Pauline Insanity

This is a rather typical response by Christians when concerning the Law:

I follow the Messiah. Not the Law. In so doing I follow my Father’s will. By adhering to the Law, you reject Christ/Messiah Jesus/Yeshua. Thereby you reject God/YHWH.

Of course the ‘commenter’ is citing Galatians as he thinks Paul has the authority to nullify The Word of YHVH.  But even Paul in Rom 7:12 nullifies his own argument over Galatians. When Paul says the Law is holy, righteous and good. And yet the Commenter is just faithfully citing Galatians. But apply Rom 7:12 to what he said and you get, ‘By adhering to that which is holy, righteous and good you reject the Messiah and you reject YHVH.’ Crazy don’t you think?  On one hand Paul condemns anyone doing the law as having fallen from the truth.  And  he is claiming that if you do that which is holy righteous and good you have fallen from the truth. If we let the Word define the Law rather than letting Paul doing it for us, then the things this apostate said about the Law appear as they really are which is utterly ridiculous. Here are two definitions for the Law: 1.  Pro 6:23 ‘,,,,the law is LIGHT.’ 2.  Psa 119:142 ‘…Thy Law is the TRUTH. Now try this favored Christian AKA Pauline quote with these on. How about this 1Cor 15:56  ‘…and the power of sin is The Truth and Light.’ What about Gal 4 or 5:1 ‘And be not entangled again in the yoke of the Truth and the Light. Try this one on:

20 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.
 Oh my!  Therefore by the deeds of the TRUTH and the LIGHT shall no flesh be justified, for by the TRUTH and the LIGHT is the knowledge of sin.
Need I go much further?
How can anyone in their right mind buy into this insanity?
So by simply defining the what the law is, we can see that Paul is not only blind, ignorant and remarkable foolish, but he never knew just the law is.  In actuality it looks more like the devil himself wrote the Pauline epistles.  With proper definitions in place, Paul’s take on the law is such serious slander that any Christian with 2 brain cells still working ought to be trembling in their boots knowing that the day is coming when they will called into account for partaking of Paul’s slander.
Yet hundreds of millions are swallowed up in the great lie of Paul.
How easy it was for everyone to simply allow the Bible to interpret what the Law is.
In any and probably all Christian Colleges Hermeneutics is taught at the most basic level.
Hermeneutics is simply this ‘Let the Bible interpret the Bible’
Yet it is absolutely forbidden to apply hermeneutics to Paul.
What a devastating double standard?  What intolerable hypocrisy?
Normally good folks with a fair amount of common sense are rendered blithering blind fools.  Unable to think for themselves, ‘can’t do that they say, we might get deceived.’
So the folks in Christianity become self imposed prisoners of a self imposed prison with an imaginary key to an imaginary lock on their minds.
But here is the real source of ALL Deception.  Which is to hear the Word and not do it. James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.’


  • Hello Mishayah, What are the homilies? Can you give me a link in which i could find them? Thanks a lot

  • Because of the nature of my job, I was not able for the past year to read all that there is to read about Saul/Paul the spouter of lies. However I do have the oppertunity to do so now. All I can say thus far is WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!! Now I know I wasn’t in the wrong all along. This is great. Please keep it up. And with great appreciation to the One and Only YHWH. Thank You. To You belongs all the glory and praise for ever and to Yashua my precious savior. Thank You for being mindfull of me. Lucia.

  • Although Paul never claimed to be included among the original twelve, he, the others, and most believers have recognized that Jesus appointed him as His special apostle to the Gentiles (Paul mentions this in Galatians 1:1 and 1 Corinthians 9:1 but Luke does as well in Acts 26:16–18). There are also others in the early church referred to as “apostles” (Acts 14:4, 14; Romans 16:7; 1 Thessalonians 2:6), in the sense that they were appointed, authorized, and sent by churches on special missions. It is more important to consider the function (remember SHLEEHA from SCHLACH – send) rather than the title. Yeshua was not emphasizing titles but rather actions. That is why the first book after the gospels is called ACTS.

    Shaun, this is my last post with you guys until you show some ability to think and learn.

    • Interesting that all the examples of ‘other apostles’ comes straight out of Paul. According to your criteria, anyone sent to the mailbox to get the mail would in fact be an apostle of the one who did the sending. However, when it comes to the 12, they were specially commanded in Mat 28:20 ‘Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:…’ Yet Paul out of his own mouth claims he learned ‘NOTHING’ from the twelve. If Paul in fact did learn nothing from the 12, then Paul was also thoroughly ignorant of what Yahshua did teach.
      Only Paul lays claim lays claim for being the ‘Apostle of the gentiles’ while in fact it was Peter who was appointed to them. Acts 15:7 After there had been much debate, Peter stood up and said to them, “Brethren, you know that in the early days God made a choice among you, that by my mouth the Gentiles would hear the word of the gospel and believe.
      So Paul again usurped Peter’s mission, and claimed it for himself.

      So now when we do have the criteria for Apostleship which is found in Acts 1:21-22, it is claimed that is meaningless, why? Because Paul said so. So it matters not what Yahshua said concerning apostolic appointment, it matter not what Peter said. No the only thing that matters, the only thing that counts is what Paul said concerning himself. Even though out of his own mouth claimed he was liar and that YHVH was glorified IN his lie. Rom 3:7, Yet no problem, why? Because Paul is the icon and it matters not one whit whether he speaks truth or falsehood. It matter no one whit, that his Damascus road story is fraught with inconsistencies, which in any court he would be found to be too incredible and his testimony tossed out. An eyewitness that is unable to recount the details of the most dramatic conversion in the history of the religion. His own story and he can not recount accurately the details. But does this give cause or pause for concern? No! Why? Because this is Paul and he can do no wrong. Paul claims that all things are lawful for him, including lying, guile, pretense all of which he claimed to use in order gain a following. Of course he also said not all things are expedient, no doubt as an afterthought, seeing as the ‘all things are lawful’ is flat out an excuse for lawlessness.’

      And this is the man whose words are exalted above all that YHVH has said.

      So we also have Paul loosening the prohibition against eating meat sacrificed to idols, which Yahshua thoroughly condemned. Yet this is okay too, why? Because Paul is infinitely above all that YHVH has spoken. At least that is supposed to be what we are to learn and teach.

      So we bring out these painfully glaring examples of apostasy and we are the objects of arrogant slurs by elitist academia’s. Who do nothing but propagate falsehood for the sake of their traditions and their paychecks.

      • Well put Mishayah! Paulians behave as if they’re in a trance, but if they paused and thought about what they’re reading, they’d start to see the cracks. For example you described Paul as “An eyewitness that is unable to recount the details of the most dramatic conversion in the history of the religion. His own story and he can not recount accurately the details.”

        When I was saved 16 years ago, I had an amazing encounter with God. It was like a conversation with me posing questions, and Him answering with words and visions. He gave me an enormous amount of information, yet I remember every detail as if it was only yesterday. And when speaking to other believers, they recall their own conversions in similar detail.

        So how is it possible for Paul to have such a hazy recollection of his own alleged conversion? One’s testimony is usually so personally life-changing, that many of us spend years going back to our written record of it, and refining it again and again. There’s no way that we could come up with three different versions, one of them radically so.


        So I’m very disappointed in the way that James has glossed over every piece of evidence on this blog, and tried to lord it over us with his qualifications (something Yeshua commanded against). And whenever you or I quoted Scripture, instead of acknowledging the principle, he would use arcane word definitions to shrink the boundary and render the quote inapplicable.

        Well that’s pure legalism. It’s exactly how the sages and Pharisees nullified almost the entire Law of Moses, to create the disgusting ‘oral law’ despised by Yeshua. Saul used it to supreme effect as well, to shrink the boundary of the gospel to faith alone.

        Yeshua said “Those to whom much is given, much is expected”. If someone puts themselves in the position of leader, then for heaven’s sake they need to actually lead, not follow behind everyone else for the sake of approval, popularity, and dare I say money.


