Grace or Disgrace, that is the question


In all the years I spent in Christianity, I suppose grace is what most folks valued beyond anything else.

You see grace as it is taught in Christian churches is this force field that is supposed to protect the Christian from the effects of his or her transgressions, sin, if you will.  Grace is the all encompassing panacea, it fixes everything or so they are taught.  They claim that it is through this force field that you are saved or delivered, saved from what is a pretty good question, seeing as how there really isn’t any sin in Christianity except ‘not believing their doctrines.’

But really, what is grace?  The Greek word for Grace is Charis and if you look it up it means ‘grace’  which is pretty circular and really doesn’t tell us anything at all about what this thing is.  However, if you look at the root of the word ‘Charis’ it is ‘Chairo’  a verb, which is an action word and it means ‘to rejoice.’  The verb is the source of the noun.  So if the verb ‘the root’ means to rejoice then the noun must mean ‘Joy.’  However again, in Christianity they have deviated from the truth of the word into a mystical magical panacea that cures all the spiritual woes, but has not one thing to do with reality.  Grace to the Christian is ‘unmerited favor.’  In other words it doesn’t matter what a person does whether good or evil, they believe they get this unmerited favor by simply believing two things, 1. That Yahshua is the Messiah, 2.  That He rose from the dead.  So for the Christian if you believe these two things then now all things become lawful for them to do.  There is nothing in their world that is outlawed or Taboo, except of course obedience to YHVH.  Obedience is outlawed.  To the Christian obedience is called ‘legalism.’  Legalism is to be shunned, it’s nearly on par with the unpardonable sin.  Crazy isn’t it?

What is so crazy about this is that the only thing that is truly outlawed in Christianity is the Law and The Commandments of YHVH.  Yet this is the Law that Yahshua commanded His disciples to do.  I mean Yahshua said in clear plain language ‘If you love Me, do my commandments’  So again in reality the only thing outlawed in Christianity is true love for YHVH and His Son.  Well I should also mention that Truth is also outlawed.  Doing the Truth is about the only thing that can get one kicked out of the religion.  If this were not such a travesty, I mean hundreds of millions of people have bought into this and it makes your head spin that so many could be so blind.  Yes if this were not such a travesty, it would be humorous, laughable.  In reality it’s tragic.


  • Agreed. It is a horror. Churchianity- the knew concert halls or “clean” club scene. They really like their lukewarm state, because they don’t read enough scripture, and if someone points it out in scripture they get upset, because now they have to choose- Yahovah or their friends and meetings? If they read even a little they would question their churches and the way they worship. Many more things to question but they are not interested. But, I do think there is a great a weakening going on.

    • Hi Welcome
      I wonder if they read any scripture. One thing is certain though, there is no Fear of YHVH before their eyes or their heart or their ears or anything else for that matter.
      I think you’re right on that, there being a weakening. Paul is the strong man of Christianity, and he is slowly but surely being exposed for the false apostle that he is. Every year thousands if not tens of thousands are being shown the truth and many of those are now walking in it.

  • “There is nothing in their world that is outlawed or taboo, except of course obedience to YHVH. Obedience is outlawed. To the Christian obedience is called ‘legalism.’ Legalism is to be shunned, it’s nearly on par with the unpardonable sin.”

    Well put! One of the strangest conversations I’ve ever had was with a friend from the church I used to go to, who I bumped into a couple of years after I stopped attending. When I asked him why he honoured Sunday instead of the Sabbath, he looked shocked and said that by deliberately breaking the commandments, he was honouring Jesus by trusting in Him to forgive all his sins.

    I’d never heard anything so inane in all my life! Although I wanted to continue the conversation, he promptly terminated it as they always do, when you challenge their mindset.

    This was one of several such encounters, all of them much the same. Even the handful of friends who I thought could think for themselves turned out to be just as mentally paralysed. What a pity.

    • Hi Shaun,
      You if I hadn’t seen it with own eyes here a few weeks ago, I would have though your story about the ld friend was unique, however now I think that, that mindset has overly saturated Christianity. Such a bizarre mental disorder, I have no other explanation for it.

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