Fecal Matter and the doctrines of Paul


You know I was just sitting my chair and had an interesting thought….the fecal matter that drops out of my horses butt is so much more valuable me to me than the writings of Paul.

You see, I have 16 horses and about 50 wild turkeys on my ranch.  You gotta love those turkeys, they spread the horse poop everywhere and it quickly turns to deep rich soil in which I can plant anything and raise a really nice crop.   However, if you spread Paul on anything, it kills the soil, seeds quickly die and the soil becomes so very very toxic.

I suppose you could liken the writings of Paul to Monsanto.   Ever hear of Monsanto’s ‘Terminator Seed’?   Oooooh….


I’ve been listening to various folks, Messianics on the internet and at YouTube and so many are wondering who are the 144000?  Some think they are children, cuz by and large kids don’t have much guile, and of course most think they are Jews cuz Christians are clueless as to who the House of Israel is and how to identify them.   However most of the Messianics are also fervent followers of Paul.  So that in and of itself would utterly disqualify them unless they re-convert to the Truth which is Yahshua and His teachings.  Most seem to fail to understand that these men (144000) are following the LAMB not Paul.   It is categorically impossible for anyone who imbibes Paul to be without Guile, Paul himself, out of his own mouth says ‘he is crafty, and he uses guile.’  That in and of itself should set off an alarm in anyone, but sad to say it doesn’t with the Christians and the Pauline Messianics.  Again, they think and they say ‘well he was using tongue and cheek language.’  Or they say ‘well, Pau was just really slick.’  In which I would have to agree with them, Paul was and is slick, well, lets say slippery, like a snake.

Do you know what the definition of ‘Pretense’ is?  This is so important, cuz Paul claims using ‘Pretense’ (Phil 1:18) to preach Messiah is completely acceptable.  Pretense:  an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true: his anger is masked by a pretense that all is well | they have finally abandoned their secrecy and pretense.• a false display of feelings, attitudes, or intentions: he asked me questions without any pretense at politeness.• the practice of inventing imaginary situations in play: Think of the Damscus Road) before the age of two, children start to engage in pretense.• affected and ostentatious speech and behavior.(pretense toa claim, especially a false or ambitious one: he was quick to disclaim any pretense to superiority.

In other words Paul says to use lies, i.e falsehoods and hypocrisy is an acceptable way to preach the truth.  Even though Yahshua says that pretence is ‘HYPOCRISY’   Pretence is what the Pharisees used to gain converts, they are the ones who traveled over land sea to make a convert and Yahshua says the converts of the Pharisees are twice the child of hell.






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