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Hi all

Well long time no post:  I apologize for that, but really, about the only thing I’ve had to say is this: ‘It ALL happens at the Cross’.

The Cross is so far beyond anything Christian and or Jewish, everything is absolutely blown out of the boat.  Every concept you’ve ever had about about Yahshua disintegrates and in it’s it’s place is the shimmering white light of utter and  absolute TRUTH.

It is the Portal, believe it or not, to unchartered territory, unchartered by man that is.

I suppose a lot of folks think that just hanging there forever is what it’s all about…no, there’s much more.  You hang there till you die and when that’s done, there is a period of limbo for awhile, then…then…comes ‘Resurrection’ and this is the hard part cuz now and you need understand that the only thing that survives the cross is the Word of Truth.

Resurrection the hard part?   Yes it is,I’ll briefly explain.  The Word is deep deep down in your new soul, it is your new soul by the way, but the word must rise up within you displacing your consciousness, what?  That’s right it’s at the cross and it’s work where actual consciousness is shifted.  Paradigm Shift in consciousness.  Big concept.  Huge concept.


I saw the whole concept of Christianity just disintegrate into  trillions of particles of darkness.  No kidding, they just all separated into this mass of dark particles and then Poof it was all gone.  Big message here folks and one that you yourselves are needing to seek.

I keep telling my wife, (she still has affection for Christianity) I keep telling my wife, ‘Christianity is NOT the Bride’,

And Christian, please just please try reading the Book for yourself, YHVH married Israel, not the Christian church.  God made a new Covenant which has been totally rejected by both Christians and Jews.

Jews reject the ‘Testimony and Christians reject the Torah/Law,  you must have both.  ‘If they speak not according to the law and the testimony,it’s because there is no dawn/light in them.  Terrible place to be.  No dawn, no sunrise, SON RISE.


I mean for the poor deluded Christian the Torah/Law of the Living God is a curse, something to be avoided at all costs, almost as if they in some way believe doing the Torah is such blasphemy that God could never forgive you  for keeping Torah, that doing it, is somehow the unpardonable sin.

Oh these poor ignorant souls, Here is something that I learned via the cross, THE TORAH IS THE GLORY OF GOD MANIFEST.’

I’m going to leave that statement as is, it is so true.

I hear them in songs, on TV all the time, Christians crying out for the glory, as if the glory is the new thrill ride to be enjoyed at the next big revival.  It’s always ‘the next big revival’ for the Christians.

You gotta shake your head sometimes, yeah you just gotta shake your head.

Uh, excuse me Christian, did it ever dawn on you, ever even once that there is a reason why God gave these feasts.  Oh yeah right Jesus did it all, nothing left to do but sit on our butts and wait for the second coming.  I mean really…; So I guess ‘take up the cross and follow me’ is now relegated to OT, and of course only for Jews.  Oh yeah I forgot, it’s just a confession, just repeat after me, “I am crucified with christ’ yep that’s all there is to it, just a simple confession and now you are at the right hand of God.’   Oh my gosh…oh my gosh, but that’s what they teach.   Everything is mystically positional for the christian.  ‘We are sitting in heavenly places with christ’ they say quoting Paul.

Hogwash and pig squat, christain you are sitting upon a pile of maggots and you think it’s filet mignon. You’ve been spinning your wheels for 2000 years and going nowhere.  Don’t you think it’s time to ask WHY?