Why I believe what I do

In the spring of 2004 during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, YHVH showed me a vision.

I was sitting in my chair and my Bible was just a few feet away upon my coffee table.  I saw a great majestic Tree of Life rise up out of the Gospels and as I stared at this another tree arose, it was black and gnarled quite ugly really.  This black tree arose out of the epistles of Paul.  I was astonished.  The contrast between the two was startling and drastic.  The epistles of Paul were death, and the gospels of Yahshua were and are life.

I remember thinking about Adam and Eve in the Garden and how we had better leave off and repent of any judgment ever leveled against these two, because have been given the same opportunity to choose life that they had.  Yet we should have been far better equipped to deal with subterfuge.

So Christianity as it whole heartedly follows after Paul forsaking the teachings of Yahshua and His Commands to His twelve and all those that would follow after, that they are between a rock and hard spot.   Millions will stand defend Paul to the death.  While similarly these same will deny Yahshua to the death.  They don’t believe that that’s what they are doing.  But Yahshua commanded obedience His teachings and contained within those teachings is Torah or the Law.  Which Yahshua said should be obeyed and practiced.

Folks love Paul and his cheap easy gospel.  They figure they are eternally safe and saved through them, but the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth says otherwise.  The Father of Yahshua says otherwise and of course Yahshua says otherwise also.  But this is not good enough for the Christian who has fully put his faith in Paul.  For these the Torah is anathema even though they claim it is good and for a time needful.  But after Paul denounced the Covenant of Sinai as a Yoke of Bondage and with it, the Ten Commandments, Christians have hearkened diligently to the voice of Paul in his denunciation of the Gospel of Yahshua or rather the message that Yahshua taught.

James, Yahshua’s own brother is also denounced by many of these Christians taking up the banner of Martin Luther who fought vigorously to have James removed from the Bible, because as Luther was well aware, the book of James completely contradicts the doctrines of Paul.  One would think that of all the people on planet earth, James would have known his own brother better than any one else.  Yet this thought never seems to occur to Christians folks.  One would think that 1 John would be seriously hearkened to, yet this is not the case either.  John also seriously refutes Paul.  Especially when he says ‘little children be not deceived, he who does righteousness is righteous.’  As opposed to Paul claiming that righteousness is simply believing that you are without the corresponding works of righteous that are so prevalent through out the Bible with the exception of the letters of Paul.

With at least forty different writers in the Bible contradicting Paul, one would think that we should pay close attention to what they all had to say as opposed to only listening to the one who denounced all these writers as being unrighteous.  As Paul said ‘there is not one righteous, no not one.’  Have you thought about that?  The unrighteous here includes Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah and of of course many many others including John the Baptist.  How dare anyone question these men and stand in agreement with Paul that they were the unrighteous?  Especially considering that Yahshua said there were many righteous and yet his words are neglected in favor of Paul.

So what did all these righteous have in common?  Every single one of them including Abraham kept and did Torah/Law.  Proof text on Abraham having the Torah which nearly all Christians deny is found in Gen 26:5

5 because Abraham obeyed Me and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes and My laws.”

So much for Abraham not having the Torah.


  • Shabbat shalom brothers and sisters 🙂
    Have you notice, that in Act 16, when they are in prison with paul, when the doors are unlocked ,the prisonners are free, but they choosed to stay with ….paul…

    but i still don’t know for sure on wich side Luc was, when he wrote Act…this book is so surrealistic. Was Luc’s writings to expose or to exalt (false apostle/antiChrist) paul ?

    (excuse me if my english is not correct)

    • Shabbat shalom Helene, very good observation about Acts 16! In a way it’s a picture of today’s church, which although free to go into the streets and do the works which Yeshua commanded, chooses to remain inside listening to Paul.

      Don’t worry about Luke, he’s ok. If you read Acts carefully, you will discover that he was originally an unbeliever, who joined up with Paul when he passed through Troas (Acts 16:8). This is where Luke changes his style from ‘Paul did this and that’ to ‘we did this and that’. You will also discover that Acts is a real cut-and-paste job, with Luke writing the sections about Paul BEFORE he wrote his gospel.

      When the gospel of Matthew came out, Luke realised that Paul was a charlatan. He dumped him like a hot cake, which is why Acts finishes so abruptly. He also got saved, and then went off to interview people to get the truth first-hand. After writing his gospel, he then wrote the first part of Acts.

