The Why of Yahshua

To simply leave this as is the issue of ‘Blood Sacrifice’ that is, is inappropriate, serious questions need to be addressed.

Shaun brought these out in a phrase such as this…’So then you’re saying, it was all just a horrible mistake?’

To answer that, it’s actually a yes and a no.  Yes, if one has sided with darkness and death and no if one has sided with light and life.

In the three and half years that Yahshua walked and worked, His works brought the nation to the boiling point.  They were forced to choose ‘Life or Death’ as a nation and personally.  They chose death.

 Yahshua said in Mat 28:18 ‘…All authority is given unto me in Heaven and Earth,’

He said this after the cross, not before it.

So obviously He obtained that authority via the cross.

It’s like the Jacob and Esau story only in reverse.  Jacob obtained the ‘Birthright,’ Esau sold for a mess of potage.

This is also a similar situation that Adam and Eve found themselves in.  They inadvertently sold their ‘Birthright’ for a mess of potage.  The result of that action brought about Death in all it’s various manifestations.  It also broke the inner connection between YHVH and man.

In other words when Adam and Eve chose the lie, they inadvertently lost the indwelling Spirit of Truth.  Truth is the abiding connection between Heaven and Earth and Between YHVH and man.


Yashua says in John 16:7  Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

As an aside:  In the Aramaic the Holy Spirit is called ‘The Deliverer from the Curse.’

The Greek form of ‘Paraclete’ is an extremely poor substitute for this.

So Yahshua says that it is in order to send the Holy Spirit that He went away.  This is HUGE.  Because without the Holy Spirit adding within us, there is still no inner connection between Heaven and Earth.  For a better visual of this explantation, think of a ‘Pillar’ a shaft of Light.  And you are that Pillar, that shaft of Light if you are abiding in the Word of Truth.

As to the death and blood of Yahshua, it was more like ‘Checkmate.’  That He was completely innocent is no question and no contest.  The only truly innocent human blood besides that of Adam and Eve (prior to the incident) that ever existed on planet Earth.

Yahshua called the ‘Devil’ or the Serpent, the Prince of this world.  As such the Devil had a certain amount of authority over this world.  When He, through his sons murdered Yahshua he lost his authority.  Which is why it was transferred to Yahshua after the resurrection.

That Yahshua’s death on the cross was for the forgiveness of sins is simply not the case.  It was far more than that.

It was to completely break or shatter the power behind it.

[b]Yahshua was manifested to ‘Destroy the works of the Devil.'[/b]

The curse of death was obviously one of those works of the devil.

Yahshua said ‘the thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.

The  word ‘Kill’ in this passage is actually the same word used for ‘Sacrifice.’  In this case it is a verb, whereas the root is the noun.  In both cases it means to sacrifice or be a sacrifice.

So it is appropriate to say that Yahshua came to destroy the work of sacrifice.  It’s not just that it ended because the temple was destroyed, Yahshua came to destroy it.

So from the garden man lost his inherent right to ‘Eternal life.’ Death from which he could not escape became his lot.

Because without Truth the way is impassable. Which is why Yahshua was so eager that we have to Holy Spirit within us.

He is the giver of Life, and He grants life to whomsoever He chooses. The Holy Spirit is the bridge between the Way and The Life.

That’s what was accomplished on the Cross, which is why Yahshua is called the ‘Restorer of the Breach.’

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