Paul’s Goat

Lev 16:22
And the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he shall let go the goat in the wilderness.
So here’s the deal, Paul says of Yahshua that ‘he who knew no sin became sin’  Paul also says the Messiah became cursed.  Paul also says in Rom 7 that the one who died is not the same one that rose again.   Can you see that Paul is describing the Goat and not the Lamb?  It was the goat that had the sins imparted to it, NOT the Lamb of God.  It’s the Lamb that ‘Taketh’ away the sin of the world.’  What is the sin of world?  The sin of the world was and is ‘Lawlessness.’  Sin is Lawlessness.
The word ‘taketh’ is in the continuous present tense.  It’s not a one time thing that happened 2000 years ago.  Why?  Because lawlessness still exists.   So the lawlessness of the world was not put away at the cross.   I mean come on, Christianity utterly shuns the Law of God going so far as to say that if we do it then we are under a curse.  So no for the Christian the sin of the world still exists within them
So how does this happen then?  ‘If you continue in my Word’  and this means to do it and keep doing it.  ‘Then you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’   And yet in Psa 119:142 it says ‘Thy Law is the Truth.’  Yahshua says the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and shall lead you and guide you into ALL truth and understanding.  So this is a continuous thing, and it is the Law of God that sets us free if we do it.
If one cares to read carefully the Gospels apart from Paul’s influence, then one will see that there was one particular stunning event that happened as a result of Yahshua laying down His life and it was NOT the forgiveness of sins.  No, what one will see is that it was the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth is what was accomplished at the cross.  As has been stated numerous times already, forgiveness of sin was always available to the repentant and it did not take the brutal murder of the Son of God in order to obtain forgiveness of sin.  Nor was Yahshua sent as a sacrifice to turn away the wrath of God or what is it we don’t understand about ‘For God so LOVED the world…..’  Where’s the wrath here that was supposedly turned away?  It was not that God had animosity towards us, it was that we had animosity towards God.  Can you see the difference?
John’s baptism for the remission of sin happened at least 3 and half years before the cross and John’s baptism required NO BLOOD.  And yes it was just as viable then as later.
So what did John the Baptist say concerning the mission of the Messiah?  ‘He shall baptize YOU with Holy Spirit and Fire.’  This was the purpose of the cross not forgiveness of sin.  This is what changed, now we can have the Holy Spirit abiding within us where as previously this was not possible.  Even as Yahshua said ‘He has been with you, but now He shall be in You.
On account of ‘lawlessness’ the love of many will wax cold.  Oh my, what’s this?  Yahshua is saying that they who have forsaken the Law of God have very cold hearts toward Him, why?  Without the Law of God in our heart there can be no love abiding there. The Law of God and the Love of God is synonymous, you can’t have one without the other.  Ouch! Ouch for those that follow Paul.   So can you see who Yahshua is referring to here, those that forsake the Law, those that work to negate the Law are in fact the bitter enemies of the one they profess to love and adore.


  • Surely you should know Mike that that BS stood for ‘Blood Sacrifice’ and not Bull droppings. Nevertheless, yes you do have the right to question things written and mistranslated. For example, Jude ‘YHVH is coming with Myriads of His Saints’
    Actual translation: YHVH is coming WITHIN myriads of His Saints’ Changes everything about this verse or ‘For the sake of the elect those days will be cut short’ Correct translation ‘THROUGH the Elect, those days will be cut short, again changes everything…
    Jeremiah 7:22 22 For I did not speak to your fathers, or command them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices. 23 But this is what I commanded them, saying, ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be My people. And walk in all the ways that I have commanded you, that it may be well with you.’

    I mean come on—Yahshua denounced Blood Sacrifice….Learn what this means….I desire Mercy and NOT sacrifice.
    The Baptism of John was for the ‘Remission of Sin’ yet…no blood required, no animal sacrifice…and Yes Yahshua submitted himself John’s baptism…

    BTW Jeremiah was standing at the gate of temple when God gave him the word to speak

  • At the time I had been seriously reviewing the LXX and the Masoretic texts concerning portions of Jeremiah, additions that had been made to Masoretic…which are verifiable, in that they were additions….Jermemiah slam dunks the notion that YHVH commanded blood sacrifice in Jer 7 also Isaiah and Psa 51 not to mention that Leviticus was added after the Babylonian Captivity…so there is plenty of real good reason to suspect that certain portions were not in the original Torah.
    In that Yahshua was the ‘self fulfiller’ of the law….the passage you may be referring to reads like this, Do not think that I came to destroy the Torah or the Prophets, I did not come to destroy the Torah but to fulfill it.’
    The word here for fulfill is in the Greek ‘Pleroo’ and it does not mean to terminate but rather to ‘abound, to overflow…like a fountain.’
    So the Torah is to be fulfilled not just in Yahshua but also in us. Which is very clear in the passage.

