Pauline Insanity part 2

Paul says the Torah was a curse imposed upon Israel by YHVH to show them how sinful they were.

So let’s take a look at this further proof that Paul was indeed insane.

The Torah came down out of Heaven, Hard to believe anyone could dispute that.  However that being true, then one would have conclude that there was a curse in Heaven.  I doubt anyone in their right mind would agree that that’s so, and yet this is what Paul said.

Now then John declares that YHVH is Love.  So again Paul says that Love is imbued with a curse, how can anyone reach that conclusion?  If the Law is a curse as Paul says then the one that gave it and called anyone blessed that does it, is also cursed.  Why?  Because that’s flagrant duplicity.   Anyone seeing the blasphemy here?

So, according to Paul,  Marriage with YHVH is a curse.

Yahshua said that the Torah/Law was prophesy or rather prophesied of Him as did the Prophets.  All the prophets testified according to the Law/Torah, so that in essence makes the prophets and all they said a curse too.  And yet the prophets testified of Yahshua.  Yahshua fulfilled the Law/Torah, according to Paul that simply means that Yahshua fulfilled a curse or The Curse.

But what did Yahshua say?  It is fitting for us to fulfill ALL Righteousness.  What Paul calls a curse, Yahshua plainly says is righteousness.

So here we are again, If the Torah came down out of Heaven and the Torah is a curse then that means again that there was a curse in Heaven, that is if Paul is true.  But if that’s the case then the Christian by virtue of his undying loyalty to Paul must agree that Heaven is no place they should ever want to visit or dwell, because that same Law that came down out of heaven is the same Law that is in Heaven and if they are to dwell there then they must at some time yield to the Law.  But if they won’t do it now, they never will.

Paul also claimed that the Torah was an impossibility for anyone to keep.  Yet where O Christian can you find anything in all the Commandments that are too hard for you to do.

All the Law is contained within the Ten Commandments, Proverbs 6:23 ‘The Commandments are the Lamp and the Torah/Law is the light and the reproofs of instruction are the way of life.’

King David says in Psa 19 that it’s the Torah/Law is perfect and converts the soul.  So what then?  Now we have a curse that’s perfect and a curse that converts the soul to righteousness.  Utterly insane!  But that is the way of Paul, INSANITY!

David also said that the Torah is the TRUTH.  Not ‘a’ Truth’ but THE TRUTH.  Don’t forget that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. Okay so now according to Paul the Truth is a curse and no man can do the truth.  Did YHVH ever at anytime say this?  NO, HE did not, HE said the Torah is not too difficult for ANYONE!

So here is where the rubber meets the road.  The Christian can either put his faith in YHVH or Paul but you can not do both.  Which should be evident and very clear.

YHVH says ‘Keep the Commandments and live.’  Or you can have the flip side, forsake the Commandments and DIE.

Peter said to Yahshua that ‘you have the Words of Eternal Life.’

Yahshua magnified the Torah and made it majestic.  So what, Yahshua made the curse majestic?  That Yahshua preached the curse?  That Yahshua commanded His disciples to keep and do the curse?

Yahshua also said that those who do the Commandments and teach others also to do them that they would be called great in the Kingdom.  So then again according to Paul Yahshua is promising greatness to those who perform the curse.  Again, INSANITY!

Paul claims those same Ten Commandments are a ‘Yoke of Bondage.’ Gal 5:1

Who are you going to believe Christian?  But that’s a no-brainer, they are going whole HOG after the king of Swine.

So Paul also claims that Yahshua was a curse, Gal 3:13.  So then according to Paul, God so loved the world that He gave the curse…’  Come on Christian, how can you possibly swallow that?  But you have already and that’s the tragedy.

Nobody can possibly look upon Yahshua the Messiah and claim He was sent as a curse.

Have they forgotten that Yahshua is the Word of YHVH?  So you tell me, is the Word of YHVH cursed as Paul claims?

So Yahshua was filled with the fulness of the Holy Spirit, yet according to Paul this was the manifestation of the curse.  At best Paul is utterly blasphemous and at the worst?  Paul is utterly blasphemous and completely insane.

Paul also claimed in Gal 3:21 that the Law could not give life.  And yet YHVH says that in keeping His law is life.  That His Law is Life.  Pro 13:14 The Torah/Law of the wise is a fountain of Life, to depart from the snares of death.

