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A Good Question, and my response

I’m a little confused her and for give me im trying to understand .
When I first came to the lord eight years ago I didn’t know how to read the bible and I thank the holy spirit taking time with me and helped me read.
One of the first things that came to my understanding was obedience towards his word when God said be perfect for I am perfect I took it as we can’t be perfect with in our selves but with the help of the holy spirit he causes me to walk perfect in his love and understanding towards them around me so ether I’m obedient towards that or I’m not.
I believe gods love is unconditional but his promises are conditional
and its threw are obedience that sets us apart from everybody else in the world and if Jesus says if you love me you will obey my commandments that can only happen threw my obedience towards him and it gives me the choice to listen to it or be disobedient towards it that choice is up to me to receive it or reject it.
I no in the old testament was all about the law that came threw moses but grace and mercy came by Jesus Christ does that mean I don’t have to obey the lord and if that’s the case I can keep robin and stealing and selling drugs to people and if that’s the case it would be once saved always saved and I don’t believe that concept that’s false doctrine to me from what I understand we are to lay down are will for him and walk in obedience towards his word remember man should not live off of bread alone but every word that comes from the mouth of God and that happens only threw obediance
Like I said forgive me if I’m wrong I’m trying to understand how does obedience have to do with law thank you and forgive me if I’m wrong.

  • Part of the problem is the overt mistranslation of the word Torah…it was changed to the word Law. The Torah is far more than rules and regulations,,,in it are the Feasts of God…Passover and Unleavened for instance. To do this feast is obedience. What are the results of this obedience? Think ‘Tree of Life’ yeah I know that’s out there, however this feast as all of them … prophesy … Unleavened bread prophesies of the total purging of ALL falsehood and hypocrisy. Imagine if you will, God purging the depths of your being via very intense in-fillings of the Holy Spirit…The Spirit of Truth! Adam fell because he believed and obeyed the LIE…God thru this feast delivers you at the very core of your being from the lie. The cross and the feast of unleavened bread are inseparable, one and the same. To put it another way this feast not only lays the ax to root of the tree (Tree of the knowledge of good and evil) but it catapults you to the Tree of Life..I say this from personal experience…because that’s what happened to me.
    So in essence the Torah..Law is the road map back to paradise…and yet without Yahshua this is impossible because once you go to the tree of life and have your own little feast in it’s branches your very consciousness is forever changed and you will know that while you are staring at it…the cost is a forever thing…make the right choice and you will become the Word made flesh. The Word of God is your soul, your consciousness. The Word becomes the very source of your being. An unbroken permanent mega connection with the Maker of Heaven and Earth…yeah The Creator.

    So try to think of Salvation from God’s standpoint…it aint just a temporary bandaid. Or rather what did salvation mean to Adam and Eve? Restoration to the Paradise of God and the Tree of Life. The Torah is the road home, Yahshua, the Word of Truth, The Lamb of God will lead you there but it is absolutely necessary that you follow and do HIS instructions.

    Great Question brother
    Thanks Michael

Is the Law/Torah Impossible to do?

Is the Law/Torah Impossible to do?  I suppose if one only hears Paul, they would answer, ‘Yes’

But how many have ever heard YHVH echo these words?   NONE!  No, The Father says it’s easy, it’s not a burden.

So who are you going to believe, who are you going to trust?  Actually I think rather than viewing the Torah as an impossibility a better question might be, ‘What is the Torah’?  Can you answer that?

Many might say…’The Five Books of Moses, another might say ‘600+ commandments. I’ve heard both answers so have you, but is this an accurate description of the Torah?  No, it’s not, not even close.

The Torah is the ‘Instructions of God’  the teachings of the Light.  And it begins at Gen 1:1 ‘In the beginning…’

‘The Commandment is the Lamp and the Torah is the Light….think ‘Menora’  Yeah that seven branched Lamp residing in the Holy Place, the Light is the Fire of God.  Ever notice that Wisdom is the First of the branches…Isa 11:2

Ouch…without the Torah…no wisdom, no understanding, no light or is the Word of God really off here?  Watch out, or you might be denying the Son of God…fiddling with the Word can be extremely dangerous.

Let’s ask another question….Is it impossible to Love YHVH your God with all your heart all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength?  Is this also impossible?  ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word is with God and the WORD IS GOD.   Is it impossible to Love the Word of God?

