The Stuff of Paradise

Isa 65:1 I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not: I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a nation that was not called by my name.

Very interesting passage isn’t it?  Here is a people that found the God of Truth without the looking for HIM.

Just who are these people that found HIM even though they were not looking for Him.

Hmmm, here’s a clue, further on in the same Chapter of Isaiah (:16) YHVH identifies Himself as ‘The God of Truth.’

Psa 119:142 ‘…Thy Law is the Truth.’

These people have discovered one of the most powerful revelations available to man, The Law.  And the law they discovered was an is the Physics of Heaven and Earth.

One, if not the most tragic thing, that ever happened to mankind was when he rejected the Law of God.  For 3500 years this Law has been treated for the most part with abject contempt, both by the Jews and the Christians.  Both parties could have drastically reshaped the world into a radiant and splendorous paradise.  But alas they both used it to enslave or condemn, as a hammer of judgment for the beating down of the peoples.

And yet, look at what Yahshua said here ‘If you continue in My Word, you shall know the Truth/LAW and the Truth/LAW shall set you free.’

What’s that?  You mean the Law is freedom?  Yes, I mean the True Law or rather the Law of Truth is freedom.  And not only freedom, but it contains within its applications everything a person could ever need.  It’s the way of longevity, prosperity, health, Joy, peace and ad infinitum.

The sad thing about this is this, apply the Law and you are free and blessed, reject it, and you are in bondage and cursed.

Why cursed?  Because in violating the Laws of God/physics you are violating your own life. If one does not believe that violating gravity will kill them then their ignorance is a curse of deadly stupidity.

If one can not see the utter reciprocity of the Law as demonstrated and revealed by Yahshua then they are truly blind and destined to stumble forever in darkness or rather ignorance, never understanding why things happen the way they do.

Many of our tribulations are brought on by our own actions usually unbeknownst by us until we see that our actions have personal repercussions.  Much like failing to get out of the way of the ‘Boomerang’ sooner or later it will return and thump you upside the head.

It’s much like teaching children that there is right way and wrong way to handle fire.

So who are these people that found the God of Truth even though they were not looking for HIM? I mean these folks don’t even know His Name.

These are the ones that picked up the discarded refuse of Judaism and Christianity.  That refuse was the Law.  They found that what the former had rejected as trash became their great treasure.  And their great treasure has led many of them out of bondage and poverty.  These folks got amazingly excited over their discoveries, because what they found really worked.  Not just for some but for all.  They saw in it, the seeds of paradise, the stuff of Heaven on earth.  Indeed one could even call it the ‘Field of Dreams’ or the Quantum Field.

This Law of YHVH is truly the greatest of all treasures, if one will simply apply it to themselves.

In doing the Law you are doing the Truth, in doing the Truth you are manifesting YHVH.

So here’s the crux, seek diligently for the TRUTH and you will find it.


  • What you said needs to be meditated upon by everyone who claims to be a Christian. Moses was a prophet, and the law which he wrote is just as prophetic as (say) the words of Isaiah or Jeremiah.

    The law says that if you keep it, good things will happen. It says that if you don’t keep it, bad things will happen. It’s as simple as that. The blessings and curses are described in Deuteronomy 28, which should be essential reading for all Christians.

    But the average Christian says “How could a loving God curse me if I don’t keep the law? I’m not under law but grace!” Well the point is that He doesn’t curse them; He doesn’t need to. They are cursed by their own disobedience, which activates that ancient prophecy. This is more than enough. And how does it work? As you have pointed out, at the most basic level of physics. This is the realm of quantum mechanics, where things happen for no identifiable reason.

    Yeshua attempted to bring the people back to the law, but a certain Pharisee overturned His message and lied that this is bondage. So because the hearts of most Christians are not right (though they would never admit it), they follow the Pharisee instead of Yeshua.

    It takes courage to question everything you might have been taught, and to veer off the wide path and onto the narrow. But there’s a huge blessing in store for those who do it.

    Thank you for your timely message.


    • You know Shaun, you’re right HE doesn’t do the cursing, we do it to ourselves.
      But that’s the point now isn’t it. The whole of the creation is pre-programmed with the Law. And yes it is entirely prophetic. I mean you know in advance the outcome of every choice. Everything in our lives can be tracked via how we have responded to the Law. I love the Way Yahshua so simplified everything and made it so very clear to understand.

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