The Burning Bush

Have you wondered about Moses while he was sitting there on the backside of the desert, tending to Jethro’s sheep?  It was from there that he beheld that strange sight on the Mountain.  Day after day he continued to stare at it until he was finally overwhelmed by an intense desire to see for himself just what this was, up close and personal, so to speak.  So Moses scaled the mountain, no easy feat was it to climb that Mountain, but he persevered until he got to the top.  It was there at the Burning Bush that Moses was given his first encounter with YHVH, it was there that Moses was given the Name and it was there that Moses was given his mission.  Is it any different for us?

Today rather than the Burning Bush it is the ‘Cross.’  Have you ever even wondered about it?  Have you stared at it continually day after day wondering just what it is?  Have you ever had a ‘burning’ desire to see it, to experience it for yourself?  Have you ever wondered just what happened there? Have you been drawn to this or have the words of men turned you away.  Saying ‘that’s not necessary, or Yahshua did it for you, you don’t have to go there.’

No doubt there was a powerful reason why Moses was alone, far from the voices of men, far from all the excuses.  Far from all who would say ‘it’s too hard to climb that mountain.’  Or ‘you’ll perish if you there.’

Let me tell you something, YHVH is waiting for the mountain climbers, while most sit back and wait for someone else to climb the mountain.

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