The Marriage or Mirage?

Gen 2:23 And Adam said:
“This is now bone of my bones
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man.”

So reading this in the English one might say, Yeah, so what?’
However to read this for what it really says goes like this.
“This is now essence of my essence….’
And again at the tail end of the quote of :23
‘Because she was married to man.’

So then when the marriage of the Lamb has come how many can say? “I am now the essence of His essence.’ Or even, will Yahshua say of us ‘You are now Essence of My Essence?’

Bone in the Hebrew is ‘Etsem’ and it means ‘Essence’ or Substance and yes, it has been translated as ‘bone’ but this is what bones are, they’re essence. The Essence of My Essence speaks so loud of being ONE. Of being blended together even merged or mingled.

So when Yahshua says of a certain vast multitude of people ‘Depart from Me, I never knew you’
He is in effect saying ‘You were never ‘Essence of My essence.’ We were never ONE. Or even, the last part of the verse, You who have forsaken the Torah. In so forsaking the Torah, one is in effect forsaking the Life or even the Life of Yahshua. Remember He is the Word of Life, which is TRUTH which is the Law/Torah. However these ones that have forsaken the Torah are also the ones that never did the Commandments, so also they have not even qualified themselves to even be called the least in the Kingdom. They that break the least of the Commandments are teaching others to do so, shall be called the least in the Kingdom. But remember you can’t even get into the Kingdom without ‘returning to YHVH with all your heart in an all or nothing repentance. So this passage here is a very sober warning to those who get sloppy in their walk.

So when the Great King sent out his servants to give the invitations to the marriage of His Son, think again of all those that were too busy, they did not have to the time to attend. As we think on this, think again of how we spend our time daily. Do we say to Him, sorry I don’t have the time to sit with you today, I have other matters more pressing that I must get to. Or again, I don’t have that kind of time, I must get to work.’ Or how about this one, ‘sorry I don’t have time, there’s a sale going on and I must get there early.’

Through out our life how many excuses have we thrown at the feet of Him, in order to justify our unwillingness to just BE with Him? Or do we cry out, O God, this job or this relationship is robbing me of all the time I desire to spend with you, help me to get up and hour or two earlier, I can’t bare the day without you?’ Or ‘help me to find time in the day or surely I will die if I can’t be with you’ You see that’s the cry of the ‘Lover.’ The point is not that you missed a little time, but that you did not care about missing that time.

Now some might want to say ‘That’s like Mary and Martha’ is it? Martha had the true heart of the servant and yes Mary had the true heart of the disciple.’ HOwever, Martha only needed that tiny little correction from Yahshua and then she too like Mary her sister found herself daily sitting at His feet learning of HIM, specially after the Holy Spirit had been poured out and they were filled.

So when pondering the Marriage Supper of Lamb, think on these things that you have read today.

For anyone that wants to take a very good look at the true heart of the Bride, I strongly suggest reading very slowly and carefully the Song of Solomon.

For men this concept of the Bride has been for many a very difficult image to deal with. So for the men in order to get a better understanding just read the Psalms of David, how his heart ached and yearned for YHVH.

So also try to see this, the marriage is in effect the marriage of heaven and earth. Even your Earth/Heart and your Heavens/Mind. This is what our Father is fusing together within us, and indeed this is a marriage of the Spirit and the Soul, the Heart and the Mind in order to restore us back to that pristine place of Oneness that Adam and Eve enjoyed with YHVH before the fall.
And when this happens, man and woman will once again be that conduit of the Father between Heaven and Earth, the great heaven and the great earth.

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