So now you know why Yahshua said ‘Depart from ME, you which have forsaken the Torah, I never knew you.  Why didn’t He know them?  Because they are the dead.  Yahshua also clearly said that YHVH is the God of the Living, not the dead.

Here’s another clincher for the Christian, they that turn away their ear from hearing and doing the Law, even their prayers are an abomination to YHVH, Proverbs 28:19

Tell me this, who in their right mind would ever want to become an abomination and yet this is what Pauline Christianity is.  They have en masse fulfilled all the requirements for becoming an abomination as long as they hearken diligently to Paul.



  • And yes of course the Title of the Article is Pauline insanity, need I say more

  • Hi,
    Christopher Randolph, you said “I know him. I know Jesus.” John, the Apostle, who really did know him says, “The man who says, “I know him, but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” He also says in 1 John 2:3, “We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands.” Jesus himself says, “If you love me you will obey my commands.”

    Christopher, really digest what Jesus is saying in John 17…the words he received from God, He gave to the twelve, and were complete. He gave them the Truth. I believe it is a matter of life and death that we get this issue straight. Narrow is the path that leads to Life and few find it. Broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it…

    Perhaps you might consider fasting from the letters that Paul wrote for awhile and just really focus on the scriptures that we have available from the twelve..Matthew, John, James, Peter and Jude. Earnestly seek Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you into Truth.

    I think you will be surprised to hear a different voice. You will start to hear the voice of your Shepherd and you will see that you might have been following the voice of a stranger.

    Peace and Truth,


    • Paul may be in the Bible but The Word of YHVH is found in the Torah, The Prophets, the Psalms and the Gospels, everything else is testimony both true and false. seriously Randolph that fact alone does not give him any authority whatsoever, Satan is also in bible.
      Very True Sheryl, He who says I know but does not keep His Commandments is a Liar and the truth is not in him. Hmmm, Yahshua is the Truth.
      Now then Randolph, the other day you damned me to hell for speaking on the Sabbath but you have yet to give me book, chapter and verse to prove your charge of damnation. So where is it?
      Come show me the verse where anyone is damned for speaking on the Sabbath.

  • Paul didn’t curse the Law. Reread 2nd Corinthians. He extols its glory.

    • I didn’t say Paul cursed the Law, he said it was a curse. Sheesh don’t you ever read your bible. Or what do think Galatians is all about? Hmmm, the covenant of sinai a yoke of bondage. It’s right there for you to read. Gal 3:10 Gal 3:13
      Which by the way is utterly out of context. Nobody is cursed because they have been hung upon a tree, ridiculous. Go read what the Torah really said instead taking the anti-christ view of it. They had to have committed a death penalty offense.
      You show me where Yahshua ever did a single thing worthy of death. To say otherwise is to make YHVH completely unjust.

      • The point was, my friend, that Paul extols the glory of the Law. Jesus did no wrong. That’s kinda one of the points of the Passion.

        Who do you think Jesus is, anyway? Serious question.

      • Alright serious question, He is the Messiah, the son of the Living God. Within that He is the Word of God, the Word of God is also the Law/Torah which you Christians condemn as being unable to save anyone. Yet James says ‘the word of truth is able to save your soul.’ Word of Truth is the Word of God. Word of God is Torah.
        Surely you are aware how often Paul speaks out of both sides of his mouth. No man can call the Covenant of Sinai a yoke of bondage on one hand and then with sincerity extol the Torah. That is utter hypocrisy and you know it.

        I think John 1, is pretty clear as to who Yahshua is.

      • Jesus is God according to John 1. Paul extols the glory of the Law. But says it pales in comparison to the Holy Spirit. What’s your take on the Holy Spirit?

