New Podcast Series

Hi Everyone, this is a new podcast series that I’m doing, there is so much to say that it would take an exceeding amount of time to write it all down, so I’m doing these as podcast instead. Briefly for those that have followed along for awhile then you’ll remember that earlier this year I was caught up to the Paradise of God and was given to eat from the Tree of Life. So herein is the reason for these podcasts, and that is, is to get you there too.

The way to the Kingdom of Heaven is available and open again after 2000 years. And there are those of you that are about to make an indescribably journey back to Paradise, back to Heaven, back home once again. And NO, you will not be caught off planet and NO your body is not going to be lying dead and molding in the grave.

So listen and pray and then take the next step.

Even though the link says ‘The Paradigm Shift’ the series is called Exodus 2 the Kingdom

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