  • Unfortunately much of the material on this blog is extremely weak when compared with truth. For example a recent post: “For the Jews, they had a clear cut choice between Barabbas, a murderer, and Yahshua”. The person writing this comment does not understand Hebrew, Aramaic, or context. The word “eyudeim” translated “Jews” means Judeans, i.e. the Jewish leaders and their followers in Jerusalem. In fact, all of Eshua’s original followers were Jews (mostly Galilean Jews). The word “Jew” has many meanings depending upon usage. Then the post continues “For the Christians they also have a clear cut choice between Paul a murderer and Yahshua.” Paul was not a murderer. He accepted Eshua through revelation (JUST LIKE EVERY PERSON POSTING IN THIS BLOG SINCE NOT ONE OF US KNEW JESUS IN THE FLESH). BTW “Yashua” is an incorrect transliteration of the name of Yeshua (Hebrew) and Eshua (Aramaic). There is a phrase attributed to Yohannan (in the letter of John – a disciple of Eshua): “ALAHA HUBA EUOW” (God is Love). There is a basic principle is Judaism to avoid LASHON HORA (evil speech). It would be best to stop slandering Paul (really Shaul). You wouldn’t do this if you had your facts together. The post goes on “Of course the Jews chose the murderer and likewise so have the Christians”. Slander is like murder. Who did you choose? There is a better way.

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    • Paul was not a murderer? Really? What do you call giving approval to the execution of an innocent man? Righteousness? What do you call turning folks over to executioners for the destruction of their flesh?
      Three different testimonies of the Damascus Road experience none of which agree with the others.
      Is it true that the Covenant of Sinai was a yoke of bondage? Are the Ten Commandments a yoke of bondage? Was the marriage covenant a yoke of bondage? Is doing Torah synonymous with falling away from the truth?
      Whether you like it or not, plain simple truth is that Christianity believes these things via Paul.
      You will know the Tree by it’s fruit. Just because you can play both sides of Paul does not in any way shape or form legitimize him. Both sides Torah/anti-Torah.
      You can’t have it both ways.
      When you met Yahshua did He quote pagan play writes to you also like he did to Paul?

      • Mishayah (true follower of the Mishika?) writes: “Paul was not a murderer? Really? What do you call giving approval to the execution of an innocent man? Righteousness?” I call it what it is. When he was hunting down Christians (like Stephen) he was a zealous Jew with authority to hunt down heretical sect members. It is obvious that he later underwent repentance and massive transformation. . . . ” What do you call turning folks over to executioners for the destruction of their flesh?” Again, I call it what it is. You need to understand the Aramaic idiom. Would you like to know what it means? I would be happy to answer your questions if you will ask and listen. . . . “Three different testimonies of the Damascus Road experience none of which agree with the others.” Really? Are you certain? Do you understand the language, historical background, and culture?
        “Is it true that the Covenant of Sinai was a yoke of bondage?” No, and neither Paul nor I say that it was or is today. Unfortunately, you are interpreting this through the lens of later Christianity and are neglecting to compare Acts 15 with Galatians and other writings. Consequently, you blatantly misunderstand Paul and do not realize that he did not come against that Covenant for Israel. He had to deal with gentiles and they do not have the same covenental obligations as Jews. Are you Israelite? Were you at Sinai? Do you understand what is required of B’nai Noach? . . . “Are the Ten Commandments a yoke of bondage?” No, absolutely not! And Paul did not teach that they were. So, do you know what he did teach? Your posts do not show it. . . . “Was the marriage covenant a yoke of bondage?” No! But, you did just realize that there are different covenants and parties to covenants. Keep that in mind. . . . “Is doing Torah synonymous with falling away from the truth?” No, but for a gentile to misplace or usurp a covenant with Israel is! Just like if someone else enters into a position of marital covenant with your wife while she is your wife it would be sin. You are not Torah observant. .. . . .
        “Whether you like it or not, plain simple truth is that Christianity believes these things via Paul.” No. Actually Christianity misinterprets Paul just as you have done. You are following the lead of Christian mis-interpreters and not Torah. . . .
        “You will know the Tree by it’s fruit. Just because you can play both sides of Paul does not in any way shape or form legitimize him. Both sides Torah/anti-Torah.” There are two sides. Jew and gentile. I am absolutely in support of Torah just as Eshuah and Shaul. . . .
        “You can’t have it both ways.” . . . Please study. You are stuck in mire. Did you take a moment to review the links I gave you. Have you read and taken seriously Yacov’s admonition (James 3:1)?
        “When you met Yahshua did He quote pagan play writes to you also like he did to Paul?” Paul was dealing with gentiles. He quoted philosophers and spoke to them of an unknown God. Have you ever read Maimonides? No one would criticize him for being anti-Torah. He wrote extensively on Torah and in his Guide to the Perplexed demonstrated the superiority of Torah over philosophy (including Aristotle). I love Eshua and am his disciple. I find Shaul very confusing to many people and he should be studied only AFTER developing a true understanding of Torah. I suggest you start there. Please don’ just parrot back the same empty words that I have seen laced throughout your writings. Search Torah, Navim, and Kevuvim and gain true light that takes you beyond your bitterness and lack of understanding. You may even find the true meaning of Miltha.

      • James is this it? ‘ “Three different testimonies of the Damascus Road experience none of which agree with the others.” Really? Are you certain? Do you understand the language, historical background, and culture?
        Are you trying to say that the anomalies are a result of cultural misunderstanding? Hogwash. Anyone that ever met Yahshua would never mix up a single detail. Of course in the third of his fantasies he claims the messianic title ‘light of the gentiles.’ Anyway James, not good enough. All three are different regardless of cultural settings and backgrounds, they are different each and every time.

        Also as your answer for this ‘“When you met Yahshua did He quote pagan play writes to you also like he did to Paul?” Paul was dealing with gentiles. He quoted philosophers and spoke to them of an unknown God.
        The point was not Paul speaking to men but rather and supposedly Yahshua speaking to Paul.
        Quoting Zeus from the play by Euripides. Are you actually saying you don’t have a problem with the Miltha quoting a pagan deity? If you don’t I’m not surprised, most Christians think nothing of it.

        Paul is only self proclaimed as an apostle, he does not meet one single criteria, not one. There were and are only 12. John 6:70 ‘….have I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil.’
        Acts 1:21,22 ’21 Therefore it is necessary that of the men who have accompanied us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us— 22 beginning with the baptism of John until the day that He was taken up from us—one of these must become a witness with us of His resurrection.”
        Also Acts 1:25 ‘That he may take part of this ministry AND apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place.
        In order for Paul to have even considered a true apostle, he had to have been with Yahshua since the baptism of John, witnessing the resurrection in and of itself was not enough.

        So now we have Paul caught in a lie in every single one of his epistles. But no doubt you’ll say we just don’t understand idioms and cultural anomalies, or that we are whacked out.

      • “Mishayah”, First of all it is Dr. James since I have 2 earned doctorates in Biblical studies. The only thing that attracted me to your site was your use of the word MILTHA. But I realize that people can use words that they don’t begin to understand. Let me deal with each of your comments individually and please stay focused and on subject if you reply since you are all over the place with your comments.

        You started by saying, “is this it? ‘ “Three different testimonies of the Damascus Road experience none of which agree with the others.” Really? Are you certain? Do you understand the language, historical background, and culture?”

        My answer is yes and with your posts it seems to be a very serious problem.

        Your proceed, “Are you trying to say that the anomalies are a result of cultural misunderstanding?” My answer is yes.

        You proceed, “Hogwash. Anyone that ever met Yahshua would never mix up a single detail.” How did you come to that conclusion? Have you read the Gospels?

        You proceed, “Of course in the third of his fantasies he claims the messianic title ‘light of the gentiles.’ Anyway James, not good enough. All three are different regardless of cultural settings and backgrounds, they are different each and every time.”
        Have you read the 4 gospel accounts and the historical books in the Tanach? There have been books written about what seem to be discrepancies and contradictions. You mentioned “fantasies” and you are definitely in the midst of them.

        Then you go on to say “Also as your answer for this ‘“When you met Yahshua did He quote pagan play writes to you also like he did to Paul?” Paul was dealing with gentiles. He quoted philosophers and spoke to them of an unknown God. The point was not Paul speaking to men but rather and supposedly Yahshua speaking to Paul. Quoting Zeus from the play by Euripides.” Again, you have enough knowledge to be dangerous. Shaul said, KASA HU LACH LEMKUTON LAWKUSA (Aramaic to English literal translation – it is hard for you to kick the goads – which is an idiom in Aramaic meaning that you will be hurt by that which you are striking.

        You also said, “Are you actually saying you don’t have a problem with the Miltha quoting a pagan deity? If you don’t I’m not surprised, most Christians think nothing of it.” Miltha didn’t say your quote. Miltha said what I quoted above. If I had a problem with this quote which is similar (from your pagan Greek translation) to Euripedes play, then Luke should have had a problem with it as well.

