A Radical Shift

A couple of weeks ago I had a radical shift in my understanding.  For those who have followed this blog for awhile, you will remember, maybe, that in 2014 I had shared an event, a major visitation.   At that time the Holy Spirit took me to the ‘Tree of Life’ and I ate from that tree.  It was so overwhelming at the time that it has taken a couple of years for things to coalesce.

Do you realize that the purpose of the ‘Book’ is to give you the instructions on how to get back to the Tree, back to the original beginning for each of us.

But I tell you truly, this is entirely possible, but only thru the cross.  You see the cross is like the portal to paradise, but each of us must go there.   We have not, because we ask not.  Yeah the cross and all it entails can be terrifying, because you will die and it’s not easy.  You will suffer and it’s not fun.  But hey, the rewards far out weigh the effort.

Christianity in it’s ignorance has done so much damage to the message of Yahshua that it is nearly unrecognizable unless the Holy Spirit is doing ALL the teaching and this is rarely so.

The whole concept of Christianity is so foreign to the reality of the message that it becomes like a sick joke.

It is absolutely necessary to see the whole picture and for that you must begin at the beginning of the Book.  Oh my, what a novel concept.  In the beginning we see the Fall of Adam and Eve.  And we wonder, at least I wondered, why did they not eat from the Tree of lIfe?  I suspect that even in Eden it took effort to get to that Tree.

Have you ever thought about what Adam and Eve must have experienced?  Have you ever wondered at the grief of Adam or the longing of the Father to get his babies back home?

It is necessary to see this event from the perspective of a Father and I think any of us would feel exactly the same.  Somehow I must rescue my children!

Remember when Yahshua cried out ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’  Does anyone understand the agony of that moment?  That was the same agony that Adam carried with him all his life.  Remember Adam was and is the son of God also.  Adam was one with the Father, until he fell.

The whole goal of the Book is get us back to the tree of life, that’s it!  Pure and simple, but in order for that to happen it is absolutely necessary to embrace the Way.  The Way is the most epic adventure you could ever hope for, it is beyond legendary.

We tend to view the Bible in bite sized chunks and usually we never see the whole picture, the whole plan.  Everything Yahshua accomplished paved so beautifully the Way back home.

You see folks, we have to get there while still in these bodies, while still on planet Earth.  That’s the goal, it has always been the goal and everything in-between is sanctification thru the Truth and it’s that sanctification that turns into the greatest of adventures cuz there are many many battles to endure and to prevail in.  And most of these deal in the realm of Truth and doing the truth.  Without doing the Truth it is impossible to get back home.  The truth is the road map.

Without a vision the people perish.  Folks the original vision was for Oneness with God and unobstructed access to the Tree of Life.  And it’s still the vision.

So in closing let me just remark, this aint a freebie, it will cost you everything.  All your junk that is, and in the end you find that everything God required of you was really superfluous junk in comparison of what HE gives back.  Way beyond anything you have ever dreamed of.

This is not Christianity, nor is it the goal of Christianity….personally I have no idea what their vision is anymore,


  • oh yeah, Sheryl…..oh yeah

  • Love this blog. It’s mindboggling to think others see things the same strange different way I see things. I’ve been saying this all year to anyone who will listen: “We tend to view the Bible in bite sized chunks and usually we never see the whole picture, the whole plan. Everything Yahshua accomplished paved so beautifully the Way back home.” Also, you said vision was “Oneness with God” but I say not only Oneness with god but also with One Another! One Flock, One Shepherd, One King, One Kingdom.

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