      • The Holy Spirit of course is the Spirit of Truth. Yahshua says the HS shall lead you and guide you into all Truth and understanding. So the primary mission of the HS is Truth, as opposed to the Christian viewpoint, which is gifts, signs and wonders.
        So then as you say He is God then it would seriously behoove you place Him first when it comes to doctrine, especially His doctrine rather than rely upon Paul, who never knew Him. And by the way, Yahshua rose bodily and ascended bodily. Nowhere are we told that He shucked off his body after he ascended. But Paul claims to have met with a totally disembodied spirit. Which Yahshua said categorically that He would not appear that way. He also said that if someone says He is in the wilderness, (i.e. Damascus road is the wilderness of Damascus) DO NOT believe him. Well that’s what Paul claimed. As a matter fact Paul’s christ doesn’t have a body it’s just spirit.
        So like I said, if you really believe that Yahshua is God then it’s betrayal to place anyone in front of HIM. No one needs a man like Paul or any other man for that matter to teach Him. If one is born from above via the Word of Truth then the anointing will teach him all things. Paul is irrelevant unless one replaces the HS with Paul.

      • The Holy Spirit is God. Ergo living with God trumps living by the written Law. This is good because the Law was never meant for me, but solely for the Israelites, to separate them from the rest of the world as God’s people.

      • Come on Randolph in so saying that you totally exclude yourself from the New Covenant Jer 31:31 Don’t you know that the HS is the Torah? Nothing trumps the Law of YHVH and nothing ever will. So you see, you choose Paul over Yahshua even though you claim He is God. So what now, are you going to tell me that Law is only for Jews? How do you know that you are not descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? I wonder why anyone would gamble with eternal life on such a presumption, that living with God means you now have the right forsake His Torah. Which Yahshua said those that did that were damned. Not just Israelites but everyone. Torah defined means the ‘Instructions of Life’ Just what God are you living with?
        So then you are also saying that there is nothing within you that separates you from the people of the world. However Yahshua did say ‘I come not but for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

      • I am a Gentile and a Christian. The Law does not apply to me. The Holy Spirit told Peter that in Acts. I live by faith not by works, though by faith I also serve my Lord. The true gamble, my friend is attempting to be holy based on one’s imperfect works. Do you claim Jewish descent? Walk into a synagogue and try that on the resident rabbi. The Law is good. It was created by God.

      • You should a little further in Acts, those same gentiles were spending the SAbbath day at the synagogue hearing Moses. You err Randolph, YHVH is the Torah or don’t you believe John 1?
        No I am not Jewish never have been never will be.
        The Law does not apply to you? So then you imbibe Paul’s vomit in saying that whatever is not of faith is sin? Where YHVH clearly says ‘Sin is the transgression of the Torah’ which John in 1 John re-ieterates. So then according to your own word, you are saved from nothing and are still living in your sin. If the Torah is not for you then neither is YHVH or Yahshua.
        Come on Randolph use your head. You claim Yahshua is God and yet you flagrantly defy Him and his Word. Did you not know that Abraham had and did the Torah long before Moses showed up. The reason YHVH chose Abraham is because He knew that Abraham would teach it to his household. Gen 26:5 Read em and weep!

      • Jesus is the Word of which John wrote. And no, the Law is not for me. I am saved by Christ who was crucified. The Law is good and serves to instruct the believer. The Law is only intended for the Israelites to set them apart from the rest of the world as God’s chosen people. The entire Old Testament testifies to Christ Jesus and the New Covenant ushered in by His death, resurrection, and ascension. I place my faith in that with absolutely no reservations.

      • Pity Randolph that you put all your faith in a sign that Yahshua said was for an adulterous and unbelieving generation.
        How little you know of the law Randolph. You are only saved by your hearing and doing the Word of truth. The fact is you can not seem to understand that the Torah and Truth are synonymous. Interchangeable. As is True with the Light. Yahshua is the Light of truth, why?
        because He is the Torah made flesh. And yet you don’t want Him.

      • But I know him. Do you? See? That is what you fail to understand. I know Jesus. You do not because you have made an idol of the Law and have thus broken the first Commandment and the Law condemns you for it.

      • So now you say that the Torah is not the Word of YHVH? So what, do you have to rewrite the bible in order to make Paul fit now?

      • Again I see that you have failed to answer my question, Do you believe that the Torah is the Word of YHVH? Yes or No

      • Both the Old and New Testaments are the word of God.

      • So now you are saying that YHVH has completely contradicted Himself. Show me anywhere beside Paul where YHVH ever said His Covenant was a Yoke of Bondage.
        If the Torah is the Word of YHVH then why do you reject it? Don’t tell me it is not for the gentile because that sir is bold lie. He said there shall be One Torah for the Israel and the same for the stranger. Same Law, same Commandments no difference.