Probably no Christian in his or her right mind would ever answer that question in the affirmative.  Would they?

If the Torah was the Cross, would it be too heavy?


Genesis Prophecy part 2

The Torah and the Prophets prophecies till John:

‘Let us make Adam in our image and in our likeness’   This is ‘Prophecy folks, God is speaking, even this little phrase, ‘Let us make Adam in our image and Likeness’ is a prophecy that is yet to be be fulfilled.  So how can I say that…Yahshua was in the image and likeness of God.  Yes, He is, however, you are not, not yet.

Yahshua came 4000 years after Adam, and He is ‘The Sun of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings’

The Sun was created on the 4th Day, so was the moon, which is like Pauline or Greco-Roman Christianity.   The light is not in them…they are just a dim reflection of the sun/son.

Creation is happening folks…and has been happening, right under our very noses, and we knew it not.  Why?  Because it is happening within YOU and you were not aware of it.

Let me digress a bit:  When Christianity took on the ‘conscious’ belief’ that faith is all, only faith, blah, blah blah, all you need is faith.’   NOT!   He who believes/Obeys and is baptized shall be saved’  Okay, so they have a seed, whoopee, unless you plant that seed, it will never grow.  It must planted.  Baptism is the ‘planting of the seed.’

So if you have ever grown anything, then you know…you have to soften the ground first, usually with water, then dig a hole, then place the seed in the hole and bury it with earth.

Very common procedure isn’t it?

Contained in this Seed is the ‘New Covenant’  Contained in this Seed is the very ‘Consciousness of the Living God’ Contained in this Seed is The New Genesis, New Creation, The New Adam, A New Heaven and a New Earth.

Contained in this Seed is Paradise, the Garden of GOD, His Holy Mountain.

Contained in this Seed is the power of Creation

The Seed is TORAH

Torah begins with Creation, and Creation begins the Torah.

If you obtain nothing else in this life…obtain this Seed…

This is the real one, and this is not the seed sown by Christianity, nor anything of her prophets nor any of her disciples.

This is the Seed that is sown by the Son of Adam.

So break open the ‘Fallow Ground’ water your earth and prepare to receive.

So folks, ASK ASK ASK for this Seed.   Cry out with all your heart for this Seed.


Creation is in ‘Perpetual Motion’ in other words, The Creators Word…’creates’ and keeps creating.

To those who receive the Holy Seed, the Temple of the Living God is being created within you.  Why?  Because it’s in the Torah that you find the Template of the Temple, even the ‘Blueprints’

Without the the Torah within you…how can the temple be created?

Imagine the True Ark of the Covenant being created within you.


In the beginning was the Word and Word is the Creator, and that Word is ‘Torah’


So just what is Genesis prophesying?   That God would once again on the sixth day re-create Adam.  But this time it is on the inside.  Because the Torah is being written on the inside, within the heart within the mind.


This is just an aside, but the year of Jubilee is 2017, and this marks the beginning of the seventh day from Adam.


Part 3…Christianity, Paul and… The Abortion of the ‘Holy Seed’


The Genesis Prophecy, part 1

‘For the Torah and the Prophets, prophesied till John’

Perhaps the most devastating ‘Mis-translation’ in the entire Bible is this word, ‘Law’.  It paints a very false picture of nothing but rules and regulations, harsh retributions, and in the minds of Christians pure impossibilities.

For the Christian the Law begins in Exodus.  However the Torah begins at Gen 1:1.   The Torah begins with the very first word of the Living God, “LIGHT BE”.

The Torah is the Word that came down out of Heaven and it is Light, pure Light, the very source of all Life.  It is in reality  the Holy Seed.  This was Yahshua, the Word, the Holy Seed.  Utterly rejected by both Jew and Christian.

First the Jews murdered His body, then the Christians murdered His soul.  The very soul of the Messiah is TORAH.  And the world was thrust into the heart of darkness.  In those days Fear has reigned supreme.

To the Christian the Torah is a ‘Yoke of Bondage’ a yoke to be avoided at all costs even though Yahshua says ‘Take my Yoke upon you’.  Same thing the ‘Serpent’ said to Eve. But the Christians bought that LIE hook line and sinker.  To this day they still blame Adam and Eve for the fall, yet, they did the same exact thing.  They rejected the Life and chose Death.  They chose the moon and forsook the sun.  And all they are left with is a poor reflection of the glory they can not see.

