Great Tribulation

Have ever considered that maybe you do not know why ‘Great Tribulation’ happens?

If we read carefully the passages where this phrase is mentioned then we get a far more clear understanding of the cause.

There really is only one cause and that is ‘Lawlessness’

Look at the verse here:

Mat 24:21 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

But previous to this Yahshua pointed out that on account of false prophets and false teachers teaching lawlessness which is the cause of great deception, on account of this, ‘Great Tribulation’ happens.

Mat 24:11

11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

 So clearly the cause is ‘Lawlessness.’ But whose law is being ignored or rejected?
In Proverbs it is written that ‘He who condemns the innocent and acquits the guilty, both are an abomination to YHVH.’
How tragic that the scene between Yahshua and Barabbas is played out again today.  Only now it is between Yahshua and Paul and again Yahshua and His teachings are rejected in favor of Paul and his doctrine of lawlessness.
Which makes it almost laughable that Christians could begin to consider something like a pre-trib rapture, when their very religion of Pauline Lawlessness is the cause of that very tribulation.
So ask yourself this ‘Does YHVH rescue His enemies?  Yet while Christians remain lawless this is exactly what they are and what they expect.
Has anyone told them, that they who reject the Law of YHVH are in fact the enemies of YHVH?
In Rev 2:22 Yahshua says ‘Behold I will cast her (Christianity) into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into Great Tribulation, EXCEPT they repent of their deeds.
So here we see again the only escape out of great tribulation is ‘REPENTANCE’ not rapture. Repentance from what?  Lawlessness which is adultery.
Rev 7:14 ‘….These are they which came out of Great Tribulation, and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.
White Robes are the ‘Righteous deeds of the Saints.’  Folks this is a picture of the Fear of YHVH’ type repentance.  An utter all or nothing turning back to YHVH.  Previously they had a dead faith, i.e no works of righteousness.
So it also perfectly clear that Rev 7:14 is not a picture of dead people in heaven but rather people whose feet are on planet earth.
When they repented they came out of the Great Tribulation.  Pure and simple.


  • Mishayah the Ten Virgins (Mt 25) = 10 Horns/Kings (Dan 7) = 10 Horns/Kings (Rev 17) = 10 Toes / Kings (Dan 2).
    We know absolutely that these groups all represent the same group of people because the Eternal Kingdom is set-up
    during the days of these kings. The key to understanding the Great Tribulation Kingdom is to understand the spiritual
    meaning of Daniel’s Four Beasts. This is all laid-out on the website (still under construction)

  • The problem with he idea that the ten virgins represent those in the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom or the (3rd) Christian Kingdom is that Scripture is clear these people “went forth” into the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom… the clue in Mt 25 is the word “then”…

    “then” the (4th) Kingdom of heaven will be likened to the ten virgins that “went forth” to meet the Bridegroom. While one could correctly argue that Saints have “gone forth” to meet the Lord in both the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom and the (3rd) Christian Kingdom… that idea completely ignores the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom – which immediately precedes the (5th) Eternal Kingdom.

    In order to understand Great Tribulation prophecy, we must have the correct CONTEXT.
    The Lord established the context by citing Daniel’s Abomination. The (4th) Kingdom,
    the kingdom of the Ten Virgins / Ten Horns / Ten Kings… is Satan’s “Little Season”,
    also known as the Great Tribulation (kingdom/beast).

    This is all documented on the website (editing still in progress). It harmonizes with all Scriptures and it coincides with actual historical events.

    God’s Judgment on Satan’s (spiritual) kingdom on earth is well documented on the website and it reveals several “mysteries” never understood by Saints in either the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom of the (3rd) Christian Kingdom… just as He promised, passages were “unsealed” and books were “opened” when the final harvest occurred – before (spiritual) Babylon was destroyed (in 2011).

    Of course, those in the (2nd) Jewish Kingdom cannot see the fulfillment of prophecies after the transition/harvest into the (3rd) Christian Kingdom occurred. Likewise, those in the (3rd) Christian Kingdom cannot see the fulfillment of prophecies after the transition/harvest into the (4th) Great Tribulation Kingdom occurred (when the Ten Virgins “went forth”).

    What amazes me, to tell you the truth, is that someone (from the 2nd or 3rd kingdom) can read all the mysteries that are now revealed – like the meaning of Daniel’s Beasts and Ten Virgins – and STILL think that they have some “authority” in spiritual matters.

    The 2nd Woe is PAST… God’s Judgment on “His House” is finished… the False Prophet and his Beast (the 4th Kingdom) has already been destroyed. Daniel 7 tells us the “other beasts” (the Jewish and Christian kingdoms) have their life extended a short while (without dominion) until the 7th Trumpet sounds (3rd Woe begins)…. Again, this is all detailed on the website for anyone who loves Truth.

  • Daniel’s 4th Beast (Kingdom) = Revelations Beast (Kingdom) = Great Tribulation Kingdom
    The Great Tribulation Kingdom was also called Satan’s “Little Season”.
    Judgment begins at the House of God

    • You can find many of the “mysteries” revealed

      • Hi Jim
        I guess your comment got lost in the shuffle, I just saw it a couple of days and thought I’d read the link, very interesting but it left me wanting something a little more precise.
        You know like the references to the ‘wise virgins.’ The wise virgins are in fact very easy to identify. It’s they who come to Him hear his word and do His teachings. As opposed to those that hear the Word and do not do it. In that, it’s easy to differentiate between the wise and the foolish.

    • Hi Jim

      Several years ago while doing some word studies, one of the words was ‘Kingdom’ which is a mistranslation that has led to much confusion. The Greek is ‘Basileia‘, and it does not mean the same thing as a literal ‘kingdom’ but rather it means ‘To Reign’
      So in reality whenever Yahshua spoke of the ‘kingdom’ he was speaking of the ‘Reign of YHVH’ within, via the Torah written upon the heart and in the mind. YHVH reigning through the implanted Word of Truth which is what James is talking about in James 1:18-26. In fact James declares that it is the implanted word of Truth that is the Savior.

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