        Your next section is from a Greek Christian misunderstanding of the word APOSTOLOS and I will only make a brief comment on it. You say, “Paul is only self proclaimed as an apostle, he does not meet one single criteria, not one.” and then you quote Acts and then interpret the texts from Luke through a Christian understanding of the word APOSTOLOS.
        The Aramaic word is SHLEEHA coming from the root SHLAK meaning to send. Acts 15:15-21 makes it clear that Shaul was received well for his work with gentiles and then sent back out. Yes, he had problems being accepted by many brethren because of his history as a persecutor and because he did not know Yeshua face to face other than in his vision.

        Unfortunately, unless you open your mind to the truth of Torah I would have to agree with your concluding remarks: “So now we have Paul caught in a lie in every single one of his epistles. But no doubt you’ll say we just don’t understand idioms and cultural anomalies, or that we are whacked out.” Amen!

    • Paul not a murderer? Rubbish! He acted as both judge and executioner:

      “In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, when you are gathered together, along with my spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, deliver the sinner to Satan for the destruction of the flesh” (1 Cor 5:4-5). Translation: Surround and kill him.

      “I delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander to Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme” (1 Tim 1:20).

      And then this hypocrite then had the nerve to claim that he “imitated Christ” (1 Cor 11:1)!!!

      Sorry Paul, you’re as wicked as they come.


    • I don’t mean to hog the thread, but there’s another aspect.

      James, I also used to be fearful of committing lashon hora in regard to Paul, which made it extremely difficult to say anything worthwhile. That is until I realised that he has already condemned himself.

      He was forever telling other people not to sin, saying things like “God will render indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish” upon those who teach and practice lawlessness (Romans 1:18-2:24), and that they will indeed be punished (2 Thess 1:8-9). But he forgot that with Luke’s assistance in Acts, he’d already shown by his own behaviour that he broke almost every commandment he delivered.

      There’s a legal principle that you cannot be charged with murder if the body is already dead when you first encounter it. You can fill it with bullets and even chop off its head without breaking the law. Likewise, by his own admission Paul is already effectively dead. So, we ARE indeed free to speak the truth about him; even he said as much (1 Cor 5:12-13).

      So if we see innocent people getting drawn into his web of deceit and destruction, why shouldn’t we shout “Watch out – that’s not a real sheep, it’s a WOLF IN DISGUISE!!!”? I believe that Paul himself said we should try and rescue people if we see them going astray!

      • Shaun, You don’t have to be fearful but just teach the truth. Why did you misuse the text in 1 Cor. 5:12-13 which states “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. 1Cr 5:12-13: For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.” Paul was speaking of legal administration of a local congregation, e.g. a Beit Din. Where did you guys learn Torah?

      • James, I do teach the truth about Paul. After spending perhaps 15 years as Shabbos goy for Gamaliel, prior to converting to Judaism, he’d picked up all the tricks of the oral law. These rely upon very specific styles of expression, and are not at all sloppy as you suggest. He was a Talmudist par excellence.

        So if he said that he delivered people to Satan, that’s exactly what he did (or tried to do). But Paulians like yourself say “Oh but he really meant such and such”, and invent something benign in their own imaginations. Well I don’t buy it. He knew exactly what he said, and how it would be interpreted. He also knew that people would assume something else, which is a standard technique of sorcery.

        He was prone to fits of rage, as shown by repeated examples in the Bible. He thought nothing of ordering the death of someone whose real need was for counselling, and murdering two men who stood up to him (Alexander and Hymenaeus).

        Why do you assume that they were in the wrong? Were they not put to death on the word of a single witness, i.e. Paul? Yet the Torah says “A man shall NOT be put to death on the testimony of one witness” (Deut 17:7). Paul himself said “Do NOT receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses” (1 Timothy 5:19). And whether or not they were elders is irrelevant, because Torah commands us to show no partiality in judgement (Deut 16:19).

        Besides, Yeshua NEVER delivered anyone to Satan! He instead forgave their sins and said “Go and sin no more”.

        As Mishayah said, we should judge the tree by its fruit. So what is the fruit of Paul ‘delivering people to Satan’? A heartless church which has thought nothing of putting people to death, be they via bloody religious wars, or unfortunate ‘heretics’. That same judgemental spirit exists in the church to this day.

        As for 1 Cor 5:12-13, the writings of Paul reveal that he was indeed a fornicator, covetous, and borderline extortioner. But Paulians don’t see it or even want to hear about it. And if you press the point they fly into a rage (just like Paul), and almost want to kill you (also like Paul).

        Anyway as I’ve said before, the problem is not Paul, but those whom he tricks into lawlessness. Paul gave us choices – Torah is holy vs. Torah is sin. Keep Shabbat vs. choose any day. Keep kashrut vs. eat things sacrificed to idols. Obey Yahweh vs. do as thou wilt. And what does the church do on every point? She chooses lawlessness! And the Messianics are even worse, as they have even less excuse to be ignorant of Scripture.

        Until individual believers can recognise and turn away from serpents like Paul, they have no place in the Kingdom. Like it or not, the stakes have gone up. And it starts with casting out the wolf of Benjamin.

      • Shaun, Wow, “Paulian” – that’s real cute. If you want to call me something try Dr. DeFrancisco. You really don’t know me and you don’t know Paul and you don’t know what I teach about Paul. Did you know, for example, that I have been criticized for downgrading Paul because I teach that he is emphasized too much by Christian preachers (estimation is that Paul’s words are used 300 times more than Yeshua’s) and that he should only be studied after the gospels and the writings of the 3 pillars: Yacov, Kepa, and Yohannon all take precedence over Shaul, Also, that he never intended his letters to be included with Holy Scripture. Wow, that doesn’t sound like “Paulian.”

        I was attracted to this blog by a YouTube video on MILTHA (which has been the name of my ministry since 1992 – see ). You and your friend should understand Semitic languages and idioms before you use sacred names. Do you even know what ha satan is all about? I do not invent interpretations. I stand on the shoulders of many excellent teachers. Who were your teachers? If you gave them tithes, contributions, or purchased their materials I strongly suggest you ask for your money back. They have produced a couple of real Bible cowboys.

        For example, you interpret 1 Cor. 5:5 using the logic of the Catholic Inquisition and not through real Scriptural interpretation or sound Torah training. Please give me your string of teaching on Paul’s statement in the Corinthian letter which means that the person should be or was put to death physically at the word of one “witness.” If your idea is correct, why is Paul emphasizing anguish and the need for forgiveness and restoration in 2 Cor. 2:1-7?

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      • Well James, with all of your learning the following question should be easy. What day was Yeshua crucified, and what day did He rise?

      • He was crucified on Aruvtha and resurrected late on Shabtha.

      • James, Yeshua commanded us to speak plainly and without guile, and that more than this is from the evil one (Matt 5:37).

      • Shaun, if you really believe what Yeshua said in Mattai 5:37 then why are you adding to Holy Scripture? Yeshua said “evil” (bisha) not “evil one.” The Greek translations use poneros which also is translated evil. Unfortunately some modern translations add the word ” — one” which is not true to the original text.

      • The problem is that the vast majority of believers are NOT going to go and learn Aramaic and do detailed word studies; they are going to remain stuck on the fictional Friday to Sunday idiom. Instead of honouring the day which was sanctified and made holy (the Shabbat or ‘Shabtha’ according to ancient lingo), you know as well as I do that they are going to keep defiling it and giving honour to a pagan day instead.

        So as a man of learning, what are you doing about it? Why are you not also warning the innocents against the word traps set by Paul, which were designed to steer them into disobedience and loss of blessings?

        The Messianics have been trying for decades to convince the church that Shaul was terribly misunderstood, with zero success. The problem is Shaul himself, who brings that spirit of rebellion and lawlessness. No-one can properly understand scripture until they recognise him for what he is: the false teacher allowed by Yahweh to test the church. And so far even the men of learning aren’t doing too well; and they are meant to be showing the way! So disappointing.

      • Shaun,
        What am I doing about it? I have set up a website. I have studied with many groups. I give classes locally 2x every week and online through several organizations. I teach Torah, rest on Shabbat, and debate with those mislead people out there who are so proud that they are better than Shaul and other disciples of the Meshika. And the ancient languages of Hebrew and Aramaic are not lingo, cowboy. If someone wants to pursue truth they will become talmudim. I have students who cannot get enough. They come early and don’t want to stop. And I still continue my own training. With various language and Bible experts as well as meeting with a rabbi 3 or 4 classes per week. The key is finding authentic and authoritive sources. I will ask you guys again: who are you training under?

      • James, you are doing all these things, but still won’t consider the possibility that Shaul might have been a major fraud.

        With respect you remind me of Adam, who knowing the commandment of Yahweh, watched Eve (the church) being wowed by the serpent aka Paul. She assumed that he MUST have been sent by Yahweh, because he was in the Garden (the Bible), right? His message sounded so good, that she took and ate. And Adam, who knew she was being tricked, silently watched to his own disgrace.

