Look for that Sweet Spot of Mercy

Do we ever or have ever realized that when Yahshua said things such as ‘Judge not or YOU will be judged,’ that He was revealing an absolute truth, an absolute law?

The effect of this is not something that will happen after someone has been put into a grave, but NOW,  Yahshua also said in the almost the same breath, ‘that with the measure you mete out, it will be measured back to you agin, good measure pressed down and shaken together shall men add unto your bosom.’

In effect what happens when we judge is this:  we inadvertently call down the exact same same judgment upon our own heads our own life.  When we judge another we judge ourselves with the same judgment.  I don’t mean to get redundant but this is so important for all of us to realize.

I’ve never had much of a problem forgiving someone out of my mouth, that is saying grudgingly, ‘okay, I forgive’ however getting it into my heart was a whole different matter.  I mean to the point where I wasn’t fighting off malicious thoughts concerning the person I was angry at.

From May until December of the last year I was involved in a very hellish lawsuit.  There were a multitude of lies, false accusations and fallacious innuendoes that went before the court.  They hurt and they hurt badly.  All of them came through a family member.  Personally I was appalled at my own behavior.  It was like my mind had been totally captured by this flood of lies that came at myself and my sisters.  None of us could sleep at night and this went on for weeks on end.  It seemed impossible to shut off our thoughts and find any peace. All of us judged bitterly the one who had offended us.  In the end, when the suit was finally over, it came about when ‘mercy triumphed over judgment.’

Personally I was staggered that when there was an opportunity for mercy and compassion and I jumped at the chance, it totally wiped away all the cries for vengeance that I had formally believed were due to the offending party.  As a matter of fact, when the moment came,  I literally saw that when I had mercy on this person that I was literally having mercy upon myself.  I mean I saw this in a vision.

So when Yahshua said ‘blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.’  I had never really seen this so up front and personal, on an instantaneous level, but that is exactly what it was ‘instantaneous.’

So of course taking what I learned from that lawsuit, I have found something that I had not known previously about forging someone from the heart.  Now I use a new catch phrase, ‘Look for that sweet spot of mercy’  look for a place to exercise compassion.  Because the compassion you have for someone else is the compassion that you have for yourself.

During this lawsuit, the Holy Spirit has said to me, I will give you a stunning and overwhelming victory.’

Of course I thought it would happen via trench warfare,  No, it was an ‘Ariel’ attack upon the forces of unforgiveness.

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