Fecal Matter and the doctrines of Paul


You know I was just sitting my chair and had an interesting thought….the fecal matter that drops out of my horses butt is so much more valuable me to me than the writings of Paul.

You see, I have 16 horses and about 50 wild turkeys on my ranch.  You gotta love those turkeys, they spread the horse poop everywhere and it quickly turns to deep rich soil in which I can plant anything and raise a really nice crop.   However, if you spread Paul on anything, it kills the soil, seeds quickly die and the soil becomes so very very toxic.

I suppose you could liken the writings of Paul to Monsanto.   Ever hear of Monsanto’s ‘Terminator Seed’?   Oooooh….


I’ve been listening to various folks, Messianics on the internet and at YouTube and so many are wondering who are the 144000?  Some think they are children, cuz by and large kids don’t have much guile, and of course most think they are Jews cuz Christians are clueless as to who the House of Israel is and how to identify them.   However most of the Messianics are also fervent followers of Paul.  So that in and of itself would utterly disqualify them unless they re-convert to the Truth which is Yahshua and His teachings.  Most seem to fail to understand that these men (144000) are following the LAMB not Paul.   It is categorically impossible for anyone who imbibes Paul to be without Guile, Paul himself, out of his own mouth says ‘he is crafty, and he uses guile.’  That in and of itself should set off an alarm in anyone, but sad to say it doesn’t with the Christians and the Pauline Messianics.  Again, they think and they say ‘well he was using tongue and cheek language.’  Or they say ‘well, Pau was just really slick.’  In which I would have to agree with them, Paul was and is slick, well, lets say slippery, like a snake.

Do you know what the definition of ‘Pretense’ is?  This is so important, cuz Paul claims using ‘Pretense’ (Phil 1:18) to preach Messiah is completely acceptable.  Pretense:  an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true: his anger is masked by a pretense that all is well | they have finally abandoned their secrecy and pretense.• a false display of feelings, attitudes, or intentions: he asked me questions without any pretense at politeness.• the practice of inventing imaginary situations in play: Think of the Damscus Road) before the age of two, children start to engage in pretense.• affected and ostentatious speech and behavior.(pretense toa claim, especially a false or ambitious one: he was quick to disclaim any pretense to superiority.

In other words Paul says to use lies, i.e falsehoods and hypocrisy is an acceptable way to preach the truth.  Even though Yahshua says that pretence is ‘HYPOCRISY’   Pretence is what the Pharisees used to gain converts, they are the ones who traveled over land sea to make a convert and Yahshua says the converts of the Pharisees are twice the child of hell.





The late great Robert E Lee

I tool quite a hit this year, so much so that I was down on my knees crying out ‘Is justice real…does it really exist…or is it just a hopeful fantasy.’

Sometimes life feels like just another trip to the House of rising sun.

I had to endure my beloved father being tortured and tormented to death.   I think my sister’s and I did everything humanly possible to save him, but we failed and he died.  We even got damned for our efforts. Believe it or not it cost us $42,000.00, that’s right 42 thousand dollars just to see him on his death bed.  He had 24/7 round the clock care by male nurses, and yet they were threatened with the loss of their licenses and jobs if they spoke a word about what was taking place in his Queen Anne home. Yet a couple of them did.  They complained to Dad’s staff, his friends, even his attorney, who just conveniently turned a deaf ear and claimed everyone was just exaggerating, NO one would listen to them about the abuse.  They were all fired for their efforts.  And no one wondered why.  My God even Seattle PD was ineffectual as was APS, toothless tigers at best.  Oh God in Heaven how I despise apathy and indifference.

So they say ‘you can’t take the law into your hands.’  Yet the law in the hands of professionals is always for sale, justice is another commodity set aside for the rich.  The day we bought that BS lie (‘you can’t take the law into your hands’) is the day we gave justice away, it is the day we all lost our freedom and we won’t get it back until we the people take justice back.

Yeah I checked the want adds for unemployed ninja’s, guess they don’t spend much time looking for work.


So yeah life was tough again this year, but hey…I got my fight back, big time!  It dropped like a mantle from heaven, right on my shoulders.


Is the Bible Mostly BS?

In the past we have covered several controversial topics, Blood Sacrifice being one of the more heated. BS=Blood Sacrifice.
To those who hold to this doctrine…no judgment here nor condemnation, but I would ask you to consider simple reasoning.There are two main themes in the bible, one is ‘obey my voice and keep my commandments’ and the other is blood sacrifice. Two clear cut themes are presented. Are both true or is only one of them true.