        Sheesh, if I was in that Garden I’d be screaming blue murder, rebuking the serpent and telling my wife to step back! And when the serpent tried to justify himself (as Paul often did), I’d be tearing all of his doctrines to shreds. By the time I finished, there’d be no doubt in Eve’s mind that she was being addressed by an evil imposter.

        Just as Eve embodied all who ever lived, the serpent embodied every false teacher who has ever lived. (Didn’t John the Baptist call them a brood of vipers?) And if you looked at the serpent closely, amongst others you would have seen the face of Paul. He even spoke the first message of grace alone – a perfect paraphrase of Paul.

        And the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, isn’t wood the source of paper, which has things like Paul’s epistles written on them? How obvious does the correlation have to be?

        Yet despite all their teaching the learned men remain silent, preferring to receive the acclaim of man. Disgraceful.


      • The apostle Peter listed the following essential criteria for an apostle:

        • to have witnessed Yeshua’s baptism;
        • to have been present with them during His ministry;
        • to have seen Him after His resurrection; and
        • to have witnessed His ascension to heaven (Acts 1:21-22).

        Paul repeatedly called himself an apostle. If he failed to meet any of the above four criteria, then he clearly lied. And if he lied about this, how can one trust anything else he said (such as his three different versions of his ‘conversion’)?

        So which criteria did Paul meet? Umm, err, none.

        Sorry Paul, it all goes downhill from there.

  • It’s interesting that when we read of Saul/Paul’s life, he was the chief persecuter of Christians, then he suddenly converted, claiming a light shone from heaven. Well, Jesus talked about a light falling to heaven, and that light was the devil. The point we often forget is that the deceiver can appear as an angel of light. We as Christians don’t believe many cult leaders such as Joseph Smith of the Lattar Day Saints or even Mohammed of Islam because we say their visitations and revelations were demonic or from the devil. What got me thinking about Saul/Paul is how readily we have believed his conversion! He who claimed to be a part of the apostles never really met Jesus! Why have we as Christians so quickly assumed his conversion was genuine? What if he took it upon himself to infiltrate the Christians and destroy them from within, continuing his persecution of Jesus’ followers as an implant?! Or worst still, why don’t we ever consider the possibility that Saul’s visitation/encounter was no different than Mohammed’s or Smith’s?

    • Good points Hamman, The Book of Acts goes a long way in proving that Saul of Tarsus was not all he was cracked up to be. Saul’s conversion should be thoroughly investigated and not taken as unassailable fact. And under close examination there are many many problems with it. He has his version of the Messiah quoting verses from Euripides. Hmmm…, should we have the gall to question Paul? It’s insanity if we don’t.

    • I agree Hamman. The thing which gives the game away is the awful spirit which rises up when a Paulian is challenged. You discover that their niceness is only skin deep, and that underneath they are just as arrogant and judgemental as the worst of atheists. As people who profess to know God they are such hypocrites.

    • I agree with you too Hamman….readily believing Paul’s conversion story is kind of what they call “blind faith”…interesting that Paul was blinded upon conversion…Usually Jesus in the physical realm, made the blind see…Jesus made it pretty clear though in Matthew 15:13 when he replied, “Every plant that my Heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

      I too liken Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus no differently than Joseph Smith or Mohammad….We got the Book of Mormon from J. Smith, the Quran from Mohammed and the bulk of the New Testament from Paul.

      • For the Jews, they had a clear cut choice between Barabbas, a murderer, and Yahshua.
        For the Christians they also have a clear cut choice between Paul a murderer and Yahshua
        Of course the Jews chose the murderer and likewise so have the Christians.

  • Why all this focus on trying to protect Paul, when as Paulians the real problem is yourselves?

    Paul said “the law is honourable” vs “the law is superseded”; “honour the Sabbath” vs “choose your own day”; and so on.

    For each doctrine he presented two alternatives. One was to obey God, the other was to disobey God. In effect he delivered a multiple choice exam.

    So what do Paulians choose? Lawlessness at every point! They totally fail the exam.

    Keeping the law is NOT about salvation; that’s a done deal. It’s how we prove ourselves mature and trustworthy, and earn enormous rewards in the process. For instance, in the parable of the talents, didn’t Yeshua say that tomorrow’s rewards are governed by today’s level of obedience? Why SHOULD the Master reward the disobedient servant who argues about everything, instead of the faithful and obedient one? Wouldn’t you do exactly the same if you were Him?

    You CAN be overcomers during the hard times ahead, or else victims to be sacrificed en masse when they come for the Christians. You can rest on the victory promised by Deut 28:1-14, or the weakness and defeat promised by 2 Cor 12:9-10. Your choice.

    So stop worrying about Paul, and worry instead about yourselves. The end of the age is at hand, and the game has changed. If you’re serious about Yeshua and not just paying lip service, it’s time to prove it.


    • Hello, this idea came to me due to the family tithes i have with common biblical names, however it wasn’t that i’m weary about anyone just fastnated with the fact of how twisted you all are.And how horrible sad it has been that you all would go to any lengths to destroy young minded boy’s and girls with this junk rather than just keeping a moral life like you stated early worrie about yourself and leave others people and their buiness to them and ther

      • So a billion people headed to hell in a hand basket and you think we should just keep it to ourselves? Perhaps if you read Ezekiel 33 then you might understand that truth is a mandate as opposed to an option.

      • Teresa, when Jesus said “Be as wise as serpents” (Matt 10:16), He was giving us a COMMANDMENT. Figure what the serpent is up to, so that you don’t get tricked by him. And as a self-proclaimed Pharisee, Paul was one of those serpents.

        Although pastors will talk for hours about law vs. grace, as if they know it inside out, virtually none of them have have the faintest idea what they are talking about. You must be prepared to check things for yourself, and not just take their word for it.

        The day you realise that Paul only pretended to represent Jesus will be one of the greatest days of your life. If you want to get closer to Jesus, that’s how you do it.


  • I’ve read what you guys are saying, and have to say that I’m on Mishayah’s side.

    Like you I used to believe and parrot all of Paul’s arguments about the law being a curse, blah blah blah. But one day the Lord got my attention.

    I was sitting on a tram one Friday afternoon, thinking “only two days until Sunday”, and feeling superior as Christians do. Without any warning, the Lord broke in.

    He said “Look out the window. What you see?”. So I turned and replied that I see two Orthodox Jews hurrying down the street. “Why are they hurrying?” I replied to get home before the Sabbath. “Do they believe in Me?” I said well they’re Jews, so probably not. “Who is more righteous (i.e. putting their faith into ACTION)?” I had no answer. He had just shown me that my faith without works, a la Paul, was vapour compared to the obedience of those two unbelievers concerning the Sabbath.

    So the next day I did an experiment, which was to make Saturday my holy day for that week. Oh my, what a difference! It felt like my prayer channel was wide open, the Holy Spirit was in full manifestation, and I felt spiritually energised like never before. It ran rings around anything I’d ever experienced on a Sunday!!!

    I kept going to church for a couple more months, but eventually couldn’t stomach the hypocrisy any more and stopped going. And that’s when my REAL spiritual growth took place.

    Step by step, ever so gently, the Lord separated me from the manmade support structures of church, friends, Bible study etc, and taught me to look to Yeshua alone. It was Him or bust.

    A few months later He convicted me of the abominations I was eating, and opened my eyes to the true holy days, not the false ones promoted by the Paulian church. At every step I experienced an increase of spiritual clarity and protection, and my life and faith became EASIER. I realised that all those preachers who rubbish the law have NO IDEA what they’re talking about. How could they, when they don’t give it even a moment’s attention?

    I continued to hang onto Paul, until one day I decided to draw up a list of parallel statements between him and Yeshua. And the fact is, I couldn’t find any! If I did find something which looked vaguely similar, a few verses later I would find Paul contradicting himself. You just can’t pin him down.

    There’s a lot more to the story, but the day I dropped Paul it felt like the ground had fallen away from my feet. But the following day, Yeshua was there instead of Paul, and everything was so much sweeter. And my walk of faith has only got better and stronger ever since.

    You must realise that Paul’s letters are in the Bible to TEST our faith. If God saw fit to test Adam and Eve, why should it be any different for us? Read Paul closely, and you’ll find that on every aspect of doctrine, he presents two opposing points of view. Which ones have you chosen? Obedience to God, or ‘do what thou wilt?’

    Unfortunately, the Paulian church chooses lawlessness by adopting Sunday as her holy day. And by embedding her preference for ‘doing one’s own thing’ at such a fundamental level, everything goes downhill from there. No wonder Paulian Christianity is in such a mess, and so powerless against the evil which is taking over the world.