The Genesis Prophecy:  Genesis prophecies….Creation prophecies…

A new beginning…A new Genesis, A New Creation….Adam the Son of God is created again….this time He eats from the Tree of Life.  A brand spanking new creation, never before obtained.  In six days God created the Heavens and the Earth and all that is within them and on the Seventh Day He rested from all His works.

It is now the Seventh Day, Adam has already been re-created, not on the Fourth day, which was 2000 years ago, but on the six day, which just ended a short time ago.  And He hid all His work in a grain of Wheat.  The Holy Seed, Torah written in the heart and written in the mind, creating the soul of Messiah.


Luke: And Yahshua is revealed in the breaking of the Bread.


Hi all

Well long time no post:  I apologize for that, but really, about the only thing I’ve had to say is this: ‘It ALL happens at the Cross’.

The Cross is so far beyond anything Christian and or Jewish, everything is absolutely blown out of the boat.  Every concept you’ve ever had about about Yahshua disintegrates and in it’s it’s place is the shimmering white light of utter and  absolute TRUTH.

It is the Portal, believe it or not, to unchartered territory, unchartered by man that is.

I suppose a lot of folks think that just hanging there forever is what it’s all about…no, there’s much more.  You hang there till you die and when that’s done, there is a period of limbo for awhile, then…then…comes ‘Resurrection’ and this is the hard part cuz now and you need understand that the only thing that survives the cross is the Word of Truth.

Resurrection the hard part?   Yes it is,I’ll briefly explain.  The Word is deep deep down in your new soul, it is your new soul by the way, but the word must rise up within you displacing your consciousness, what?  That’s right it’s at the cross and it’s work where actual consciousness is shifted.  Paradigm Shift in consciousness.  Big concept.  Huge concept.


I saw the whole concept of Christianity just disintegrate into  trillions of particles of darkness.  No kidding, they just all separated into this mass of dark particles and then Poof it was all gone.  Big message here folks and one that you yourselves are needing to seek.

I keep telling my wife, (she still has affection for Christianity) I keep telling my wife, ‘Christianity is NOT the Bride’,

And Christian, please just please try reading the Book for yourself, YHVH married Israel, not the Christian church.  God made a new Covenant which has been totally rejected by both Christians and Jews.

Jews reject the ‘Testimony and Christians reject the Torah/Law,  you must have both.  ‘If they speak not according to the law and the testimony,it’s because there is no dawn/light in them.  Terrible place to be.  No dawn, no sunrise, SON RISE.


I mean for the poor deluded Christian the Torah/Law of the Living God is a curse, something to be avoided at all costs, almost as if they in some way believe doing the Torah is such blasphemy that God could never forgive you  for keeping Torah, that doing it, is somehow the unpardonable sin.

Oh these poor ignorant souls, Here is something that I learned via the cross, THE TORAH IS THE GLORY OF GOD MANIFEST.’

I’m going to leave that statement as is, it is so true.

I hear them in songs, on TV all the time, Christians crying out for the glory, as if the glory is the new thrill ride to be enjoyed at the next big revival.  It’s always ‘the next big revival’ for the Christians.

You gotta shake your head sometimes, yeah you just gotta shake your head.

Uh, excuse me Christian, did it ever dawn on you, ever even once that there is a reason why God gave these feasts.  Oh yeah right Jesus did it all, nothing left to do but sit on our butts and wait for the second coming.  I mean really…; So I guess ‘take up the cross and follow me’ is now relegated to OT, and of course only for Jews.  Oh yeah I forgot, it’s just a confession, just repeat after me, “I am crucified with christ’ yep that’s all there is to it, just a simple confession and now you are at the right hand of God.’   Oh my gosh…oh my gosh, but that’s what they teach.   Everything is mystically positional for the christian.  ‘We are sitting in heavenly places with christ’ they say quoting Paul.

Hogwash and pig squat, christain you are sitting upon a pile of maggots and you think it’s filet mignon. You’ve been spinning your wheels for 2000 years and going nowhere.  Don’t you think it’s time to ask WHY?

