The late great Robert E Lee

I tool quite a hit this year, so much so that I was down on my knees crying out ‘Is justice real…does it really exist…or is it just a hopeful fantasy.’

Sometimes life feels like just another trip to the House of rising sun.

I had to endure my beloved father being tortured and tormented to death.   I think my sister’s and I did everything humanly possible to save him, but we failed and he died.  We even got damned for our efforts. Believe it or not it cost us $42,000.00, that’s right 42 thousand dollars just to see him on his death bed.  He had 24/7 round the clock care by male nurses, and yet they were threatened with the loss of their licenses and jobs if they spoke a word about what was taking place in his Queen Anne home. Yet a couple of them did.  They complained to Dad’s staff, his friends, even his attorney, who just conveniently turned a deaf ear and claimed everyone was just exaggerating, NO one would listen to them about the abuse.  They were all fired for their efforts.  And no one wondered why.  My God even Seattle PD was ineffectual as was APS, toothless tigers at best.  Oh God in Heaven how I despise apathy and indifference.

So they say ‘you can’t take the law into your hands.’  Yet the law in the hands of professionals is always for sale, justice is another commodity set aside for the rich.  The day we bought that BS lie (‘you can’t take the law into your hands’) is the day we gave justice away, it is the day we all lost our freedom and we won’t get it back until we the people take justice back.

Yeah I checked the want adds for unemployed ninja’s, guess they don’t spend much time looking for work.


So yeah life was tough again this year, but hey…I got my fight back, big time!  It dropped like a mantle from heaven, right on my shoulders.



  • Thanks Molly, how ya doing girl?

  • Michael-
    I am so sorry for the pain the pain you encountered surrounding your father’s death. What you and your sisters experienced must have been terrible. You are correct = there really is no true justice at the present time. It is a fantasy! And it will only get worse until the end. I’m sure it hurts but hang in there and be strong.
    You will be in my prayers.
    Jeanne (Molly)

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