The Lost Ten Tribes, are you one of them?

This is really just some information that just might greatly affect you.  Over the last hundred years or so, there has been tremendous studies done on just where the ‘Lost Ten Tribes’ migrated to and who and where they are today.

In the past Christian scholars have ignorantly presumed that the House of Israel is no more, that is the Northern Ten Tribes that were carried away captive by the Assyrians.  But is this true?  Here is an article by Steven M Collins which will if nothing else make you seriously re-consider just who the House of Israel is.

At the time of the Epistle of James, he wrote ‘to the twelve tribes that are scattered abroad.’

Josephus also wrote that the vast majority of Israel were beyond the Euphrates, in other words they were east of the Euphrates and that they were so vast that their numbers could not be counted.  So what does that means today?  More than you could ever imagine.

Just a snippet from this wonderful article:



By Steven Collins

Let’s assume that you were asked to take a quiz which asks you to identify a large nation in the modern world with a specific number of clues. The clues are: (A) it will be a strong and mighty nation, (B) it will be very prosperous, (C) it will be known as a “melting pot” nation, (D) it will also be known as a nation “from sea to shining sea,” (E) it will have a “Saxon” origin, (F) the number “13” will be conspicuous in its origins and symbolism, and lastly, (G) it will have a “special relationship” with an allied “company of nations” who share its Saxon origins as well as a common language and culture.

Many will understand that these clues point conclusively to the nation of the United States of America. Obviously, the related “company” (or “commonwealth”) of nations would be the fellow “Anglo-Saxon” nations of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The above quiz question wasn’t even difficult, right?

It will come as a major surprise to many Christians (and biblical scholars) that all the above clues about this great nation are found in the prophecies of the Bible. Indeed, biblical prophecies affirm that the nation described by these clues will have a major role to play on the world scene in the “latter days” of our age. I invite you to read this research report, which will explain where each of these biblical clues can be found. If you are a believer, this report should strengthen your faith in God and the Bible. If you are not a believer, this report should convict you to become one.

Most Christians do not think the USA can be found in biblical prophecy. However, many of these same Christians have no problem seeing that such nations as Russia, Iran, Egypt, the Israelis, etc. are mentioned in biblical prophecy. Does it make sense that God would forget to say anything about the most-powerful nation on earth, the USA, in the biblical prophecies about the latter days of our age? No, it does not make sense, and as this report will make plain, God did not forget to mention the USA in biblical prophecy. He has a great deal in prophecy about the USA in the latter-days but these prophecies have been “hidden in plain sight” within the Bible.

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