Free is Cheap and Worthless

Several years ago I had a small business in Tulsa Okla, there came a time when we desired to move back to Washington,  so rather than sell the business we decided to bless a friend and give it to her and her son.  During the process there was very important meeting with the company rep, our friend and her son did not show up at the meeting, they something else to do instead.

I was  embarrassed that my friend placed no value upon the free gift she had been given.  Which is what the company rep also said to me.  How can she place any value on the business when you yourself placed no value upon it by giving it away for free?

That was 15 years ago and I have never forgotten what the rep said to me that day.

Which is the case in point with Paul’s ‘free gift of salvation’ there is absolutely no real value placed upon it.  It’s free and therefore worthless to those that believe it and receive it.

Nothing is required, no personal sacrifice, no works, no good deeds.  Paul’s free gift is again worthless to the recipient.  And how do those who receive this free gift respond?

With an extreme belligerence to the verified Word of God, denial of the Son of God in that they deny and denigrate His Word.  Slander of the Law and the one who gave it.  Complete and total ignorance of the words and teachings of Yahshua the Messiah.  Not to mention a complete disdain for anything smacking of obedience to the one they flippantly call ‘lord.’


Contrast this with Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  It will cost you everything including your soul.  Nothing free about this gospel.  It requires works, obedience, sacrifice, extreme effort, tribulation, persecution, reviling and hatreds.  Not to mention endurance, manifested righteousness.  It requires the utmost in honesty, it requires obedience to the law and the commandments and failure to do so brings forth the loss of salvation.


It is indeed the Pearl of Great Price that we must give everything for in order to obtain it.

There is nothing more valuable in all of life than to obtain the Pearl of Great Price.  Even as Yahshua said ‘Count the Cost.’


And what are the rewards of these two very different gospels?

The Gospel of the Kingdom as presented by Yahshua and His Apostles promises eternal life to those that obey the words of eternal life.


The gospel of Paul promises damnation to any and all that cling to it.


You choose, it’s up to you.  Choose life that you may Love YHVH your God.

Or choose death and prove once and for all that in reality you have always hated HIM and His Son.

Hard words but entirely verifiable for that is exactly what Yahshua spoke to those that rejected Him.

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