Yahshua and the Exodus

Sometimes we need a radical update from the Holy Spirit concerning Yahshua. O my, what do I mean by this? When we can see Yahshua as the Son of Joseph as opposed to the Son of David, then everything will begin to change concerning ‘what it’s all about’

Yahshua the son of Joseph and Mary,
Joshua/Yahshua the son of Joseph, i/e Joshua was from the tribe of Ephraim the son of Joseph.
Again Joshua the son of Joseph who was successful in his journey with Moses out of Egypt thru the wilderness and the Commanding General of the Israelite forces that conquered the Seven Canaanite Nations. Or if you will, the seven headed dragon of Rev 12.

Abide in Yahshua and yeah, you will make it thru to the other side.

Again, the very Name Yahshua which means ‘Deliverer or rather YHVH is Deliverer’ This all speaks of the Prophet like Moses, Moses the Deliverer, and until can see and understand this, then we are sort of standing still in a sense in our understanding. The Way or the Journey is no different under Yahshua than it was under Moses, only this time it’s both horizontal and then vertical. Gee, looks like the cross doesn’t it?
First our Father is going to inscribe His Torah, i.e. the Commandments, the Law within your heart/Earth. Then if you have successfully endured that, then He will inscribe them within your mind/Heaven.

So in effect you will under go Two Exodus’s one in your heart and one in your mind. However the one in your mind is much quicker and is really quite an incredible trip. Think, ‘this day you will with Me in Paradise.’ But I remind each of you, that there are Canaanites on the way up. But it’s really awesome to watch your Heavenly Father kick butt because He does and He will, but yes, you will get to endure the battles.

To get a pretty fair picture of how these Canaanites are manifested within, yes, within you, then go to Rev and look carefully at the ones who DID NOT overcome and look at the enemies that had invaded the Assemblies. False Apostles who were LIARS, Pride, the teachings of Nicolatians.’ Those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan, fear of death, unfaithfulness. And this is only the first two churches, Ephesus and Smyrna. You can go thru the other five and see for yourself what you are up against in any given assembly. Each reward that is given to the overcomer is given to those who obtain the Kingdom of Heaven. Which again is within you.

Anyway this is something for you chew on for awhile.

One comment

  • Shalom brother Michael,

    You stated that de name of the son of man is Yahshua so i read.

    During my journey in searching for the truth I discover that the name of the son of man is ‘Yeshuwa’.
    The name Yeshuwa means ‘He who saves’

    You will call His name Yeshuwa’ because He will save My people from their punishments
    (Matthew 1:21)

    On the internet there is a man who’s name is Patrick Geaney. He runs a website calls ‘www.disciplesofyeshuwa.com’.
    I urge you to visit his website to read his revelations, he is also like you are a true believer.

    Disciple of Yeshuwa Mashiyach

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