Moses and the Prophets

Luke 16:31 31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

Have you ever wondered just what Yahshua meant by this?  Going into the Hebrew for the definition of ‘To Hear’ we find the word “hear’ has a double meaning, which is to ‘Hear and Obey’

Read it again, ‘…if they will not hear and obey Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.’

If this passage was from Matthew then according to current doctrine the Christian could blow this off as only referring to Israel.  But the fact of the matter is this, it’s from Luke who most assume was writing to Gentiles.  So the Word is the same to Gentiles as well as Israel, If they will not hear and OBEY Moses and the Prophets…?  It is a blistering indictment.

Obey Moses?  Could Yahshua actually expect us to do the Law, because that’s what it means to hear and obey Moses and the Prophets, because obedience to the Torah/Law is exactly what they taught.

Of course if one is looking for an excuse or a loop hole to escape from obedience then you don’t have to look too far now do you?  But like the Jews before, loopholes are a recipe for  destruction and disaster, both personally and nationally.

What a grand experiment it would be, if folks actually did the Teachings of Yahshua via the Holy Spirit.

Imagine if folks isolated themselves to His teachings while turning away from the others that came in their own name.  If they did, then they would begin to see that the Law is really simple physics.  They would understand that this thing called the Law is embedded into the very fabric of the universe and no amount of blood will ever annul it.  No they would see that this is pure insanity, to think that the Laws of physics were suspended two thousand years ago.

Read for yourself in the Gospels:  Forgive and you shall be forgiven, blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy, judge not and you will not be judged, with the measure you mete out it will be measured back to you again.

Can you see just how reciprocal the Law really is?

Picture a giant net, like the net of a tennis court.  If you throw a ball into that net, it will come back with the same force that you input.  The Law is exactly the same, which is why James said ‘…the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much.’ Passion begets passion, passionate input begets passionate output or response.

The applications of this reciprocal effect are everywhere and Yahshua constantly illustrates this fact.

Go ahead, re-read Matthew with this view in mind and lo and behold, your eyes will begin to open up especially if you apply what you’ve read.  However they will close again if you don’t apply the teachings.

The fastest way to walk a mile in someone’s shoes is to judge them or condemn them, because as you do this and we all have, then accordingly you will be tried with their trial or their sin and what you desired for that individual, whether good or evil, will assuredly become your own fate.

So then we all know what the Golden Rule is, however look at it this way:

‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, for as you have done unto others so shall others do unto you.  This is the Law and the Prophets.

Armed with that understanding, then it’s simple to see just how beneficial doing the Law really is.  Again, no amount of doctrine to the contrary will ever create a successful God given loop hole.  Why would you want it to?

Beneficial applications of the Law will literally change the world leaving in it’s wake, gone forever, the ways of darkness and ignorance.

Now then, is obeying Moses and the Prophets all that difficult?  No, it isn’t because what you’ve read here is the most basic fundamental underlying law that governs the whole creation.

Folks this Law was set into effect the moment YHVH said ‘Let there be LIGHT.’  This Law will be around long after Heaven and Earth pass away.


  • Hear AND obey – wow! And with Luke the Gentile saying it, no-one can say it was just for the Jews.

    As for the law being woven into the fabric of creation, I fully agree. The future is determined by prophecy, and because the law is part of those prophecies, it’s a no-brainer that if you obey the law, the blessings must follow. Likewise if you break the law, trouble and suffering must follow – because that’s what the law also prophesies.

    I wish the church would teach these things, which are as plain as day to anyone who reads their Bible with an open mind. But no, she tries to destroy those who attempt to bring the truth.

    I think that people are starting to wake up, but it would be nice to see more with eyes to see and ears to hear.

    As Yeshua said in Matt 23:23, we are to pursue justice, mercy and faith, PLUS the law. He said we need to do ALL of these things, without leaving some undone.

    You know, I used to tremble at the thought of the law. That is until I looked into it more closely, and discovered that it’s all about how to love God, and how to love your neighbour. There’s nothing hard about it at all! And it’s not a substitute for Yeshua – it’s doing what He asked us to do!


    • Hi Shaun
      Yeah, you know, I had a similar thing happen to me too, If God is LOVE then Love not only wrote the Law, but the Law is Love. Which is a pretty good explanation as to why so many Christian are mean as snakes, they threw out the love of YHVH

      • Hi Michael,

        Maybe that’s why I’m less judgemental of people these days, who seek God differently to me. The law does indeed encourage love for others!

        But as for mainstream Christians, it often doesn’t take much to provoke them. They may talk a lot about love, but putting it into practice is often another matter. Not a good witness for someone who claims to follow Yeshua.


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