        Do you not know that every time you have taken ‘Communion’ that you have in effect sworn the oath of the Covenant which you reject as being bondage and unnecessary for you.
        So let’s face it Randolph, for you Paul is the only authority. Even though Paul has exalted his word infinitely beyond YHVH’s and Yahshua and the prophets. You had a real need to take Deu 13:1-5 very, very seriously. Your life depends upon how you respond.

        Still you haven’t shown me where it is sin to speak on the Sabbath.

      • All work is forbidden on the Sabbath. Read Exodus.
        As to the rest… I am still wondering who is feeding you this stuff. Are you just making it up as you go, or what?

      • So now you indict Yahshua, he spoke on the Sabbath also and He healed on the Sabbath, He rebuked the Pharisees on the Sabbath also. Are you really telling that Yahshua was in sin when he did these things?
        What stuff have I made up? Wake up Randolph! 10 years ago our numbers were very small maybe ten thousand or so in this country, now 10 years later we have grown by a hundred fold.
        There is powerful shift happening. So who are we? Simple, the followers of Yahshua! We reject Paul as false prophet and are the doers of the Torah as Yahshua commanded. Yes Randolph we are doing the impossible, we are keeping the Torah as YHVH/Father and Yahshua/Son Commanded for everyone.
        Take this to heart Randolph: Mat 7:23 And then I will profess to them, I never knew you: depart from ME, you that forsake the Torah.
        Anomia translated as iniquity is the word for lawlessness which means rejecting the Torah.

      • To reject Paul is to reject God’s Word and therefore it is to reject God. As far as Jesus and the Sabbath goes, He did good on the Sabbath. You denied Him on the Sabbath. That is hardly a good thing. You worship the Law and thereby break the First Commandment. What else in the Law do you fail to perform? Shall we examine Exodus? How about Leviticus? Can you truly say that you are blameless according to the Law? If not you are condemned by it in the eyes of God. And that is why you hate Paul. He tells you what you already know in your heart. You deny Jesus Christ so God has no part in you. Paul tells it like it is and you can’t handle the truth. You need Jesus. Not this made up “Yahshua” that you speak of, but Jesus Christ the LORD, the Alpha and Omega, God the Son of the Trinity. Quit this gibberish and accept Christ as your personal Savior. Only He can save you.


      • What a remarkable double standard. I quote Yahshua and you sat that I deny Him. I quote the Word of YHVH which you reject as unnecessary and You say that I am in sin. Sheesh Randolph!
        What a hypocrite? Paul is not the Word of YHVH, your problem is, is that the price for following Yahshua was way too high for you.
        Just for your info, the name Jesus did not even into existence in it’s present form until about 400 years ago. But if you like then Yahoshua. No denying it unless you’re a Christian that this is His name.
        But like your Jesus said ‘why do you call me lord when don’t do the things that I say.’
        By the way, you will never find that term in the bible ‘God the Son’ it simply does not exist.
        So keeping the Commandments is gibberish?
        Doing as the Savior said is gibberish?
        If you knew what it meant to deny him, then you might want to back up a little and reconsider.
        Confess as used by Yahshua is the word homolegeo and it means ‘to say the same thing as.’
        Deny as used in the same passages means to reject someone as in rejecting His words which all of Christianity has done.
        So I say and have said Follow Yahshua and you say I’m damned, I say do what He said and you say I’m damned if I do. You say to reject the Word of YHVH as unnecessary, and I say Keep it and do it, and you say I’m damned.
        All that I’m really saying Randolph is to follow the Son of God and you say again that I’m damned.
        But then again, as a worshipper of Paul what can you say? You were born no doubt from sinner’s prayer which is about as bogus as you can get, there is no salvation for anyone on the basis of that prayer, it has absolutely nothing to do with truth,
        If you want to begin salvation, then repent of your transgression of the Law and the Commandments, turn and DO THEM. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, but not until you repent and are baptized in His name.
        You believed a mega whopper when you bought and swallowed the LIE that the Torah is impossible and no man can keep it. In so saying again you indict YHVH Himself as lying to His people.

      • But I will follow God and not a created thing.

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