• Yes, his name is the Holy Spirit.

  • Hi Lucia
    Once upon a time the Holy Spirit said to me, ‘Are you willing to lay down everything you know and everything you think you know? Are you willing to lay everything you have learned and everything you think you have learned?’ I thought for a moment about all that I thought I had learned over a 12-13 and then said ‘Yes, I will.’ And the Holy Spirit said ‘Good, now I will be your teacher.’
    So Lucia this is where the rubber meets the road so to speak, Yahshua said ‘call no man Rabbi, you have one Rabbi, the Anointing, (The Holy Spirit)
    The HS began by teaching us about the Name and we stayed there until the HS was satisfied that we would walk in that Truth. Then He moved us on to the Sabbath and of course from there the Commandments.
    Lucia from my own personal experience let me say this, you are only required to walk in the Truth that you have been given, it can be overwhelming to try to imbibe or walk in the entire Law all at once. YHVH gave to Israel the Law piece by piece. In Egypt, first came the NAME, then came the Sabbath, the Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread, then came the TenCommandments etc.
    So just pray and ask Your Father where you should begin. Relax and just enjoy the Truth.
    Also the HS showed me the Law in this way, He said ‘think of it as ‘The Physics of Heaven and Earth’ so I did and I do think upon the Law/Torah in that way and it really makes a lot of sense when you see the corresponding effects. For example: Do this, and this will happen, or do that and that will happen.’ Cause and effect. When the Feast of Unleavened Bread is done according to God’s instruction as opposed to simply following tradition, then the effect is this, as you purge your house/home of leaven/yeast and then feast upon unleavened bread you will find that before long YHVH will purge His house/YOU of falsehoods and He will fill His House with the pure unadulterated Truth.
    Do a short study in John and see this illustration with the Apostles take place before your eyes. The resurrection takes place during the Feast and Yahshua after He was resurrected breathed upon the Apostles and said ‘Receive ye the Holy Spirit/Spirit of Truth. It’s very similar to YHVH breathing upon Adam and giving him the Breath of Life, same thing.
    Anyway, hope this helps a little. But the feast of unleavened bread is both entry to the wilderness/Narrow Way and entry to the Land/Kingdom of Heaven.


  • Hi there. This is Lucia Burns from sunny South Africa again. Isn’t this funny? Now that I know the truth about Paul and I am spitting the last bit of him out of my system I don’t know what to do next. Besides studying the gospel according to Jeshua, how do I follow the Law dilligently as I have never done it before. Is there somehow a way for me to have a tutor to guide me thru this?

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