Fervency and the Fervent

There is a reason why so many are so helplessly lost in the mire of ‘same ol same ol.’

James said ‘The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.’  Have you ever looked up the definition of ‘Fervent’

Fervent is  impassioned, passionate, intense, vehement, ardent, sincere, fervid, heartfelt; enthusiastic, zealous, hardcore, wholehearted, avid.

The opposite of fervent, is apathetic or ‘Lukewarm’

So James is saying that it is the passionate prayers of the righteous that accomplishes much.  Yet many do not have their prayers answered, why?  Look around and listen, how many are just crying out for ‘stuff and more stuff’ money and more money.  Don’t be deceived these are not what anyone would call the prayers of the righteous.

Consider crying out passionately to be filled with the Fear of YHVH.  Or how about the crucifixion of the inward man.  Can you imagine firing those up with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength?

Think about it for a moment or two.  Desperate men pray desperate prayers.  Men and women desperate for righteousness will be filled, passionately they cry for it, groan for it, scream with all their being for it.  These are the men and women bankrupt of righteousness, nobody needs to tell them so, they already know it.  They also know that without it, they will most assuredly perish.  So theirs is the desperation of impending doom.  They are in a dry and desert land and their thirst in unbearable, they are starving and gaunt, they are facing the specter of death and only righteousness delivers from death.  They crave it with all their being.

The degree of your intensity will be the degree of your answer.

Yahshua told us what to pray, James tells us how to pray.

Look again at John 17:21:

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.’

Have you ever thought about this?  That Yahshua is praying that you be ONE with the Him and The Father.’  Not just collectively, but individually also.  Now here is one wiser than Solomon, and this is what He was praying just shortly before He was murdered.  He saved the best for last and if we desire to enter into the fulness of this, then it is absolutely necessary that we cry out to HIM with all the fervency of our being in order for this prayer to be accomplished in us.

So after 2000 years, don’t you think it’s necessary that we at last take Him at his Word and ‘just do it’ as opposed to sitting back waiting for someone else who may or may not come along.  YHVH is waiting for us to get downright serious and to quit playing games.

It’s time to just cut loose of the fear of praying the ‘hard stuff.’  Abandon ourselves to Him and ‘Go for it’ regardless of the cost.

Most are just sitting back and waiting for someone else to take up the cross.

Think about it for another moment, One with the Father, One with the Son, your spirit is one with His Spirit, your heart is One with His heart, your soul is One with His soul, your mind is One with His mind, just what do you think resurrection is?  Isn’t this just what everyone has been waiting for?  Time to stop waiting and enter in!  Remember ‘The effectual Fervent Prayer of the Righteous Avails Much!

Also remember the tail end of John 17:21 ‘…that the world may believe that YOU sent me.’  This won’t happen until we get off our butts and cast all the chaff to the wind and get very serious with HIM.


  • Maybe I’d better start praying for the safety of the deer, elk, moose, bears and eagles LOL 🙂

  • Ah Shaun that used to be my favorite place too, and still is. Sometimes I’m amazed at almost being in two different places at the same time especially when driving down the road, out here we have to really watch out for deer, elk, moose and sometimes bears and eagles. But wow, I think the Holy Spirit really likes to take those rides:) But yeah, you can really cut loose out on the road.

  • I think the trick is to find a place which is both comfortable and private. My favourite place is the car, where I can take my time praying and let the Holy spirit lead the way. It’s amazing to observe how He prays around each aspect, before moving onto the next. It’s a much better use of one’s time than merely listening to the radio.

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