    Having tried both, I can assure you that faith in Yeshua COMBINED with the law is far easier and less stressful than you people realise. For starters, because there’s no Temple or Levitical priesthood, many commandments are suspended. As for the rest, they should be second nature for a sincere believer. There are only a few which require us to do something special or different, and in every case it’s easier than the Paulian equivalent. And as Yeshua said in Matt 23:23, it’s not faith or works, but BOTH.

    I still need the blood of atonement now and again, but instead of stretching and abusing that grace which is extended to us, I choose to minimise my need for it as much as possible. And that’s the key to living a holy life, where you present an excellent witness to unbelievers, and also enjoy a powerful and dynamic spiritual life.

    Blessings in Yeshua,

    • By “Bible study” I mean the formal get-togethers at someone’s house. Personal study still occupies much of my time.


    • So you say Paul never contradicted Yahshua? Yahshua said the it’s easier for heaven and earth to pass than for on dot of the Torah to fail, yet Paul claims this same Torah was nullified by the cross.
      Paul says salvation is free
      Yahshua said it would cost you everything you have, i.e the Pearl of Great Price.
      Yahshua said His Words would never pass away.
      Paul says the words and teachings of Yahshua were irrelevant after the cross 2Cor 5:16
      Again Yahshua said that eternal life was to know YHVH and Yahshua Messiah whom He sent.
      Paul says knowing Yahshua is unnecessary.

      The problem is, is that most of you Christians are born of Paul and he is your father, at least he claims to be your father.

    • Thanks Shaun, good testimony, I hope someone can hear you

  • Just out of curiosity have you ever read the Homilies or did you just do a negative search on them? Most of the folks that condemn them have never even read one word contained therein.

  • There is no ‘W’ in Hebrew. Yeshua means salvation, but not HE IS SAVIOR. Yahshua means YAH is Savior. Yeshua was not the saviors name. However Messianics in deference to the Talmud still refuse to declare the Name, to them it is and was a death penalty offense via the tradition of the elders. So they spell it Y’shua’ and thereby placate the Rabbi’s.
    But just out of curiosity, wherein have I claimed to be sinless? It took Israel 40 years to get it straight. We start out at ground zero with the Commandments and as the Holy SPirit sees fit then we proceed from truth to truth.

    But as of yet you have not quoted to me book chapter and verse where it is a sin to speak on the Sabbath. I assume we are speaking aren’t we?

    So how am I spreading hate today? By quoting Moses and Yahshua? Surely you jest.

  • Hab 2:4 the word for faith here is defined as faithfulness and not as a simply mental assent to something. You should read the whole book, it’s all about how the Torah was tossed out and this is the prophet’s complaint.
    Who is feeding me all this information? How about Matthew? He who comes to me and hears my word and does it shall be likened unto a wise man.’ Hmm…hear and do, this is obedience to the Son. How about Deu 28 Hearken diligently to My voice and obey My Commandments. Deu 30:8, How about John 14:15 ‘If you love Me, keep my commandments. How is this mocking?
    No you are quite incorrect concerning ‘Pisteuo’ even the antithesis of this word means disobedience. But if you are comfortable with Paul and you are, then it would behoove you to seriously prepare for great tribulation, because all that follow Paul will be cast into it.
    Yahshua said, that if you do not forgive brother you will not be forgiven.’ So then, forgiveness is a work of the Law, are you also excluded via Paul from forgiving because it is a work of obedience? You either do it and you are forgiven by YHVH or you don’t and you are not forgiven by YHVH. So then forgiveness according to Yahshua is predicated upon a work and that work in this case is forgiveness.

    • In Aramaic, Holy Spirit is RUKA D’ QOODSHA. . . the same Spirit of Holiness as in the Hebrew Ruach Kudesha. The Aramaic words PAREQ LAYTA (which I believe you are referring to) is considered the HS in John and they mean the “deliverer of the cursed”. So, where did your wife encounter Miltha? I have been studying and teaching Aramaic for over 30 years.

      • Wonderful James, 30 years, wow! I’m not sure where she found out about it, she suffered a stroke a couple of years ago and by and large lost everything for awhile. But there is a thread over at that she started on the Miltha, it’s titled Mitha verses Logos
        Boy that turned out a mess, anyway somewhere there the link should light up.

        Okay, it was Andrew Gabriel Roth that she had been studying. Personally I find the Aramaic fascinating and very full of flavor. As opposed to the Greek which is kind of flat and extremely intellectual which is far from the Paleo which is extremely picturesque. I love the way the images flow in the paleo and the Aramaic.

      • Thanks for the link. Sorry to hear of your wife suffering a stroke. I can relate somewhat because my wife had a stroke 5 years ago and deals with serious health issues. I know Andrew Gabriel Roth and his work. MILTHA also means fundamentally creative energy, energy of mind, and it is the source of the creative process. God said and it was. If you are interested in learning more about Aramaic please visit and feel free to ask me any questions. I am also working on material (an article and possibly a book) on topics similar to what you are discussing but with quite a bit of difference in approach. My earlier posts would give you a hint of where I am going with this and I have abundant evidence to support my case. More later.

  • It is vitally important to understand the importance of Torah and realize that Torah halachah is different for Jews and Gentiles. This is clear when studying Acts 15 and Galatians. Paul did not stop keeping Torah. All Jewish believers were expected to keep Torah just like their brothers who did not accept Yeshuah. Gentiles did have to keep Torah with an abbreviated set of rules and without circumcision because they were not under the same covenant. James (Yacov) made the decision in Acts 15 which was similar to Noachide rulings. It is imperative to study the Gospels, Acts, James, Peter, and John BEFORE reading Paul’s letters. Starting with Paul leads to disaster and confused doctrine.

    • I used to believe something quite similar about Paul, in that it appears that he does at times promote the Law/Torah, however Galatians is a monstrosity and there is no way to excuse Paul via Galatians.
      He clearly states that the Marriage Covenant was a yoke of Bondage. There is no getting around it.
      But as to placing the epistles of Paul on the shelf until Moses, the prophets and the psalms and the gospels along with James and John is a very good idea, however anyone having studied and practiced within the parameters of these bods will never be duped by Paul’s flagrant usurping of the authority of YHVH.

    • It seems that many of you are falling into the trap of Christianity vs. Torah and are missing some fundamental principles. For example, I just read Manfred Davidmann’s article on the “truth seeker” website and ran into this incredible statement:

      “Paul opposed the requirement that Gentile converts had to become full Jews and busied himself founding a new religion. During the next three centuries, say the authors, the movement coalesced around Paul’s teachings. Thus “an entirely new religion was indeed born – a religion which came to have less and less to do with its supposed founder.”

      This seems to be at the center of the arguments on your site. Paul wasn’t the only person who said gentile believers (or “converts” if you stretch that word a bit) did not have to become full Jews. The entire Jerusalem conference said that as well since it was an area of contention then (and now as well). Yacov (James) – a righteous Torah observant Jew – made the decision and Paul and others had to follow it. It coincides with Noachide laws in Judaism. Righteous Gentiles do keep Torah but not in the same way as Jews. This is common knowledge in Judaism but Christianity (believing it to be a new religion) has really obfuscated the issue. Paul did not found Christianity. The church fathers did and Constantine gave it his stamp of approval by imperial edict. Christianity is a pagan religion. Paul was a Jew who ministered as a shleha (emissary or apostle) after a revelatory encounter with the Messiah.

      I found your site because of an interesting video on Miltha (which is the name of my ministry at ) but have been severely disappointed by the mediocre and hostile postings on your site. Seek truth and practice it.

      Shlama Amkhon,

      Dr. James DeFrancisco

      • P. S. Paul’s writings were never intended to be taken as the Word of God. They were individual letters to specific congregations (the church per se had not been formed yet unless you use the greek ecclesia as a local congregation) with specific issues. Galatia had gentile believers who some were saying needed to become Jewish converts. This is not necessary as Paul indicated. However he DID NOT throw out the Torah. This idea is a misinterpretation. And, it only evokes hostile misunderstanding and arguments. I endeavor to keep Torah as a righteous gentile and study with righteous gentiles (who are neither Christian or Jewish) as well as both Christians and Jews. Eshua came to fulfill Torah – not discard it.

      • James there is a lot that I agree with you on, specifically that Paul never should have been taken as the infallible Word of YHVH, which is recipe for disaster. Also you’re right, I am hostile towards Paul. Let’s look at a timeline of certain events.

