Is the Bible Mostly BS?

In the past we have covered several controversial topics, Blood Sacrifice being one of the more heated. BS=Blood Sacrifice.
To those who hold to this doctrine…no judgment here nor condemnation, but I would ask you to consider simple reasoning.There are two main themes in the bible, one is ‘obey my voice and keep my commandments’ and the other is blood sacrifice. Two clear cut themes are presented. Are both true or is only one of them true.

The epistles of Paul are a picture of Yahshua thru the lens of blood sacrifice or if you will ‘vicarious atonement’ no repentance required, no change of heart required, just accept the victim and all’s well. And hey the good news is ‘no obedience to the Commandments required either.  But this is just a re-hash of the doctrines of the Levitical priesthood, same thing….no difference at all except in Paul the victim is human and thereby that makes its alright.

So consider what must happen prior to the sacrifice…that lamb or bull or whatever, is supposed to be loved.  Alright,,,then in order to do this, the object of love is to be betrayed, treachery is invoked fear is generated just before the knife penetrates the heart and then put to the throat in order to drain the blood…..hey, now you are acceptable to god….what god is a good question?  What god demands blood, murder, cruelty, betrayal, treachery and a host of other despicable qualities? Well that sounds like Satan to me, not the Creator. The Creator who loves His creation and all the life filling it.

If Jeremiah, Isaiah, Micah, Amos and several other Prophets are to be believed then it was indeed Satan that hijacked the priesthood and turned it into a blood sacrifice cult that has dominated Judeo Christianity to this day. When Yahshua and company fought against this, it cost them their physical lives. Who murdered them….by and large members of the BS cult. So what does that say about them? You answer the question, it’s too obvious to state here.

But here’s what happens when we come into the truth about BS, it indicts the entire bible and shows most of it to be fraudulent and I mean most of it and this is very hard pill for most to swallow.

Okay so if it’s true, then here’s the deal….I commit a crime and in order for that crime to be atoned for I must shed innocent blood. Oh I get it….I need a victim, I need someone else to atone for me, simply because I do not want to make restitution for my own sin, I don’t want to quit my sin, I just want it covered up with one one else’s blood. Who wants to serve a god like that? Or rather a god that has such cruel and bloody rituals that never ask for accountability. Cuz hey, just find a victim to take your place. So some one please explain ‘how do we extend the law of kindness to the creation if we think we have the right to murder and butcher at our leisure, in order to briefly satisfy our tastebuds? Why do we believe that now we can drastically violate the original laws of creation? Why? Because a corrupt priesthood says it’s okay? Doesn’t hold water and never will and yet this is the excuse we tell ourselves, that the priests say that God has now given man the flesh of animals to eat? And yet we proclaim that God does not change…which is it?

Why do folks cling to BS when in reality there’s no rhyme nor reason to it, it doesn’t make sense, there is no plausible theory to support it and that is such a mild thing to say. How can we with any sort of credibility teach that God is Love and yet Love demands the shedding of innocent blood? No reconciliation with reason there. The same God that created the law of kindness but does not extend it to any with the exception of man?

When we come into the truth about just how flagrantly the scribes utterly perverted the law or the torah, then we are faced with the truthful statement that most or much of the bible is a flagrant lie and not to be trusted at all in it’s entirety.  The heinous behavior found in the OT was done by men not by the Creator. The extent that the Levitical scribes attributed various crimes against humanity to God is so heinous, there are commands of genocide, eternal unforgiveness, eternal damnation of various races, hacking enemies to pieces,  just to name a few. Let us not forget brutal murder.  What about executing a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath?  Does that sound like love to you?  Doesn’t to me either, sounds more like a demonized priest with serious control issues.

One thing that you can be guaranteed of is this, the search for truth can and will break your heart.

Yeah so what else is new?



  • Mishayah. I’m very confused on what to believe when it comes to blood sacrifice. I’ve been puzzled by this for awhile and it would save myself alot of time and fretting if you could answer this question for me. What are we suppose to believe about the death of Jesus on the cross? Was He a blood sacrifice to atone for our sins or was it for another reason? I’m not sure if I read before that you believe He died for our sins or not. What’s the true significance of His death and what does it mean for us? Thank you very much for your time.

    • I think Hunter that His death on the cross was far more about the giving of the Holy Spirit than forgiveness of sins. John’s Baptism was for repentance and ‘The Remission of Sin’ yet there was no blood required for John’s Baptism. Yahshua validated John’s baptism by submitting to it. Yahshua’s first act after rising from the dead was to Breathe upon the 12 saying ‘receive the Holy Spirit’
      Without the Holy Spirit there is no New Covenant.
      Very good question Hunter and one that will no doubt be echoed for quite some time. Christianity as it is today is completely anti-christ. When they deny the Torah they deny the One they claim to worship.

  • Nice title … But keep in mind that, although the shedding if innocent blood was required for the forgiveness of sin with animals and then Jesus, today’s church still teaches about repentance and reconciliation (even though Paul emphasized more on simply believing in the sacrifice of Jesus). And the problem that we face is that the church idolizes the bible so much that they will defend it and twist its interpretation to maintain its “holiness”. At the same time , how do we define “love “. Would an unlimited and all powerful God require sacrifice in order to forgive sin? Doesn’t grace happen without requiring a price? God would truly be great if he can forgive the humanly unforgivable…. Without demanding a sacrifice .

    • That’s the point Noel, innocent blood is not required for forgiveness of sin. The baptism of John was entirely bloodless and yet it was for the ‘Remission of sin.’ And Yahshua completely validates John’s baptism by submitting to it. Right after Yahshua threw the money changers out of the temple and overturned their tables and yes set the animals meant for slaughter free, it was then that he asked ‘The Baptism of John was it from heaven or from men?’

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