The epistles of Paul are a picture of Yahshua thru the lens of blood sacrifice or if you will ‘vicarious atonement’ no repentance required, no change of heart required, just accept the victim and all’s well. And hey the good news is ‘no obedience to the Commandments required either.  But this is just a re-hash of the doctrines of the Levitical priesthood, same thing….no difference at all except in Paul the victim is human and thereby that makes its alright.

So consider what must happen prior to the sacrifice…that lamb or bull or whatever, is supposed to be loved.  Alright,,,then in order to do this, the object of love is to be betrayed, treachery is invoked fear is generated just before the knife penetrates the heart and then put to the throat in order to drain the blood…..hey, now you are acceptable to god….what god is a good question?  What god demands blood, murder, cruelty, betrayal, treachery and a host of other despicable qualities? Well that sounds like Satan to me, not the Creator. The Creator who loves His creation and all the life filling it.

If Jeremiah, Isaiah, Micah, Amos and several other Prophets are to be believed then it was indeed Satan that hijacked the priesthood and turned it into a blood sacrifice cult that has dominated Judeo Christianity to this day. When Yahshua and company fought against this, it cost them their physical lives. Who murdered them….by and large members of the BS cult. So what does that say about them? You answer the question, it’s too obvious to state here.

But here’s what happens when we come into the truth about BS, it indicts the entire bible and shows most of it to be fraudulent and I mean most of it and this is very hard pill for most to swallow.

Okay so if it’s true, then here’s the deal….I commit a crime and in order for that crime to be atoned for I must shed innocent blood. Oh I get it….I need a victim, I need someone else to atone for me, simply because I do not want to make restitution for my own sin, I don’t want to quit my sin, I just want it covered up with one one else’s blood. Who wants to serve a god like that? Or rather a god that has such cruel and bloody rituals that never ask for accountability. Cuz hey, just find a victim to take your place. So some one please explain ‘how do we extend the law of kindness to the creation if we think we have the right to murder and butcher at our leisure, in order to briefly satisfy our tastebuds? Why do we believe that now we can drastically violate the original laws of creation? Why? Because a corrupt priesthood says it’s okay? Doesn’t hold water and never will and yet this is the excuse we tell ourselves, that the priests say that God has now given man the flesh of animals to eat? And yet we proclaim that God does not change…which is it?

Why do folks cling to BS when in reality there’s no rhyme nor reason to it, it doesn’t make sense, there is no plausible theory to support it and that is such a mild thing to say. How can we with any sort of credibility teach that God is Love and yet Love demands the shedding of innocent blood? No reconciliation with reason there. The same God that created the law of kindness but does not extend it to any with the exception of man?

When we come into the truth about just how flagrantly the scribes utterly perverted the law or the torah, then we are faced with the truthful statement that most or much of the bible is a flagrant lie and not to be trusted at all in it’s entirety.  The heinous behavior found in the OT was done by men not by the Creator. The extent that the Levitical scribes attributed various crimes against humanity to God is so heinous, there are commands of genocide, eternal unforgiveness, eternal damnation of various races, hacking enemies to pieces,  just to name a few. Let us not forget brutal murder.  What about executing a man for picking up sticks on the Sabbath?  Does that sound like love to you?  Doesn’t to me either, sounds more like a demonized priest with serious control issues.

One thing that you can be guaranteed of is this, the search for truth can and will break your heart.

Yeah so what else is new?