        At best Paul did not even show up until at least 3 1/2 years after Yahshua had ascended. Again at best Paul did not even begin his ministry for at least 14 years after that. Approximately 17 after the resurrection.
        Peter many years before that had been appointed the Apostle to the Gentiles, long before Paul ever showed up.
        Luke give certain criteria for apostleship, none of which Paul could ever have fulfilled. Even though Paul claims he was a witness to the resurrection, which was impossible. Why? Because he wasn’t there.
        The Yahshua that was witnessed by the Apostles had a body of flesh and bone, Paul’s entity had NO BODY. Paul’s entity quoted Greek playwrights. That alone should give great pause for concern. There are several times when Paul quoted Greek playwrights, that’s apparent to even those who follow Paul. Which again should give great pause for concern.
        Yahshua warned that anyone who claims that Yahshua was in the wideness or let’s say met him in the wilderness is a liar. Why? Because Yahshua simply said ‘Do not believe them, if that’s their claim.

        Paul was summoned to Jerusalem to give an answer to the fact that he was leading an apostasy against Moses, yet when Paul is before the Sanhedrin, Paul claims he is there on account of preaching the resurrection, which was a lie. That is simple to understand for anyone who is looking at this objectively.

        Luke give 3 accounts of Paul’s conversion, none of which agree with the others. Again that should give pause for concern.

        James, at best Paul can be greatly misunderstood as having annulled the Torah while at the same time seemly upholding the Torah. That should also concern anyone, seeing as how the Christians have only taken the ‘annulling of the Torah’ which they believe is their right according to Paul which was the original subject of this post. It was said in essence that if you do the Torah then you are damned. Yes, I take great exception to such non sense. The point was, is that is a typical response by Christians to the Torah. Which from your comments is probably how you feel about it too. I mean come on, is Torah observance somehow an unpardonable sin as the author of the comment alleges? Yes or no?

        Personally James, I’d much rather see a reconciliation between Christians and the Torah/Truth than engage in a war of words often times with both sides saying the same things with only semantics causing the division. There is far greater reason for rejecting Paul and his doctrines than there is for keeping them. Why? Simply read the comment at the beginning of this article.

        I’m glad that you understand the Miltha, would that everyone did, if that were the case we would not be having this discussion, but rather it would be Miltha, the substance, the essence the power, the manifestation of the Word of YHVH. Because James as you know the Torah is the Miltha. Sadly the Christians have been blinded concerning this great truth.

        in closing, it is impossible to have covenant if one or both parties rejects the terms. The terms are quite simple to understand, they have never changed. Deu 28, Hearken diligently to My Voice and obey My Commandments. Those are the terms both for the first and the second.
        Yahshua iterated this over and over and over again.
        YHVH said through Isaiah that He gave His son as a Covenant Isa 49:8 and Isa 42:6. Same terms and in essence same covenant Jer 31. As you know James, the Kingdom of YHVH is the inward reign of the Word of Truth which is Torah abiding within. Again impossible unless both parties agree to the terms and our part is obedience to His Voice and His Commandments.

        Would that Christians were as on fire for the Book of James as opposed to Paul. Where it is clear and evident that without obedience to the Word of Truth there is no salvation. James 1:18-26.

      • Mishayah,

        How did you encounter the word Miltha? Do you know more Syriac/Aramaic? Did you come to Torah from Christianity or were you Jewish? Who were your teachers? How old are you?

      • Hello James
        My wife was a pretty good scholar, from her came the Aramaic studies along with Paleo Hebrew. However in my opinion, the Miltha is something that really needs to be experienced in order for a good understanding to take place. When she told me the definition of Miltha, it was then that I could give a name to what previously I had not fully understood.
        What you are asking is more of biography, but be that as it may here is what happened. Back in 91 I had a terrifying experience that is called ‘the Fear of YHVH.’ During this time it became abundantly clear at least to me, that it is all or nothing. The reason this occurred is because just prior to this, the Holy SPirit said in no uncertain terms ‘son you need to cry out to me with all your heart, so I did. I was addicted to certain things and for 10 years in Christianity I could obtain no deliverance. Until that day.
        So after wards, maybe a day or so the Holy Spirit said, ‘Are you willing to let go of everything you’ve learned and everything you think you have learned? Are you willing to let go of everything you know and everything you think you know? Well I had about 12 years invested with Christianity at that point, but I said ‘yes I am.’ So He responded and said ‘Good, now I will be your teacher.’
        So to answer your question, this is why I give the words of Yahshua exceptional priority.
        So the first thing He taught me was the Name. From there the Sabbath and of course the Commandments, then slowly but surely the Torah, however for quite sometime I was more intrigued by the physics that I perceived contained therein. I don’t bring that up to often, but it is still true today for me. I see the Torah as applied physics. I see the ‘Kingdom of YHVH as the inward reign of YHVH via the Word of Truth that James speaks of. This has been my experience. It isn’t religious, just simple truth. The Word is sown within and if we hold on to it, and obey it. So sitting at the feet of Yahshua for me is listening daily and meditating upon what he says. You know, kind of like going into the zone and hearing the heart of the matter. I understand the Miltha because that’s how it’s been embedded within. Which by and large is exactly how the Torah is written upon the heart, He literally embeds it within and it is very powerful.
        No I’ve never been Jewish and really wasn’t a very good Christian cuz I studied Moses, the psalms and the prophets and by far and away the Gospels of Matthew and John along with John’s epistles and James.
        So the questions I had were not received too well by those whom I asked. Which was kind of silly anyway, if one has a question is it not best to go straight to YHVH and ask Him?
        I am 59.
        So again yeah, I’ve been overly hostile towards Christianity. Which is something I regret at this time.
        The thing is James, concerning the Miltha, is that once it is sown and held onto, then we begin to take on the life of the Word, from Genesis to John.
        YHVH said ‘ Let us make man in our image and our likeness.’ This only possible when the Miltha has been sown. We are formed into the original image that YHVH formed at the beginning, before we lost access to the Tree of Life. The soul of man if you will is very much like Gen 1:2 Before YHVH speaks, we are without form and void and darkness is upon the face of our deep. But then comes the day and YHVH says to us ‘Let there be Light and Light is.’ He then separates us from the darkness and so on.

        I’m not sure whose translation I read this in, but in one of Aramaic’s the translator says concerning these verses something to effect of, instead of the one true God, rather the God of Truth, or rather than the ‘true vine’ ‘the Vine of Truth’ or also the ‘Bread of Truth.’ I think this man really got it right!

        But to answer one of questions again, I came to the Torah through the leading and teaching of the Holy Spirit.
        Which I also understand to be called in the Aramaic ‘The deliverer from the curse.’

  • The commentor did not quote anything. So your post is based on a lie. You speak of a Messiah but reject His Word. Jesus Christ (Christ being derived from Koine Greek “Xristos”) which is equivalent to Messiah. Paul preached Christ and understood the full implications of the New Covenant. He also understood fully theimplication of the Law as well.

    Jesus spoke of 2 Commandments, Love God, and Love your neighbor and informed us that the allof the Law and the prophets depended on those two commands.

    Jesus also spoke of salvation being totally dependent upon faith in Him (John 3:16). John also begins his Gospel by equating Jesus with God. The divinity of Jesus is the primary theme of John’s Gospel, as a matter of fact. Therefore anyone who rejects Jesus Christ, as you do, rejects God.

    God bless.

    • Very true you did not specifically quote Galatians however your comment is the heart and soul of Galatians. That those who do YHVH’s law are now in disobedience to YHVH. Still, that’s pretty crazy.
      John 3:16 When read and or translated properly is all about obeying the Son,
      Believeth in the KJV and most other Christian bibles is a rendering of the Greek word Pisteuo. The usage of this word Pisteuo 2000 years ago was ‘To Obey’
      So ‘He who is obeying the Son shall not perish but have ever lasting life. Which is perfectly consistent with Matthew ‘He who comes to me and hears my word and does it shall be likened unto a wise man. SAme with James 1:18-26 Which is all about hearing and obeying the inborn Word of Truth.
      But as to the Law Yahshua said ‘Till Heaven and Earth pass, not one jot or tittle would pass from the law till all be fulfilled.
      All has not yet been fulfilled. He also said he did not come to abolish the law but to cause it to abound, which is what the word ‘Pleroo’ in the Greek really means as opposed to bringing to an end. Which the is the Christian way of reading this verse.
      Very true about the two commands however as you know Christianity via Paul and Rome have changed the time of the Sabbath so that now you say it is Sunday, Sol Invictus the day of the sun god and not on the seventh day as YHVH commanded.
      So if Christianity can not Love YHVH enough to give up the pagan day of sol invictus and keep HIS Sabbath then their love is in vain.
      The Two great Commandments are a synthesis of the Ten, in that To Love YHVH with all the heart soul mind and strength is the first four of the ten commandments. To Love your neighbor as yourself is the other six.
      Now Paul said in Gal 4-5:1 that these Commandments are a yoke of bondage.
      The Ten and these Two Commandments are the Covenant of Sinai which Paul condemns.
      Salvation is dependent upon your obeying the Son in all that He says to do.
      On the mount of transfiguration when YHVH says ‘This is my beloved Son hear ye Him.’
      Hear in the Hebrew is the word ‘Shama’ which means to hear and obey. This is reiterated through the entire bible with the exception of Paul.
      Really read the first chapter of James to get very clear understanding of just what the Messiah taught. James says it is the implanted Word of Truth and your hearing and obeying this inward word is your salvation. Which is why faith without works is dead. So is righteousness. A self proclaimed righteousness is absolutely nothing. So it is an exercise in self deception for folks to simply quote Paul and say that they are the righteousness of God in Christ. Whereas John will tell you the Truth, ‘Little Children be not deceived, he who does righteousness is righteous.

