The Literal Pearl

You’ve heard of the Pearl of Great Price, it is remarkably literal and not in the least a figure of speech, nor is it symbolic nor is it any sort of allegory.
This ‘Pearl’ is formed around what is called the stinger of death and yes this too is quite literal. It’s like a little black stinger that is on the inside of your ‘Solar Plexus.’
The stinger is like the piece of grit in an oyster and as you know the oyster forms it’s own pearl around that piece of grit, likewise so is the Pearl of Great Price. It’s about the size of a marble.
When your time is right, YHVH will also form this pearl around the stinger of death that is resident within each of us.

How interesting that in order to obtain the pearl you must first die at least your soul must die, but this is really what Yahshua meant when He said ‘He who will lose his soul/life for my sake and the gospel shall obtain their life. Seems like a catch 22, but our Father is awesome when it come to blowing our minds. This is His work and if you want that pearl then simply cooperate with Him and let Him do what He will.

I’m am a bit surprised that after re-reading many of the articles that I’ve written here than more than a few times I have mentioned the Pearl of Great Price.  And yes I too thought it was figurative, but again, it isn’t, it is literal.  I saw this pearl actually being formed behind my solar plexus, however this was nearly instantaneous.


There so many things that we have not really understood about rewards, such as for the Ephesians ‘Access to the Tree of Life’ this is a literal happening.  So for those of you that have come out of Pauline Christianity, hold on to your socks because this is for you, and that’ not say that the other rewards of Rev are not.  Personally I think that if you want them all then GO FOR IT.


We speak of our walk as a journey and so it is, but you know, in reality it’s an epic adventure written just for you.  God knows how to thrill His kids and yes there are many thrills in this walk, things you never dreamed possible will be manifest.  If you make the choice to follow Yahshua and only Yahshua then you are in a position that no Christian has ever really known, you are in position to have many many visits from the Son, some grand and very intense and some delightful and full of joy.  The intense are just that, intense because you re being healed deep within you from wounds that you didn’t even know you had, but they are there affecting you.  The Holy Spirit is driving out all things that put any sort of barrier between you and Your Father.  When you are brought into the full birth, Father will take you up in arms and yeah, you might experience a fear of heights at first.  Those of you who are or have been father’s will no doubt remember the ‘delivery room when you saw your child for the first time and you took that little one up in arms full of smiles and love.  Well, when this happens with your Heavenly Father it similar except OH MY, He’s so big and He wants you to know just who you are with.  As if anyone could mistake that, but it is so special.  For me, well I trembled, eyes wide open and it was like seeing everything for the first time.  And yes just prior to this you will see yourself being born and coming out of the womb.  John 3 will never be the same after that.  You will know categorically that Yahshua really did mean from above far more than ‘again.’  It’s both and of course you will understand ‘hesitancy’ in testifying to ‘Heavenly Things’ especially among the hyper religious.


You know, I feel sorry for the Christians who have forsaken the Torah/Law they have a massive void within them that most really are not aware of, but it’s a void just the same, they have no Godly Law to convert them into sons and daughters of YHVH so they make up a truckload of their own rules and regulations that are in reality just opportunities for condemnation rather than the Law of Truth that will set them free from all falsehood.  Yes, it’s quite sad to see such a sincere people so sincerely deceived,



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