Paul’s Goat

Lev 16:22
And the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he shall let go the goat in the wilderness.
So here’s the deal, Paul says of Yahshua that ‘he who knew no sin became sin’  Paul also says the Messiah became cursed.  Paul also says in Rom 7 that the one who died is not the same one that rose again.   Can you see that Paul is describing the Goat and not the Lamb?  It was the goat that had the sins imparted to it, NOT the Lamb of God.  It’s the Lamb that ‘Taketh’ away the sin of the world.’  What is the sin of world?  The sin of the world was and is ‘Lawlessness.’  Sin is Lawlessness.
The word ‘taketh’ is in the continuous present tense.  It’s not a one time thing that happened 2000 years ago.  Why?  Because lawlessness still exists.   So the lawlessness of the world was not put away at the cross.   I mean come on, Christianity utterly shuns the Law of God going so far as to say that if we do it then we are under a curse.  So no for the Christian the sin of the world still exists within them
So how does this happen then?  ‘If you continue in my Word’  and this means to do it and keep doing it.  ‘Then you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’   And yet in Psa 119:142 it says ‘Thy Law is the Truth.’  Yahshua says the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and shall lead you and guide you into ALL truth and understanding.  So this is a continuous thing, and it is the Law of God that sets us free if we do it.
If one cares to read carefully the Gospels apart from Paul’s influence, then one will see that there was one particular stunning event that happened as a result of Yahshua laying down His life and it was NOT the forgiveness of sins.  No, what one will see is that it was the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth is what was accomplished at the cross.  As has been stated numerous times already, forgiveness of sin was always available to the repentant and it did not take the brutal murder of the Son of God in order to obtain forgiveness of sin.  Nor was Yahshua sent as a sacrifice to turn away the wrath of God or what is it we don’t understand about ‘For God so LOVED the world…..’  Where’s the wrath here that was supposedly turned away?  It was not that God had animosity towards us, it was that we had animosity towards God.  Can you see the difference?
John’s baptism for the remission of sin happened at least 3 and half years before the cross and John’s baptism required NO BLOOD.  And yes it was just as viable then as later.
So what did John the Baptist say concerning the mission of the Messiah?  ‘He shall baptize YOU with Holy Spirit and Fire.’  This was the purpose of the cross not forgiveness of sin.  This is what changed, now we can have the Holy Spirit abiding within us where as previously this was not possible.  Even as Yahshua said ‘He has been with you, but now He shall be in You.
On account of ‘lawlessness’ the love of many will wax cold.  Oh my, what’s this?  Yahshua is saying that they who have forsaken the Law of God have very cold hearts toward Him, why?  Without the Law of God in our heart there can be no love abiding there. The Law of God and the Love of God is synonymous, you can’t have one without the other.  Ouch! Ouch for those that follow Paul.   So can you see who Yahshua is referring to here, those that forsake the Law, those that work to negate the Law are in fact the bitter enemies of the one they profess to love and adore.

The Literal Pearl

You’ve heard of the Pearl of Great Price, it is remarkably literal and not in the least a figure of speech, nor is it symbolic nor is it any sort of allegory.
This ‘Pearl’ is formed around what is called the stinger of death and yes this too is quite literal. It’s like a little black stinger that is on the inside of your ‘Solar Plexus.’
The stinger is like the piece of grit in an oyster and as you know the oyster forms it’s own pearl around that piece of grit, likewise so is the Pearl of Great Price. It’s about the size of a marble.
When your time is right, YHVH will also form this pearl around the stinger of death that is resident within each of us.

How interesting that in order to obtain the pearl you must first die at least your soul must die, but this is really what Yahshua meant when He said ‘He who will lose his soul/life for my sake and the gospel shall obtain their life. Seems like a catch 22, but our Father is awesome when it come to blowing our minds. This is His work and if you want that pearl then simply cooperate with Him and let Him do what He will.

I’m am a bit surprised that after re-reading many of the articles that I’ve written here than more than a few times I have mentioned the Pearl of Great Price.  And yes I too thought it was figurative, but again, it isn’t, it is literal.  I saw this pearl actually being formed behind my solar plexus, however this was nearly instantaneous.


There so many things that we have not really understood about rewards, such as for the Ephesians ‘Access to the Tree of Life’ this is a literal happening.  So for those of you that have come out of Pauline Christianity, hold on to your socks because this is for you, and that’ not say that the other rewards of Rev are not.  Personally I think that if you want them all then GO FOR IT.


We speak of our walk as a journey and so it is, but you know, in reality it’s an epic adventure written just for you.  God knows how to thrill His kids and yes there are many thrills in this walk, things you never dreamed possible will be manifest.  If you make the choice to follow Yahshua and only Yahshua then you are in a position that no Christian has ever really known, you are in position to have many many visits from the Son, some grand and very intense and some delightful and full of joy.  The intense are just that, intense because you re being healed deep within you from wounds that you didn’t even know you had, but they are there affecting you.  The Holy Spirit is driving out all things that put any sort of barrier between you and Your Father.  When you are brought into the full birth, Father will take you up in arms and yeah, you might experience a fear of heights at first.  Those of you who are or have been father’s will no doubt remember the ‘delivery room when you saw your child for the first time and you took that little one up in arms full of smiles and love.  Well, when this happens with your Heavenly Father it similar except OH MY, He’s so big and He wants you to know just who you are with.  As if anyone could mistake that, but it is so special.  For me, well I trembled, eyes wide open and it was like seeing everything for the first time.  And yes just prior to this you will see yourself being born and coming out of the womb.  John 3 will never be the same after that.  You will know categorically that Yahshua really did mean from above far more than ‘again.’  It’s both and of course you will understand ‘hesitancy’ in testifying to ‘Heavenly Things’ especially among the hyper religious.