      Paul was clueless as to the New Covenant: you had said:
      Paul preached Christ and understood the full implications of the New Covenant.
      Impossible! The New Covenant is the Torah/Law written upon your heart and in your mind. This covenant as the first Covenant requires obedience i.e. the doing of the Law.
      Have you read Isa? YHVH is well pleased for his righteousness sake: He will magnify the Law and make it honorable, glorious, majestic.
      You won’t see this expounded upon too often in Christianity, The Law has become in that religion very much like Isa 53. If you can see Yahshua as the perfect embodiment of the law then this is fairly easy to understand. And if you can see Yahshua as such, then why are you so virulent against the very same law that the Messiah walked in?

      • Neither I nor Paul are against the law. We simply recognize it for its true purpose which is to demonstrate that nothing we can do will save us. According to the law, no one is holy and all are condemned. (You for instance broke the Sabbath by bogging.) Salvation is only by faith in Jesus Christ who is the Son of God, God.

      • Is it allowed to do good on the Sabbath? So then you do agree that Sabbath is on the 7th day and not the first. Try reading what Yahshua said about the Sabbath instead of Jews and Rabbi’s and pharisees.
        Salvation is predicated upon good works. Only Paul speaks otherwise, but here is your choice, you can follow Paul or Yahshua, but not both. But just for your information, all authority is given to Yahshua in heaven and on Earth. So in the eyes of YHVH Yahshua’s Word has supreme authority, yet you Christian have given that authority over to Paul. Yahshua strictly commanded his followers to keep and do the Law of Moses. Which quite frankly if you knew what it was via the Holy Spirit, I think you might begin to shudder as you see how Paul and Christianity have betrayed the Son.
        Now you had said: We simply recognize it for its true purpose which is to demonstrate that nothing we can do will save us.
        So do you not know that ‘Repentance is an act or a work of the Torah/law. Without repentance you are lost. So if your sin is a violation of the Law and it is, then what have you repented of, if according to you and Paul the law was nullified at the cross?
        But I see you don’t yet understand James. It is only obedience to the inborn/implanted word of truth that saves you.

      • Sunday Worship has nothing to do with the Sabbath.
        Salvation is by grace and not works. “… the righteous shall live by faith. ” The prophet does not say “obedience”, he says “faith”. “Pistos”, by the way, is best translated “faith” as well. Not “obedience”. I don’t know who is feeding you all this misinformation…

        Spreading falsehood and hate hardly qualify as “doing good.” Nor does mocking the Savior. Ergo, you are in violation of the Law which you claim to profess and are condemned by it.

      • Hmmm, quoting Moses and Yahshua is now in your opinion mocking and spreading falsehood.
        Maybe instead of learning at the feet of Paul you should rather sit at the feet of Yahshua and learn of Him.
        If Paul is your savior then yes, I am guilty of mocking him, even as Elijah mocked the prophets of Baal.

      • My Savior and Paul’s is Jesus.

        Look. It is very simple. When you mock God’s Word, you mock Jesus and you mock God. You do not believe God’s Word so you do not believe in Jesus therefore you do not know God. You demonstrate your lack of faith with every word you post.

        Not to beat a dead horse, but you also continue to break your Sabbath condemns you.

      • You’ll have to quote me book, chapter and verse where speaking on the Sabbath is violating it.
        You assume that Paul is the word of God and this is your grave error. But I really do understand where you are coming from, I spent 25 years in Christianity. And believe it or not, I do enjoy your comments. But in order for what you say to be true, then all 12 apostles are damned because they were zealous for the law and did it. So again, what you are saying is that if I strictly adhere to what Yahshua said, then I am mocking Him and eternally damned. Quite a double standard.
        Quite a view considering that the Father Commanded obedience to His Son, and if you’ll notice, nowhere in the entire bible is anyone required to hear, listen or obey Paul.

        So I guess again what you are saying is that Moses was a false prophet even though Yahshua commanded obedience to Moses. Mat 23:2-3. No doubt you’ve never read Deu 13, you ought to, it’s all about folks like Paul who have seduced the masses into forsaking the Torah.
        Only Paul said the Torah was impossible, YHVH said said it was easy and He was right, it is easy and very enjoyable. The Torah/Law is the wisdom of YHVH. But wisdom like faith is dead unless applied.

      • Wow. Really? Paul’s letters are not in the Bible? And you ought to know how stringent the Law is about work of any kind. If you are going to follow the Law, you must follow every bit of it or else face condemnation. And that is why you hate Paul. He accuses you of your hypocrisy. You do not follow the Law perfectly. No one does. It’s impossible. Therefore, it serves only to condemn. One’s works cannot save a person. Only grace through faith in Jesus Christ can save. That’s why Paul hammers home the Truth contained in Habakkuk 2:4, “The righteous shall live by faith. ” Paul gets it, you see. His writings and essentially the first Bible commentaries and explain the Old Testament in light of the Gospel Truths.

      • So you think that Constantine was so anointed that he could discern truth? Here’s a man that refused baptism till on his deathbed.
        Just because Paul is in the Bible doesn’t make his words synonymous with YHVH’s. The Word of YHVH is of course in the Bible, but the entire bible per se is not the Word of God.
        There was once a garden in paradise that had two special trees, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eat of the tree of life and you live, eat from the other and you die. Both were in the garden. Likewise today both the True and false are in the Bible. It’s up to you to choose.
        Anyway here you go again calling YHVH a liar, he said His law was easy and you say it’s impossible.
        10 if you obey the Lord your God to keep His commandments and His statutes which are written in this book of the law, if you turn to the Lord your God with all your heart and soul.

        11 “For this commandment which I command you today is not too difficult for you, nor is it out of reach.

        Looks to me like YHVH is not in agreement with you or Paul.

      • LOL. So you claim to be without sin? Do you, then, follow the Law perfectly? How do does your hate mongering on a Sabbath day Love God or your neighbor? You ignore the Law to do what you want and then call it easy? You need to study a little more and pray.

        On a side note I am curious as to how you came up with your spelling. You utilize a Germanic rendering of. YHWH, substituting the W with V. And Yeshua, you misspell as well. What radical are you learning this stuff from, anyway?

        Just curious.

      • Sorry. I meant to say that your own Law condemns you.

    • Em, Jesus was a Jew, he kept the Jewish laws and followed the religion of Judaism. Did he really want to start a new religion? Where does this idea of ‘new covenant’ come from? Why didn’t Jesus ever tell people to believe he is God? If you read the Bible yourself and let the verses speak for themselves without putting pre-learned meanings into it, Jesus message was about repentance and obedience to God. He accentuated the Law, he never said he had abolished it for us. Simple example, “don’t commit adultery” became “don’t lust in your thoughts”. Think about that for a moment

      • He said he was God. What do you make of that? The idea of the New Covenant comes from Jesus’ own words. But you knew that, since you have read the Bible without any preconceived notions.

      • I wish you can give some verses to that effect, and convince me as I am open to seeking the truth. My own reading of various verses about Jesus’ sayings leads me to think he never said he was God but maybe I have misunderstood them?

      • Here are some examples from John’s gospel…
        5:18 demonstrates the Jews’ understanding and reaction to Jesus’ teachings. 9:58&59 are similar as Jesus references God’s self proclamation to Moses from the burning bush. The Jews once again demonstrated their disapproval of his apparent blasphemy. 10:30, ” I and the Father are one.” And the Jews wanted to stone him again in verse 31. So you see, Jesus did, infact

      • Like I said Christopher, it needs identification. Moses said that YHVH Himself would speak through the mouth of this Prophet.
        So it was the Father/YHVH who said ‘before Abraham was ‘I AM’
        Yahshua also said,’The Word that I speak is not mine but the Father who sent Me.’
        Identify who the speaker is and much will be cleared up.

