Truth?

Again if we have no other gods before YHVH, then we will hear Him and obey Him.

What are some the gods that are before Him?  How about Paul?  How about religion?  How about pastors and preachers and the multitude of false prophets swarming all over the planet?  How about politics?  How about the craving for riches or pleasure?  How about ambition?  How about sports? The other gods are many and legion!

Yes, if YHVH is our God then we will hear and obey Him and no one else.  It will not matter one whit what the multitudes may say, they are on Broadway and headed for tragic destruction.

The Narrow way is the way of Truth and in order to find it you must seek for it.  It is the Pearl of Great Price.

If one says the Law of God is no more or null and void, do you hear and obey that person?  Not if YHVH is your God!

When the Holy Spirit begins teaching about the Law of God He doesn’t just drop the whole thing upon you at once.  He gives you a little and when you are faithful to walk in that truth, then He will teach you more.  Other wise we would be overwhelmed.

When the Holy Spirit is the Teacher you don’t need to go to a synagogue or a church and hear what other men have to say, you only need listen and obey the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth.

So what is the Reign of God and why is it so wonderful?

The Aramaic for ‘Logos’ is the word ‘Miltha’ and it means more than can be described in a single word.  One definition is ‘manifestation’ ‘Power’ ‘substance’ ‘emanation.’  Miltha is a very full word, but it is far accurate than ‘Logos’ and carries no pagan connotation with it.

So as we hear and do the Word of Truth there is always manifestation and power.  But even more the Word of Truth is like a portal to a whole new dimension or realm.  In this realm you will find rivers of living water, fountains of Life, orchards and fields of wisdom and understanding and yes at times they are quite visible.  One will most certainly gain an experiential understanding of abiding in heaven and on earth simultaneously.

Yahshua was the prophet like unto Moses.  Today many never get past or beyond an initial salvation message, as if that was all there was to the Gospel of the Reign of God.  However when Moses led Israel out of Egypt that was only the beginning.  There was a lot more to come before Israel entered into the ‘Promised Land.’

The ‘Feasts’ instituted for Israel were far, far more than simple ritualistic parties.  They have each of them powerful prophetic fulfillment’s for anyone that will DO them, according to the instruction of the Holy Spirit.  The Feast of Unleavened Bread for instance is a mega experience.  This a prophetic event intended to not just purge of all falsehood and unrighteousness but it also is to fill you with absolute TRUTH.

This was YHVH’s intent at the beginning of the sojourn through the wilderness.  Israel was to begin with a prophetic purging and infilling with Truth, however that adult generation that came out of Egypt had a truckload of other gods they never let go of and consequently it cost them their lives.  Christianity has been in the wilderness of unbelief for 2000 years and it looks as if that religion will perish there unless they finally return to the God of Truth.


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