Greater Works

Did you ever think that included in the ‘Greater Works’ was the power to change the course of nations?

I used to hear way back when I was still a Christian, ‘where are the ‘greater works’?  Why do we not see them?  So on and so forth.

Christianity never dreamed and still doesn’t that the power of God is the Torah or rather the power of God is the Law.  That Law that is so rejected, despised and condemned by the church is the power and the Glory of God, that has been judged so horrifically, it’s been slandered even more than Donald Trump.  And yet without the Law of God there simply is NO New Covenant’ at least not for traditional Christianity.

Today, America suffers from abject Lawlessness at the highest levels of government and thru out society.  Why?  How did this happen?

Proverbs, ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those that love it shall eat the fruit.’

How long Church can you preach ‘All things are Lawful’ without suffering ‘LAWLESSNESS’?  How long can you preach O Church that The Law is no more, especially since Yahshua said that Moses/Torah is utterly foundational to entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Fortunately God has a people who have not bowed the knee to the prophets of ‘Baal’.  They did not buy into the lie that ‘salvation is a free gift and the Torah/Law is kaput’  which is a mammoth denial of the Son of God, who specifically said salvation will cost you everything including your life.’  Yahshua also said ‘if you will not hear and obey Moses you will not hear and obey Me.’


But as to ‘Greater Works’:  Revelation decodes certain words used thru out the Bible, for instance, Mountains, mountains are kingdoms,  So when Yahshua says ‘if you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, be removed!’

What about the kingdom of darkness that hijacked America?  We were robbed, plundered and enslaved with nary a shot being fired.  We were then ruled over by incredibly Satanic Pedophiles, circa and via #Pizzagate

We were judged by the words of our collectives mouths, and lawlessness was our reward, along with tyranny, despotism, and every evil under the sun.

Faith is the ‘Conviction of Truth’ Christianity preached for centuries a LIE and still does to this day.  They believed the lie, thought it was true and we all reaped the rewards.

Again, faith is the conviction of truth, King David under the anointing of the Holy Spirit said ‘THY LAW IS THE TRUTH.’

So what happens when the Law of God becomes the subject of Isaiah 53?  Who has believed our report?  And to whom is the arm of YHVH revealed?  Rejected and despised by men?  Esteemed stricken and smitten by God?  Sounds like the Torah doesn’t it?

How long O Christian will you continue to crucify the Law, to crucify the Torah?

This Law that is to be written upon the heart and written within the mind.  Let me expand this a little, this Word, This Torah, This Law, will become your consciousness, truth will become the source of all your thought, wonder will become your daily companion.

When you begin to cry out ‘Show me wondrous things out of your Law’ prepare to be completely awed.


Yahshua is often quoted in this ‘If you continue in My Word, you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’

This is synonymous to ‘You shall know the Law and the Law shall make you free.’   Pas 119:142 THY LAW IS THE TRUTH

No wonder we were enslaved and knew it not!

Many years ago while still a Christian, I spent the vast majority of my time in the ‘Old Testament’ The law, the prophets the psalms and only the Gospels.  One day it occurred to me that old Israel was infinitely more blessed than new testament christianity ever was. Why?  Why are there far greater blessings in the ‘old covenant’ than the ‘new testament?

Well duh?  God never at anytime thru the prophets declared a “testament’  it simply does not exist.  No, God said in Jer 31:31 NEW COVENANT and NOT New Testament.’  And in Ezekiel 36, He said, YOU MUST ENQUIRE OF GOD TO DO THIS FOR YOU.’   In other words, the new covenant comes as a matter of individual seeking, not osmosis.


Remember when Yahshua said the Kingdom would taken from the Jews and given to a nation bearing the fruits thereof?

Guess what, this has not happened yet.  No nation in the past 2000 years has ever at anytime received the New Covenant.   But America has an opportunity that only comes around it seems once every 2000 years.  We have an opportunity to become YHVH’s own ‘Covenant Nation’.

A plain simple fact is that the Jews rejected the Son/Testimony and the Christians rejected the Son/Torah. Isaiah said ‘If they speak not according to the Law AND the Testimony, it is because there is no light/dawn in them.’  So both groups have lost their light.  It’s not multiple choice, it’s both, without both the Law and Testimony you have NO COVENANT, it takes both.

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