      • You didn’t read the passages, did you?

      • Obviously Christopher I did, otherwise how did I quote from the passages you listed. Which by the way there is no Jn 9:58-59. If you meant 8:58-59 then that’s what I quoted from.
        But look you’re a trinitarian and that’s your prerogative, but trinitarianism lends itself to great confusion. And it is totally unscriptural. ‘Hear O Israel YHVH our God is ONE.’

      • Obviously you didn’t since you didn’t.

      • 8:58&59.My bad. Hazard of typing on one’s phone..”Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, “I am.” So they picked up stones to throw at him…” Is that what you “quoted”?

      • Yes, seeing as there was that typo, sorry I assumed you meant 8:58-59. However that doesn’t change anything that I said.
        It was YHVH Himself that said ‘Before Abraham was I AM.’ Which is part of the point, identify the speaker. Deu 18:18

      • Identify the speaker in Exodus 3:14? God.

      • So what’s your point? Both speakers are the same. Does that also mean that Moses is God? what about Jeremiah or Hosea or any other prophet for that matter.

      • That doesn’t follow. Moses never claimed to be God. If anything, he had an inferiority complex.

      • Well now isn’t this circular?

      • Traditionally, a person who comes later is subordinate to a person who came before. Jesus is claiming to be greater than Abraham and identifying himself with the speaker from Moses’ bush in one brief statement. His audience contemporaries obviously got what he was saying. It was either blasphemy or true. He was saying he is God.

      • What’s the difference between God and a prophet? Or rather was Yahshua the Prophet that Moses referred to?

      • You are changing subjects. Does that mean that you accept the divinity of Jesus? What is the difference between Messiah and God? What does the number nine smell like?
        That Jesus is the “prophet” that Moses refers to does not impact our conversation except in that Moses looked forward to His arrival.

      • It’s my blog. Men are anointed, God is the one that anoints.
        If you accept that Yahshua is The Prophet, then obedience to His words is paramount end of subject.

      • And he said he is God. Are you calling him a liar?

      • It’s quite easy to take things consistently out of context isn’t it?
        Is YHVH the temple or the one that dwells within?
        Yahshua said He was the Temple and rest is easy arithmetic.

      • Jesus says that He is God as has been demonstrated. If He lied about that, then He’s not much of a prophet either, is He? So. Do you think He lied? Is John’s gospel a work of fiction?

      • Christopher are willing to say that YHVH became a curse? Are you willing to say that YHVH became sin? Are you actually saying that the Word of YHVh is or became a curse?
        I hope not, I think you’re a lot smarter than that, but that is what Paul said about Yahshua, that He became all those things.
        So if you want to believe this that or the other thing that’s your prerogative.

      • Is that what you think Paul thought really? Read Philippians. Paul equates Jesus with God. And yes, Jesus did become a “curse” in the sense that He took upon himself every sin and died with them on the cross. Ask yourself, what the prerequisite is for the sin offering?

        And answer my question. Did Jesus lie when He said that He is God?

      • No, I do not believe that the son of man is YHVH. I do however believe that He is the Temple and that YHVH indwells Him fully. So quote me where Yahshua said specifically that he was the maker of heaven and earth. Sure you can quote the I AM’s but again it is necessary to identify the speaker. The problem is, is that you want it both ways. You want the man to be God and want God to be a man, but Numbers 23:19 says this, ‘

        “God is not a man, that He should lie,
        Nor a son of man, that He should repent;
        Has He said, and will He not do it?
        Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

        But you know Christopher you never did answer my question, I asked you to quote me book chapter and verse where it is written that it is a sin to communicate on the Sabbath.’ You said read Exodus, it’s in there some place, or something to that effect. Surely you can do better than that. And if you can’t, then perhaps before damning someone you should be sure of your position otherwise you’ve dug your own pit.

      • Proclaim His divinity and his contemporaries knew precisely what he was saying.

      • Part of the problem with Yahshua being God is that folks need to identify just who is speaking when ever Yahshua opens His mouth.
        On the mount of transfiguration who was speaking here? ‘This is my beloved son, hear ye him.’ Who said this?
        How about this one ‘The words I speak are not mine, but the Father who sent Me.’
        Where the problem begins and ends is with John 1. It’s just a matter of identification. It’s not a man that tabernacles or dwells within, never was. It is the Word of God who is God. Or are we to believe that God is a man or the son of man?

    • Thanks for taking the time to give verses. I want to affirm that our salvation means our second chance to be right with God, and yes, this was not gotten by our observance of the law, but this was a one-time event, done and completed by the death of Jesus. However, I see no evidence that salvation has to do with our daily lives as Christians. Yes, it is the start of it, absolutely! Like Jesus told many people he encountered, ‘go and sin no more!’ Their salvation/salvaging from sin was started by forgiveness of their sins, which gave them a second chance to live a righteous life before God. Do we want to argue that a Christian should receive this salvation and remain in sin? And how can we define sin without there being a law and us following that law?
      Regarding the few verses you have given as examples, I am not entirely convinced by them. Please bear with me, I don’t mean any offense to anyone. John 5:18 and various similar verses are interesting choices to use for claiming Jesus is God. Here’s why. Why do we as Christians suddenly become supporters of the understandings of the Pharisees and Jews regarding God? Jesus did not say he was God, the crowds and religious leaders took him to mean that, but are we sure they understood him correctly? And did Jesus not always give them an answer that did not show support for their attack? For example, in one instance Jesus tells them that event they are all called ‘gods’ (John 10:34). Are we going to rest our belief in Jesus’ divinity on what the Jews thought Jesus said?
      I can’t find John 9:58 & 59, but I assume you meant John 8:58. Yes, the translations we have do make the sentence seem like it is the same ‘I AM’ at the burning bush, but that’s simply not true. The Greek for John 8:58 uses the word ‘ego eimi’, this doesn’t mean God’s eternal name YHWH, or any other divine meaning. It was used countless times in other sentences by people other than Jesus. In John 10:30, ”I and the Father are one” doesn’t mean they are the same person. It means they are of the same vision and purpose. If you read the Greek text for 1 Corinthians 3:8, it says “the one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose”. It’s quite shocking to see this translation actually. Why? Because the Greek word ‘one purpose’ in 1 Cor 3:8 is the same word as the Greek word translated as ‘one’ in Jn 10:30! Why this discrepancy? Why not translate both verses honestly. Either say that “the one who plants and the one who waters are one”, or say that “I and the Father have one purpose”.
      It seems to me that your entire basis for believing Jesus claimed to be God is the reactions and (mis)understandings of the Jewish crowds!

      • For Greek text references, I encourage you to Google them or use this online resource called Blue Letter Bible:

      • If you were to read the Septuagint rendering of the burning bush scene, you would see that ego emi is a direct reference to it.

        The reaction to his words by his audience does not convince you of his meaning? How about his references to himself as the Son of Man and the Son of God? Or Thomas’ recognition of him as God without being rebuked? Clearly, the primary theme of John’s gospel is the divinity of Jesus. You don’t have to agree with what John says but that is definitely what he is saying.

  • 2 Peter 3, 15-17
    Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. He writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction. Therefore, dear friends, since you have been forewarned, be on your guard so that you may not be carried away by the error of the lawless and fall from your secure position.

    • You will find that if a search is done concerning 2Pet that most of the scholars including Pauline scholars agree that 2Pet is spurious and not the work of Peter. The Clementine Homilies give a far more accurate picture of just how Peter felt about Paul. In the 17th homily, I believe, Peter states that Paul was more wicked than the devil himself. Peter also thoroughly castigates Paul on his Damascus vision.

      • The Clementine Homilies are not part of the canon and cannot be considered to have the same weight. Many regard them as heretical or even fictional. After reviewing your other posts I find your claims to be highly suspect. Your conclusions about the 666 were way off and reveal a peculiar animosity toward Paul, and referring to Jesus as ‘Yashua’ is typically pretentious and absurd. Just what are you trying to accomplish with all this?

      • Of course they are regarded as heretical, they denounce the doctrines of Paul, but uphold the doctrine of Yahshua.
        If you desire to call him Jesus, who cares? That’s your prerogative, but that’s not His name.
        Yes, I do have an animosity towards Paul. He is a false Apostle and an anti-christ.
        If you care to debate the subject come on over to
        or if you want some good reading come on over to

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