      Hundreds of years later, the official church shuffled Luke’s writings into what they thought was the correct historical order of events. Unfortunately this has caused a huge amount of confusion, and hidden the truth about Paul ever since.


  • Thank you Shaun, that was very well put.

  • Although I agree that Christianity is essentially anti-Torah, your article neglects several vitally important facts:

    1. Paul didn’t make his statement in Romans 3:10-12 from thin air or a radical departure from the faith of the patriarchs and prophets in the Tanak. He was referencing Psalm 14:1-3 and Psalm 53:1-3.

    2. Paul is deeply misunderstood by many Christians as well as yourself. A careful reading of Galatians, Colossians, and Romans reveals that he is speaking to Gentiles and letting them know that they do not have to convert to “Judaism” because they are not part of the Mosaic covenant (see Acts 15).

    3. Paul maintained his Jewish ties and, although he was accused of violating Torah, he actually kept Torah (see Acts 21). The confusion comes in from mixing of Jews and Gentiles and the fact that some Jews wanted Gentiles to make full conversion. If you grasp this truth your ministry will be much more effective.

    • So James just where then did Christianity get the idea that they were to avoid the Torah? I know you believe that Christians have misunderstood Paul, that was my take on him many years ago. However be that as it may, you will know the tree by its fruit.
      I am fully aware that Paul quoted from Psa 14 however it is outlandishly taken out of context, which is more than apparent even at casual glance.

      But this article was about why I believe that Paul is false prophet.

      Surely you are aware that eventually the gentiles were to keep the Torah. Which is why they were at the synagogues listening to Moses on the Sabbath.
      Surely you are aware that apart from Torah there is no salvation. Unless you believe that Yahshua was just blowing smoke when he said ‘depart from me you who forsake Torah, I never knew you.’ Yes James, He was speaking to Christians as well as Israelites, then as as today.
      YHVH never commanded obedience to Paul, but He did command obedience to His Son. Whether Gentile or Israelite makes no difference. One Law for all whether home born or stranger.
      Apart from Torah there is no new covenant and that is the tragedy of holding onto Paul.

      So tell me, just which of the Ten Commandments/Covenant of Sinai are you immune from. Which of these ‘Mosaic Commandments’ do not apply to all?
      ‘Keep the Commandments and live’ is applicable to all not just a select few.
      As you are well aware the whole of the Law is contained in the Commandments.

      The thing is James is the Torah is embedded into the very fabric of the universe and to claim it has been altered or diminished for anyone is to say in effect that YHVH has lost control of His creation and His word no longer stands. Every True Law has it’s essence in physics even and especially the Laws of YHVH. No amount of blood or crosses will ever change that. Christians should rejoice that they are now invited to do the Torah as opposed to condemning it and rejecting it.

      Paul can be taken both ways, anti-Torah and pro-Torah. Which should be massive red flag to anyone paying attention. Simply put he utterly fails Deu 13. Like Yahshua said, you will know the tree by it’s fruit. If the tree of Paul were any good then Christianity would have embraced the Torah long ago.

      • Hi James,

        Mishayah said “Paul can be taken both ways, anti-Torah and pro-Torah.” I believe that this is the reason that Paul’s letters are in the Bible. They are not there as the penultimate source of doctrine, but as a test.

        In the Garden of Eden, the serpent essentially said that “God is so full of love, if you disobey Him he won’t really destroy your soul”. Have you noticed that Paul’s message is essentially the same? He said “Because of grace, you can safely ignore the law”.

        Eve knew exactly what God had said, and had every reason to question the serpent’s credentials. But she assumed that because the serpent was in the Garden, he must have been a messenger from God. Big mistake!!!

        And then Adam, who was NOT DECEIVED, in open defiance of God also ate the fruit. Is it any wonder that they were both tossed out of the Kingdom?

        If God saw fit to test Adam and Eve, why should He not test today’s church in the same way? As I see it, they are not doing any better than Adam and Eve.

        You can easily dump the serpent Paul and not lose your faith In Yeshua (Jesus). I did it seven years ago, and have never looked back. In fact if you truly want to draw closer to Yeshua, this is exactly how to do it.

        It’s really not hard James! For the mature believer, you’ll find that Paul is nothing but baggage.


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