    The other day I had kind of a duh moment…I had forgotten that Christians think the Torah is just a bunch piddling commands, 615 to be exact and that Christian think in order to keep Torah you must do all these little commandments. Which sounds reasonable. However when the Holy Spirit is given back His authority as your ‘ONLY Teacher’ as Yahshua had said, then its necessary to understand that as a Father He doesn’t dump the whole truckload on you overnight…you could not handle it…so He gives you bits of Truth and you walk in that truth till He is satisfied and you are then tested in that Truth. Like He said in Deu I have caused you to hunger and to thirst to prove you to see whether you will love Me and keep my Commands’.

    Truly Mike…it’s all about that deep desire to have the First and Great Commandment fulfilled in you.

    In the day that the Holy Spirit took me to the Tree of Life many things changed dramatically, one thing that was taught to me was this, man received a conscience in exchange for the loss of the Spirit of Truth when he fell. The conscience is all about good and evil and judging between them which means that via the conscience man is constantly judging, But what did Yahshua say ‘JUDGE NOT’ uh oh…how do I fix that? The problem with judging is that we inadvertently bind ourselves to whatever judgment we inflict upon others which is the root of condemnation.
    What caused the fall? Adam and Eve believe and acted upon a LIE. Yeah they put their faith in a lie. What happened? Immediately they feared.
    The Word of Truth literally splits the conscience of man and yeah it rolls up like a scroll each going apart from the other. But what happens is that as soon you as eat from the tree, the Holy Spirit…Spirit of Truth totally fills your mind and now the Word of Truth replaces ‘Supplants’ the word or rather the effect of the lie which was the conscience. Does that make sense?

    So I said that to say this…it;s al about ‘Obey my voice and do my Commands’ Anyone who will do this and yes with all your heart will get to the Paradise of God which is within you.

  • Hi. You quote scripture and yet also wrote this:
    “When we come into the truth about just how flagrantly the scribes utterly perverted the law or the torah, then we are faced with the truthful statement that most or much of the bible is a flagrant lie and not to be trusted at all in it’s entirety.” – from “Is the Bible B.S?

    Of course, I understand you were writing to refute the necessity of blood sacrifice in that and this is a response to “Paul’s Goat” but it’s hard to imagine making any kind of sound position statement at all while at the same time discrediting the very authority to which you appeal.

    I mean, Thomas Jefferson collated the gospel accounts, having removed everything he deemed unbelievable (i.e. all miracles), and called it a Jesus he could believe in (The Jefferson Bible). What hubris! To think God bows to human intellect. What foolishness to discredit any of His word! He had no Jesus at all. He created a lifeless idol.

    God’s self revelation through His Word, fulfilled in Christ, is not some mystic Lego pile from which we may draw as we choose and build what we like. It has one purpose. It builds one thing or it builds nothing…our choice. Accepted with humility it leads to salvation but it will not yield nor bend nor show Mercy to the prideful intellect of men.

    You search the Scriptures diligently because in them you think you have eternal life; they are testifying about me yet you will not come to me and have life. -John 5:39-40.

    So, regarding “Paul’s Goat”. It’s pretty easy to discover (Exodus 12:5) that young lambs and goats were often interchangeable in the offering of sacrifices and were both referred to as lambs. It’s also pretty easy to discover (Leviticus 16) that the blood of goat/lamb #1 was for sin atonement. Goat/lamb #2 then took those already forgiven sins away.

    The whole tabernacle/temple system was an earthly picture of the heavenly reality and was given to Moses as such (Exodus 25:8-9) .
    Jesus, as self proclaimed fulfiller of the law, was both sin offering (goat 1) and sin bearer (goat 2). His blood is the propitiation for our sins and He took them away as far as the East is from the West -Psalm 103:12

    Come, let us reason together… God’s invitation for us to bring our reason to bear on his Word is to believe it and understand it, with the Spirit’s help, not to decide it. We do not have that right.

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