You know, I feel sorry for the Christians who have forsaken the Torah/Law they have a massive void within them that most really are not aware of, but it’s a void just the same, they have no Godly Law to convert them into sons and daughters of YHVH so they make up a truckload of their own rules and regulations that are in reality just opportunities for condemnation rather than the Law of Truth that will set them free from all falsehood.  Yes, it’s quite sad to see such a sincere people so sincerely deceived,



To Bind The Strong Man

In the years to come and yes there will be years to come, you and I and all who have come out of Pauline Christianity will be known as ‘forerunner’s’ and forerunners are indeed YHVH’s special forces, messengers of truth, and this is the work of YHVH.  Think about it for a minute, the True Gospel that was taught by Yahshua has been virtually lost for 2000 years until now.  What a magnificent work the Father has placed in our hands.


When Yahshua looked out over the great harvest he was not looking at a people who were totally ignorant to YHVH, I mean come on, these folks were raised with the Torah.  But like us they had fallen under the spell of religion, and they like us were deceived by their leaders.  Those leaders of Judea were the Paulinists of their day.  They had supplanted the Torah, the Word of God with the “Traditions of the Elders’ the word of man.  We are living in a mirror image of that time.


He sent forth His Word and healed them, ‘The Sun of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings’  this is a promise to those who will yield to implanted Word of Truth that was sown in them.  YHVH is my shepherd.  Think about it, the Word of Truth is my Shepherd, think about it, the Word of Truth is the Lamb of God.  Now you know what was slain before the foundation of the world, The Word of truth.  Now the Lamb of God only takes away the sin of the world IN those that follow Him.

The healing power of the Commandments as they are hand written upon your heart and mind are so powerfully manifest.  Wings always speak of the Commandments and again there is awesome healing power for the soul as those Commandments are hand written upon the heart.  I mean every time YHVH does this you are literally LIT up inside and anything that is dark or darkness is revealed in that light and you have a choice at that moment and yes it’s only a moment, you have a choice to either flee with the darkness or stand firm in the light like Moses did.  If you choose to stand you will experience the most profound healing that you never knew could possibly exist.


To bind the strong man, to bind the lying spirit.  Paul is a manifestation of the dragon, and guess what?  It’s YHVH Himself that plucks this critter out of us, first He exposes it, yeah, there’s a dragon working in us before this happens and yes, I’ve seen it.  It makes you sick that this thing was hiding deep within, it’s a lying voice that mimics the Holy Spirit speaking forth the dribble of Paul and lawlessness, it abides in our ignorance.


Paul is to the Christian what Pharaoh was to the Israelites, Pharaoh the Great Dragon’ the father of lies so to speak.  Paul and Pharaoh, both of them exalted themselves way above and beyond the Father Himself, way beyond all that YHVH has ever spoken.  YHVH said He would jerk the great dragon up out of the Nile/spirit with ALL the fish/lies of his scales sticking to him.  Think about it, when you are thoroughly purged of all things Paul and Christian, so in effect there is a second deliverance from Pharaoh.  Gee, where do we see that Great Dragon again?  Perhaps Revelation 12?


Now this is something for those that are not living in the box of religion, and that is this, Angels are simply messengers, that’s the definition of the word, which is why John the Baptist was called THE MESSENGER OF THE COVENANT even the angel of the Covenant.  So why is it so far fetched that in Rev 12 that the angels of the dragon are simply Christian messengers  preaching Paul?  Or that the angels of Michael are simply those who war with the messengers of Paul.


Again is it so far fetched that the angels referred to in the parable of the wheat and the tares are in reality those with the Word of Truth, those that are exposing the dragon/Paul and leading others into the the truth about the Kingdom of Heaven, into the truth about the original Gospel that was taught by Yahshua.  Really is it so far fetched.  I ask because this is apparently what is happening before our very eyes.   I am not eliminating angelic beings, our allies in this war, just expanding a little.

Quite frankly in my opinion there is a simultaneous event that occurs as we bring Pauline doctrine into the light in others.  And as they understand the truth and turn back to YHVH there is a deliverance from anti-christ and another dragon is thrust out of heaven.


So let me say this about binding the strong man, it is the Fear of YHVH that binds the strong man and drives him out.  It’s an all or nothing event.

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