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The Genesis Prophecy, part 1

‘For the Torah and the Prophets, prophesied till John’

Perhaps the most devastating ‘Mis-translation’ in the entire Bible is this word, ‘Law’.  It paints a very false picture of nothing but rules and regulations, harsh retributions, and in the minds of Christians pure impossibilities.

For the Christian the Law begins in Exodus.  However the Torah begins at Gen 1:1.   The Torah begins with the very first word of the Living God, “LIGHT BE”.

The Torah is the Word that came down out of Heaven and it is Light, pure Light, the very source of all Life.  It is in reality  the Holy Seed.  This was Yahshua, the Word, the Holy Seed.  Utterly rejected by both Jew and Christian.

First the Jews murdered His body, then the Christians murdered His soul.  The very soul of the Messiah is TORAH.  And the world was thrust into the heart of darkness.  In those days Fear has reigned supreme.

To the Christian the Torah is a ‘Yoke of Bondage’ a yoke to be avoided at all costs even though Yahshua says ‘Take my Yoke upon you’.  Same thing the ‘Serpent’ said to Eve. But the Christians bought that LIE hook line and sinker.  To this day they still blame Adam and Eve for the fall, yet, they did the same exact thing.  They rejected the Life and chose Death.  They chose the moon and forsook the sun.  And all they are left with is a poor reflection of the glory they can not see.

The Genesis Prophecy:  Genesis prophecies….Creation prophecies…

A new beginning…A new Genesis, A New Creation….Adam the Son of God is created again….this time He eats from the Tree of Life.  A brand spanking new creation, never before obtained.  In six days God created the Heavens and the Earth and all that is within them and on the Seventh Day He rested from all His works.

It is now the Seventh Day, Adam has already been re-created, not on the Fourth day, which was 2000 years ago, but on the six day, which just ended a short time ago.  And He hid all His work in a grain of Wheat.  The Holy Seed, Torah written in the heart and written in the mind, creating the soul of Messiah.


Luke: And Yahshua is revealed in the breaking of the Bread.