The First Resurrection

Did you know this was a term that was used during apostolic days to denote those who had been implanted with the Word of Truth, those who held onto the seed of life, in those who the word of life found the good soil as opposed to other three categories in the parable of the sower?

Here is quote from Clement of Alexandria, disciple of Peter.

For “the Lord who created the earth by His power,” as Jeremiah says, “has raised up the world by His wisdom;”950 for wisdom, which is His word, raises us up to the truth, who have fallen prostrate before idols, and is itself the first resurrection from our fall.

If we ponder the first resurrection from this standpoint then it’s quite easy to understand.

YHVH told Adam and Eve that they would die that very day if they ate from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, they did die that day.

The fact of the matter is, is that they died on the inside when they lost the Word of Truth as a result of swallowing the serpents lie.  Walking in the Truth of YHVH is the bridge of life.

So before the Time of Yahshua man was quite dead, even Yahshua said ‘let the dead bury their own dead, but as for you, follow me.

So the first place man comes back into life is on the ‘Inside’ because that’s where he was dead.  His body has animation but his soul was as good as dead.  So in essence Yahshua offered us a soul swap, a dead soul to give up and a living soul to be regained, if we hold to the seed.

Today man only recognizes death if it the body is dead.  Not so with the words of Yahshua, it’s on the inside that we live and are re-united with YHVH in the Spirit and Word of Truth.

That’s why the KIngdom or rather the reign of YHVH is within you.  Because it’s through His word indwelling you that you are made alive, not because your body is still animated.

The resurrection of the Body is the second resurrection not the first.  What good does it do to resurrect a body if it only has a dead soul within it?

Again that’s why Yahshua said ‘he who endures to the end shall be delivered.’  Delivered of what?  Delivered completely once and for all of sin.  For the soul that sins shall die.  So the final deliverance is from death which is why the second death, the death of body shall have no authority over the son or daughter of God.  Because it’s sin that destroys the soul not the lack of animation.  Death is in reality the death of the soul not the body.

So press on in and obtain this first resurrection now and for heaven sakes do not foolishly assume that by virtue of your religion you have obtained  some obtuse or vague claim on life.

Life happens when we abide in the Truth and the Truth abides in us.


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