The Brotherhood of Kings

I wanted share something so near and dear to our Father’s heart that it has taken time to digest. The Brotherhood of Kings,
I love even the very sound of it. There are many and several different proving grounds, and I suppose the very hardest, the most difficult is the sting. Yeah the Sting of death, not just once or twice but many times to endure that most grievous of wounds, to taste it, feel it,endure it with a thousand rivers of tears for the fallen. Sounds kind of strange coming from me doesn’t it? But I tell you, until we have endured the loss of dearly loved ones, wives, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, friends, family, relatives, even enemies who did not have to fall but did. Yeah, how the mighty have fallen. Think of Isa 53. Thought it was just Yahshua didn’t you? No, it’s for anyone who is willing to enter the most difficult of arenas. No doubt the ignorant and the young will declare, ‘blasphemy’ to even suggest such a thing is in the works for you. But each of us who will enter and eat from the Tree of Life will at some point have a part in the fulfillment of this passage. This is for Israel and yes our Brother the Great King, led the way. This is part and parcel of the Cup, part and parcel of His baptism, the one that James and John asked for on that fateful day when they asked to sit on his right and on his left. Are you able, Is what Yahshua asked them as He looked deep into their eyes? Can you endure My Baptism? He asked as again He looked deep into their eyes. We are able, was their response. So be it, was the Masters response. But it’s up to my Father who sits on my left and on my right. So you see, James and John entered the arena of Kings. And this is what is required for anyone who would overcome and sit with Yahshua on His throne even as Yahshua overcame and sat with the Father on His throne. All or nothing is the precursor to the battle cry, and that cry is this ‘Last Man Standing.’ All others have fallen and you my friend are the ‘Last Man Standing,’ Wherever you are, in whatever country you reside, in whatever nation you make your home, for you will indeed understand these words, ‘Last Man Standing’ for this is the arena of the Pearl of Great Price. And this, this is the abode of The Brotherhood of Kings.



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